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Suspension is the system of tires, tire air, springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connects a vehicle to its wheels and allows relative motion between the two. Suspension systems must support both road holding/handling and ride quality, which are at odds with each other. The tuning of suspensions involves finding the right compromise. It is important for the suspension to keep the road wheel in contact with the road surface as much as possible, because all the road or ground forces acting on the vehicle do so through the contact patches of the tires. The suspension also protects the vehicle itself and any cargo or luggage from damage and wear. The design of front and rear suspension of a car may be different.

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  1. Hubermr

    700# springs on front coilover

    I have a CBI overland front bumper being made for me. It is the one with the full hoops and it is being made in steel. Is it worth going to 700# springs on my front coilovers? I have kings 2.5 extended travel coilovers.
  2. nighthawktacoma

    Newbie wanting to Level Tacoma

    Hey fellow tacoma enthusiasts! I have a 17 tacoma sr5 with just over 65k miles (2wd pavement princess). Was what I was able to fit in my budget in my mid 20s at the time. I love it either way but I want to spruce it up a bit. I have beginner knowledge at the very most but not really at the same...
  3. T

    Sway bar removal=bad wheel bearing

    I removed my sway bar and took my truck out on some trails, really loved the feel of it being gone. After several weeks of driving without it, however, I noticed my front tires were wearing unevenly, more on the outside. Turns out, I had a bad (really bad) wheel bearing on the passenger side...
  4. Berserker__taco

    Adjustable Remote Bypass Shocks

    I've been looking to upgrade to coilovers. I was debating on Kings or Elka. I've pretty much made my choice and I'm going with Elka coilovers. My dilemma is this. Do I really need a coilover with a tunable remote reservoir. My truck doesnt live off road but when I do wheel it I'd like to have...
  5. Hunter399

    Rear Limit straps

    I finally got around to installing @ARCHIVE hammer hangers, 3.6” shackle, cross tube, unbolt flip and bumps. I have icon rxt leaf packs set at stage 2 and bilstein 8100’s for my rear suspension. So I need to instal limit straps as my rear shocks are the limiting factor and not long travel...
  6. StormRnr

    Timbren Active Off Road Bump Stops: Do you need them?

    TL;DR I don't think these are a good mod unless you are going over 2.5 inch of lift or you intend to use them as overload springs. Overlanding, like life, is full of ins and outs, lot of what have you, lots of bumps along the way, and you might be thinking that something to put an end to some...
  7. haas.evan

    Pinch weld

    I've just fitted 285/75/17s on my truck with an Icon stage 4 lift. The CMC and fender trimming is done as well. The last real thing I need to do is the pinch weld. That being said does anyone have any tips on how to bend the pinch weld out of the way?
  8. S

    Suspension & Needs, for Four Wheel Pop Up Camper.

    Need advice on all suspension and related needs AND suggestions on quality install shops in So Cal. So I'm in the planning stages of preparing my 17 tacoma (trd off road dclb w/tow package) to receive a four wheel pop up camper (ordering in next 2 weeks so my wife, daughter and I can...
  9. Romp-A-Taco

    Rubbing Issues After Coil Adjustment

    Hey Tacoma 3G Community, I'm looking for some advice on this, I'm currently running 285/75/R16 Falken Wildpeak AT3W tires and have the Bilstein 6112 coil shocks up front. Originally, I had the coils set to positions 5 and 4 Drivers/Passengers respectively, which provided close to 1.5" of lift...
  10. P

    Lift Kit Suggestions

    Hi All! I am in the market for a lift kit and looking for some suggestions on some kits that will meet my needs. Currently on stock running RAY10 17 X 8.5 with Falken Wildpeak AT3W 265/70/17s. What I'm looking for in a lift kit: 1.) Budget is around $2000 - $2500 2.) More comfortable/smoother...

    Bilstein 5100/OME 887 combo

    Need some help/advice. I Installed a brand new set of Bilstein 5100/OME 887, with Icon UCA's about 15,000 miles ago. I have 285/70/17 Toyo MT tires, and I'm rubbing big time on the inside plastic. I had the same setup on my previous Tacoma, minus the UCA's and with BFG K02 (same size and wheel...
  12. Gabe

    Rubbing issues

    Hello all, I have a 20’ TRD OR running on 285/75/16 BFG KO2’s and Method Race wheels 703 with 00mm offset. Held up with Bilstein 5100s, OME 887 coils, Deaver AAL, and HS 1/4 spacer plate on DS. Stock UCA’s. No CMC. I am rubbing on the front bumper at a weird angle while turning. Could anyone...
  13. DobinsonsUSA

    15% Off Sitewide!

    Hey Guys! For this years sale we decided to step it up a bit and do the whole month of november! Starting now you can use code "FALL15" at checkout for 15% OFF
  14. CBrob

    Cutting leaf springs

    Can I cut a leaf spring with my grinder and a cutting wheel?
  15. MJ'sTacoma

    What suspension are you running/thinking about running? How do you like it/why?

    Ive only ever had experience with 1 brand being Dobinsons, I love the adjustability and OEM fit of everything. Sitting at right around 2.25" in the front and 2" in the rear. had an issue with the struts (first batch of MRR 3-way adjustable) where the shock cover was rubbing up against the...
  16. Jetspeed

    Explain Suspension Stages Please

    I'm curious about the different "stages" offered by suspension companies. From what I gather the different stage incorporate more parts as you go up in number. I'm wondering if there is a universal standard as to what is included in each stage or is this dependent on each individual company?
  17. SJM7

    Suggestions for leveling/lifting 2wd

    I’m new to the site but see a ton of knowledgeable individuals and was wondering if anyone is able to help me out! I know a 2wd is frowned upon but with that being said, I am wanting to fit some larger tires on mine and it will be strictly for aesthetics and street driving. What type of...
  18. CBrob

    Gitting a weird clunk

    It only happens when the left side is decompressing... Like dropping down off s curb. It's louder in the cab then it is on camera. Might be something non suspension related. I thought it could be away bar at first, it only seems to happen when the passenger side decompress by it self. Dont seem...
  19. JacquesTheRipper

    Limit straps ?

    Has anyone done limit straps on their 3rd gen?
  20. Jetspeed

    Considerations when going to 35" tires?

    2021 Cement TRD OR Premium OR Package w/Advanced Tech. I've been pretty settled on a 2-3" suspension lift with 33's mainly because I've heard so much about the pitfalls of going with a larger lift and tire setup. Mosly how it effects ride quality on the road and puts a lot of wear and tear on...
  21. CBrob

    SPC UCA, position D

    Gonna install the new UCA and want to confirm that position D is a good place to start with the adjustments. Anyone able to confirm?
  22. CBrob

    Degree shims (

    I'll be installing my icon rxt leaves here in the next few days w/o shims. Wondering what most people experience as far as needing or not needing shims.
  23. CBrob

    3rd gen front shocks and springs SR into a 2nd gen

    I've heard that the front suspension is interchangeable between 2 and 3. My kid drives my old 2nd gen. Is the suspension of my 2020 SR any better than the 2011 SR? Other than being 9 years newer?
  24. CBrob

    Leaf springs just in time

    Was hoping to make it to rock therapy in Moab, but it looks like I'll be waiting on my leaf springs to show up. Any aftermarket leaf packs with 2 in lift out there that are actually in stock and ready to ship? The icons looked great... But are at least another 2 weeks away from shipping.
  25. Battle Born Offroad

    Nitro Control Arms Overview - NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH!!!

    Nitro Upper Control Arms Extended Travel Ball joint style (Pair) Nitro Gear & Axle has launched their new tubular upper control arms for 2003+ 4Runner, 2005+ Tacoma, and 2007+ FJ Cruiser. These upper control arms feature Heavy Duty Grease-able Sealed ball joint that offers higher misalignment...
  26. MJ'sTacoma

    4-Link rear

    So ive never really been a fan of the leaf springs in the rear, I've done alot of research and basically decided I want to 4 link the taco. I'll most likely be doing a triangulated 4 link to get awa from a panhard rod, Probably use a universal AntiRock swaybar kit, Some 80 series coils and most...
  27. A

    Fox 2.5 Coilover Preload

    Hey y'all, I currently have the Fox 2.5 extended travel coilovers on my rig with TC UCAs. The preload currently shows 34 threads on thr driver side, which I know is too much.. My question is, if I'm wanting to keep my current ride height of 3" and eventually run a slim line bumper + winch...
  28. Adventurepronto

    OME leaf pack

    Hey yall has anyone took it upon themselves to add more leafs to the ome leaf pack? I recently swapped out stock leaf w/ icon 1.5inch aal to OME heavy pack 660lb I'm not content with how the leaf is sitting w/out nothing in bed. Ive got almost 700 lbs in the rear as constant weight. Will easily...
  29. Berserker__taco

    Elka or King coilovers?

    After the big trip I've found the things to tweak and what to keep. The rig did great but I found the OME coilovers just arent foing what I need them to do. I'd like some adjustability in the front suspension and a better ride. Dont get me wrong. The OME coilovers are a great unit and...
  30. smithcam

    Looking for a good alignment shop in San Diego... (SPC UCAS)

    Hi everyone, I just lifted my 2020 4x4 OR with some Fox 2.5's and SPC adjustable UCA's on 285/70/17's -18 offset. Looking for a good reputable shop that knows how to work the SPC UCA's. I live in east county, and have checked with a few of the local off-road shops like 4WP and ORW, just want...
  31. 2

    Newbie Question about Lift, Tires, & Wheels

    Hey folks, I'm a newbie and I know this topic has been beaten to death but in all honesty I'm totally confused. I have a 2020 Tacoma Off Road coming in October with 16 inch wheels and the tires are P265/70R16. I want to get 33 inch tires to go off roading and for aesthetic reasons as well. I...
  32. Tyler

    PSA: If you have aftermarket leaf springs, go check your gas tank for damage!

    I installed new leaf springs a few months ago and recently noticed a decent size gash on my gas tank. This is being caused by a manufacturer error of putting this particular bolt in backwards. I made an Instagram PSA story and had around 6 other people message me that they found out they too...
  33. CBrob

    Shock mounts

    I was checking out a buddy's new f350 overland rig and noticed something about the rear shocks. The top mount is a bolt supported on one side. I thought this was a no-go for most trucks,?
  34. Keikothetaco

    Which to choose?

    Hey everyone, I am mostly new to the thread just hanging back - watching and doing research. But in saying this, what are your thoughts on if you have a pretty good budget for suspension set up? I am looking into King or Fox. Or if there are any suggestions will gladly hear them. I have a...
  35. CBrob

    Shackle flip kit.

    All pro includes this with all of their spring kits. Anyone running these?
  36. New Holland Overland

    Beefed up the rear 8" with a TRUSS and a BASH PLATE

    One of the biggest things I've been wanting to do for a while on the taco is to start beefing up the rear...reasons being for high-speed dune driving and jumping the truck on the dunes. Its not common for the 3rd members to tweak or break but for the small price of a truss its worth the extra...
  37. Tyler

    If you have a stock TRD OR long bed truck, I need a favor

    I regularly get asked how much lift my truck has. But after all the weight and adjustments I have made to my set up, I really have no idea. So, if I could get the measurements from a stock truck, I might have some general idea of how much lift my truck has. If anyone one is willing to measure...
  38. 3cent.Taco

    Spring Rate and Length help

    Need some feedback here. I got my suspension installed onto my truck and because of an unforeseen foobar, which I may detail later, I can't get enough front end lift on my truck because I have the wrong springs. Long story short, my dilemma stands at getting a 14" 600 lb spring or going to a...
  39. Oc Taco Charlie Beach Bum

    Recommendations from Tacoma 3G for suspension lift

    Greetings, I have a 2017 sport long bed. My second Tacoma. I have a nice built list going on. I am ready to do moderate upgrade to suspension. Looking at my budget for about $1500 for suspension, another $15g for tires. Budget for upper control arm 4-8 hundred. I have narrowed my search to...
  40. Tyler

    Marlin Crawler RCLT HD preview video / updates

    If you are following the production of Marlin Crawler's RCLT HD, which is basically an IFS that rivals a SFA, they just released a new video and some other info. The video itself doesn't cover too much about the kit, nor does it have much footage of it being used, but if you skip through, there...
  41. Hubermr

    Dirt king?

    I know everyone points to total chaos but has anyone heard anything good about dirt king? I can’t get a vendor to cooperate with me for some total chaos control arms.
  42. Tacomadad18

    Let’s get “sas”sy

    Well, I don’t think there is another thread on this so I figure I’ll start it out. I’ll update this as time goes on. Super excited to get started in I will be SAS (solid axle swap) my truck within 6 months. (That’s just a deadline for my self. I get side tracked and busy with life, so I need my...
  43. Shaw720

    Fabtech 3" lift?

    I found a dealer that does payment plans on lifts and accessories. Fabtech is one of the main lifts they have. But I keep reading bad reviews on the 3" but not the 6". Some people say the brand is great. The lift is close too $6000 CAD. Has anyone have this lift?
  44. atomiktaco

    Bilstein 6112 notch setting and ride quality

    Just installed 6112s set at the highest notch (6) with a 1/2” top hat from ready lift. I def expected a stiffer ride than stock but was surprised how stiff they actually do feel. Wondering if anyone can speak to the difference in ride quality between 4th, 5th, and 6th notch. 6th notch obviously...
  45. StormRnr

    Sag: How far off the bumps stops are you?

    I'm wondering what is standard for sag on a 3rd gen. Rear in particular. I just bought a 2017 DCSB TRD Off Road. It has a topper and RTT and some gear in the bed and it was sitting a little over an inch off the bump stops. The Ride was OK, but it hit the bump stops a lot. I put some Timbren...
  46. snakeyes

    Am I missing anything to complete my lift?

    So, it didn't last long. Already looking at a lift 10 days into owning my Taco :p I was debating on just a spacer setup since it'll be a while before I get around to any camping, off-roading, overlanding but I figured might as well do it right the first time. 99% DD so I think I've decided on...
  47. Tyler

    Beef up my front end or wait?

    My truck needs new diff/CV axle seals and steering rack bushings. I have aftermarket UCAs, coils, and shocks, but everything else up there is stock. Should I use this chance to consider stuff like LCAs, steering rack upgrades, other steering upgrades, beefier tie rod ends, anything else IFS...
  48. Millhouse

    Tuff country upper control arms suck!!!

    Do not buy tuff country upper control arms.They are the bottom of the food chain. Suspension connection can eat a dick as well. I can't say enough bad about my experience with this combo of bad without getting kicked off this site. The arms are 1/4 inch out of spec. And suspension connection...
  49. Millhouse

    Rear shocks with 600 lb OME springs

    I have looked for some time to not wast other's time but can't find a thread on just the rear shocks. My truck with all of the crap I like to have with me when camping is excessive to say the least. 6620 lbs with me and a full tank of gas. I have some pro comp shit shocks that started pissing...
  50. Thred0ne

    JBA or SPC UCAs

    What do you guys recommend? Any major pros or cons with either UCA. I'm looking for longevity, durability and of course adjustability.
  51. hawsa

    Single wheel rub? WTF

    Please confirm my suspicion... I get a touch of wheel rub (on 265/75/17 K02s - 31" roughly) when I turn hard right with forward weight ie braking, offroad downhill, or that bump turning right into my rather steep driveway. It's only my front pass wheel though. Stock ucas and suspension +...
  52. J

    OME BP51

    Anybody have any experience with this suspension? How do these compare to kings 2.5 ext travel w/adj? Any feedback is appreciated.
  53. S

    Eibach Pro lift sag the rear?

    I’m looking to lift my SR5 (no more than 3”). Really like the price and what you get with the Eibach Pro lift. If I set the front lift to the highest setting, with the back end be lower than the front, requiring a leaf package or rear blocks? I do have a brushguard and TRD skid on the front.
  54. 3cent.Taco

    Wife Approved Upgrades - Thoughts?

    Guys - something miraculous happened. My wife approved buying suspension upgrades that I want vs trying to be budget friendly. Maybe she wants several really fancy purses or something, or she instinctively understands the buy once, cry once mentality. haha. I hope it's the latter! Some...

    anyone heard of or used Ironman 4x4 products?

    I have been seeing ads for these guy and I was curious if anyone is using their stuff?
  56. Daltonpaulk

    Eibach VS OME Coils

    What’s the better coil 2’’ eibach or OME 887?
  57. C

    Opinions Wanted

    Hello - Newby here , Let me introduce myself here.... My wife and I finally took advantage of Toyotas 0% financing and purchased our first Tacoma - 2020 TRD OR DCSB Manual Tranny. I'm not a mechanic by no means just an electrician so I carry a different set of tools. My terminology may not be...
  58. Jake Zigtek

    2” lift under $1500 that will actually see offroad use

    I hate to be cynical but is this even an option ? 😂🤦🏼‍♂️ I feel like I have something narrowed down but then I go down a rabbit hole of reviews and other likely biased research and then spin up another 3-4 options and can’t settle .... so... $1500 in my hand and I want a subtle 2” lift that...
  59. NEO Motorsport Garage

    Fox Shocks Group Buy! LIVE until May 23rd, up to 20% off!

    Hey everyone, We at NEO Motorsport Garage are currently putting together a Fox Shocks Group Buy for y'all. This will be special group buy pricing, without any lead times! Just about all Fox options are in stock for Toyota, Ford and Jeep platforms. Free shipping will be included to the lower...
  60. MrPrincess

    Kings vs the world.

    Hello everyone, I’ve been doing some reading into suspensions lately and I’m trying to come up with a game plan before ordering everything. for reference I was looking on running for tacos king kit, 4A specifically. I don’t think I can stomach the lvl 5 and don’t currently have access to a...
  61. H

    Wescott Designs FOX TRD pro lift kit

    Wondering if any of yall have any experience with the Wescott Designs lift kit for the stock trd pro suspension? This is for Factory Fox TRD PRO, available for a 4Runner, Tacoma, or Tundra. This is not a spacer lift. This kit does not change the geometry of the factory suspension. This kit...
  62. edpeaslee

    Upgrading pro comp 6” lift

    Hey y’all, so I bought my Tacoma new with the basic pro comp 6” lift installed. Rear blocks in the back and just a big block up front. I’m wanting to upgrade the components for a better ride on and off road. I see a lot of smaller lifts and haven’t come across a lot for the 6”. I know the better...
  63. Thomdabeast

    ICON Stage 3 K53003T & Pro Comp 46 Series Prodigy & WildPeak A/T3W

    Just ordered these through my local 4WheelParts: Wheels: Pro Comp 46 Series Prodigy: https://www.4wheelparts.com/p/pro-comp-46-series-prodigy-alloy-wheels/prod1600148?Wheel+Diameter_PQMS=17+Inches Tires: WildPeak A/T3W (285/70/17): https://www.discounttire.com/buy-tires/falken-wildpeak-a-t3w...
  64. Romp-A-Taco

    Lifting the Rear - Drive Shaft Carrier Bearing Drop or Axle Degree Shims

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to lift the rear about 2" I have the Bilstein 5100 in the Rear and not sure what leafs i'll go with yet, but I've been keeping tabs on this post: Leaf Spring Comparison. I have a camper shell now and my rear is really sagging. So, in getting the parts lined up, I was...
  65. Lake_Trash_1

    UCAs or Not with 3" Lift

    At what height do I need to add UCAs.
  66. CalifExplorer

    Unequal ride height left vs right

    Hi and apologies if this is addressed elsewhere (plz direct me if so) Just installed Icon stage 1 suspension with Icon AAL in my '16 TRD OR LB and the truck rides GREAT. No changes to front spring height; went on straight out of box and put truck about where I wanted it. All good, but I see the...
  67. lost.jake

    Marlin Crawler RCLT-HD

    What are everyones thoughts on Marlin Crawlers RCLT-HD kit that is supposed to be dropping this spring? https://www.marlincrawler.com/suspension/rclt/rclt-hd
  68. Tyler

    Leaf Spring Comparison: All-Pro, Allcan, Icon, Dobinsons, Deavers, Archive, Dakars

    T3G vendor @ARCHIVE dropped some unbiased leaf spring knowledge in another post and I feel this information is valuable enough to warrant its own sticky thread. Archive Garage designs and builds popular suspension upgrades for our Toyota Tacomas, such as their "Hammer Hangers" shackles, U-bolt...
  69. Michael myers

    Deaver u402 lift height

    I'm wanting to put on the Deaver u402 wanted to know lift height and ride empty any stage thanks
  70. mgmyota

    Dirt king vs icon Ball joint/delta joint UCA’s

    Been looking at the dirt king ball joint tubular upper control arms and icon delta joint arms. They both seem pretty similar. The moog ball joints would be a lot easier to get if I need to replace especially if I’m on the trail. Most parts stores should have them. But I’ve heard good things...
  71. De$ertKid

    Leaf springs

    So I replaced all my shocks with the fox 2.0 coilovers in the front and fox shocks in the rear and the rear end is still a little bumpy and stiff ride I looked at my leaf springs and there pretty flat not really an curve to em do I need to replace them for a better ride?
  72. Lake_Trash_1

    What lift? 2-3 Inch is all I want to do.

    Just got the winch and bumper put together and weight is 142 lbs combined. What would you guys do for a $1000 to $1500 lift. Camper top on the back in the near future as well.
  73. TrojanMan60

    Long Travel Recommendations

    Just wondering who has the best long travel kit? Also, what do y’all overlanders run for tires (brand and size)?
  74. NEO Motorsport Garage

    Fox & Dirt King Fab Sale - Up to 25% off!

    Hey everyone, we've been a Dirt King Fabrication dealer for sometime which is why we came up with this little suspension kit sale! I think y'all are going to love it. With any purchase of a Fox 2.5 Coilover or coilover/shock package, we are giving you 25% off Dirt King Fab upper and/or lower...
  75. De$ertKid


    I just ordered fox coil overs it can adjust up to 3inches someone told me if I lift the front over two inches it will lock up the front axle is that true or no?
  76. Aenriquez

    333 ball joints

    Has anyone had any experience with 333 ball joints or have any insight on them? I've been told that Toyota has used them as a heavier duty, oem option. I don't know how much truth there is to that, anyone are to chime in?
  77. Desert_taco

    Kings or Icon

    Money isn't the issues just want to see others opinion about them and why, I can't decide on which one to go with.
  78. 772Taco

    2020 Tacoma 2” Lift

    Installed my lift today with a lot of help from my neighbor. Went with the Bilstein 5100 front and rear. OME 887 coils in the front and an Icon AAL with the overload in the rear. Sitting at 23” from center of hub to bottom of fender in all 4 corners.
  79. Tyler

    “Super heavy duty” coils?

    Does anyone know of a coil that has a weight rating higher than 700 lbs? Or a company that can do custom coils by special request?
  80. Humble_Station12

    UCAs Installation

    I am trying to get the bolt that is holding the UCA and am having a hard time getting it out. It is positioned very awkwardly and after many YouTube videos I find myself struck. Please if anyone has any tips to help me get this stubborn bolt out that would be greatly appreciated
  81. DobinsonsUSA

    Close ups

    Many people are asking about the new Monotube Remote Resevoir 3-Way Adjustable This weekend we took the tacoma up to Ocala National Forest and did some testing with the new coilovers! Here are some close up pics of the setup!
  82. CCTaco

    ICON Suspension deal!

    T3G, If you're in the market for ICON suspension @CaliRaisedOffroad is having a huge sale! I personally just purchased a stage 4 kit yesterday! If you're in the market, want to lift your truck, and enjoy it before the coronavirus gets ya, I believe the sale ends Sunday! Customer service is...
  83. mikef805

    Old man emu

    Has any or does any have a old man emu medium duty suspension from old man emu? I’m looking for thoughts, ideas, user reviews. I’m new to the truck life and off-roading. I’ve heard they are good the price fits my budget but there aren’t many videos or reviews for that I can find. Any help...
  84. mgmyota

    Accutune suspension setup

    Anyone running this kit? I’m pretty set on getting it when the funds are there but just curious if anyone else is running it. Anything you would swap out with something else? I’ve been doing my research on suspension but I like the input that some of you more experienced folks have. In...
  85. mgmyota

    Accutune suspension setup

    Anyone running this kit? I’m pretty set on getting it when the funds are there but just curious if anyone else is running it. Anything you would swap out with something else? I’ve been doing my research on suspension but I like the input that some of you more experienced folks have. In...
  86. jhipwundah

    Kings 2.5 with adjusters

    Hey guys, just had some Kings 2.5 ext travel with comp adjusters installed few weeks back and had a question... For pavement/daily driving, should the adjuster be dialed all the way to the softest setting? And as for off roading (Oahu, Hawaii), how many clicks (on average) should I dial it...
  87. midnight20pro

    Thoughts on Hammer Hangers shackle hangers?

    I saw an install video of these things and they look badass. Come with a built in skid and give you a bit more lift and articulation? amazing. Is anyone running a set of these? If I order now they won't be delivered in time for my build out, but I'll just throw them on at a later date...
  88. sshattuck84

    Best lidt and tire upgrade for a daily driver

    I'm looking to do a lift on my 2017 but I dont want to drastically change the ride or get to crazy with mods. I'm thinking maybe a 2" leveling kit or 3" in the front 2" in the rear, and bigger tires. What's the best lift package out there for what I'm looking for ? Thanks
  89. CalifExplorer

    Ironman 4x4 Foam Cell Pro shocks- reviews?

    Haven't heard much from anyone about these, please let me know how your experience has been if you've installed them!
  90. Tyler

    Heavy duty leaf spring install

    This is the first video I’ve ever made. I attempt to guide you through replacing your leaf springs on your own. It’s easy and you shouldn’t pay a shop to do it! Original link: https://youtu.be/aSU77AE97L4
  91. GhostedTacoma

    Build update and suspension info

    CBI T3 bumper is currently in shop being painted. Picking it up in a couple days. Pics will follow as soon as I pick it up and get it mounted. But I have a question for the guys running lifts. My taco has a 4” lift. The shocks are squeaking and the lift is less than six months old. Plus my taco...
  92. davidjepsen1


    I have had my 2018 TRD Off-Road for two years now and am wanting to do some mods to the truck. The problem I am having is that I have zero clue what I am talking about and/or doing. I want to get new wheels and tires and either a lift kit or a leveling kit. I just have no clue what the...
  93. B

    Falcon 2" lift

    Does anyone have any experience with the falcon 2" lift. Any pictures would be appreciated. How does it compare with a bds lift, fox and king lift.
  94. T


    Anyone running the king 3.0 bypass under the bed in the rear any info running camburg L/T kit up front but don’t necessarily wanna cut my bed for cage any info
  95. Hubermr

    MaxTrac spindles

    Everyone, I am looking at replacing my upper and lower control arms with Dirt King aftermarket ones. I am also looking at the Maxtrax aftermarket spindles. It adds i think 4 inches to the lift. If anyone has them what lift did you need to add on the back to level it out?
  96. CJay2347

    TRD PRO Suspension

    Anyone looking for TRD PRO fox suspension? I recently upgraded and am trying to sell. Only 23,000 miles on system.
  97. C

    Lift kits

    Yo guys. I have a question tho about lift kits. So being i use my truck (2018 trd off road) for work / spend 95% of my time on the road doing around 500+ miles a week for work i want to get a lift to put some beefier tires on but dont want to sacrifice on road performance, while adding some off...
  98. Thred0ne

    Alignment numbers

    How far forward have you guys been able to push you caster? And what needs to be done to push it further forward? Im running icon tubular UCAs and with the 295/70 17s I can definitely use some more clearance behind the tires.
  99. collardsandcornbread


    So I think I'm going to take the Yota in a completely different direction and drop it. Just not sure if I want to do a static drop or if I want to bite the bullet and wait to do air ride. I've been looking at this kit...
  100. K


    Is anyone running this lift? https://yotamafia.com/product/2016-present-tacoma-lift-3rd-gen I plan on adding a truck topper/rear bumper/warn semi hidden winch to the truck. should i get medium duty coils or heavy duty coils? If i ordered each part separately would this save me money? I can do...