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  1. steevo

    Suspension lift queries

    Obviously a lot of posts about suspension questions, etc... I'm doing research and would like some input from outside sources. I can get a Bilstein 5100 kit (Specifically been looking at Alldog's kit) for $830 without UCA's/$1330 w/ UCA's...
  2. sheldon_lewis1

    RVC ultimate cv axels/total chaos

    This was a month long process I broke one of my cv axels and decided to get RVC’s ultimate axle set but learned that they do not fit with stock lower control arms. After making some calls I was told they would work with total chaos lowers which thank goodness they did. The RCV CV axels are much...
  3. Audidood

    The fun never ends....

    I couldn't keep my truck stock... i decided to buy the OME 887 kit. Once installed, my 265s and stock TRD sport wheels were immediately looking a little small. So I bought some 17s and moved the 265s to those. It looked much better, so i took it in for an alignment and they couldn't dial it...
  4. Battlebornoverlander

    Bump Stops

    Ok, so I just dumped a ton of money on Icon Stage 9 Suspension. Bump Stops? Archive Garage Ubolt flip kit with the 2.7 super bumps or the Timbern Active Off-Road Bumpstops ? Ready , Go lol
  5. DobinsonsUSA

    Looking for a Lift?

    Looking for a Lift? Here are all our coil and shock specs!! Front Coils: C59-302 - 1.5" Lift with No Accessories C59-314 - 2" Lift with 110lb Load C59-448 - 2" Lift with 90lb Load C59-352 - 2" Lift with 175-220lb Load Front Strut: GS59-221 - Twin Tube Gas Heavy Duty GS59-220 - Twin Tube Gas...
  6. DobinsonsUSA

    Dobinsons Coil and Shock color

    If you havent seen or are a bit hesitant about the color combo on out shocks and coils, heres a picture showing all possible combinations to suit your rigs needs!
  7. steevo

    Look another lift question

    Hey guys, been trying to do my research so I didn't have to annoy anyone however I'm seeing stuff that is all over the place regarding lifts. I get that coilover sets from Icon/King/etc... are the way to go, however that is out of my price range and needs. I have been seeing where a lot of...
  8. Jay

    BAMF hangers and shackles

    I ordered the Hangers and shackles from Bay Area Metal Fab. First look: these things are beefy. They are super good looking and much bigger than the factory hangers. Shackles are basically the same as factory but they are greasable. Time for the destruction: Opted for the torch option to get...
  9. MikeSnow25

    2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

    Tying to decide if it is worth getting a lift on my TRD Pro. And if so what kind of lift would be best
  10. T

    Any one running Falcon Tow/Haul shocks

    Just purchased a 2020 TRD/OF/DC/LB Cement. I have Falcons on my Jeep JKU and love them. Any rubbing issues? Did you have too do UCA? Plan on running 285/70/16 BFG KO2's. Thanks (First post)
  11. Tacomadad18

    Cab mount chop tip

    Just a tip for anyone who plans on doing a cmc on their own or having a shop do it. When doing the cab mount chop, clearance of the body mount to install larger tires, you do not need to cut (notch) the pinchweld and bend it inside- towards frame. Simply bend the pinchweld towards the fender...
  12. Manbun525

    Ome 886?

    Hey I ordered 886 coils, they came, right invoice, right box, but the white tag sticker on the coils say 889X...?! Should I just return and re order to make sure they are correct, I mean they look like 886 coils but don’t they all look the same hahah. Thanks
  13. ShowstoppersUSA

    King Stage 3 Race Kit - 3.0 IBP Coilover / 3.0 2 Tube Bypass

    Hey there Tacoma3g members! Just wanted to create a thread on a recent suspension build we did for a client. @sage.royal (IG) recently wanted to upgrade his TRD Pro suspension. He ultimately wanted to stay midtravel and had to have the best ride. We then completed his build out with Icon DJ...
  14. Manbun525

    Coils for 5100?

    Been trying to ask on TW but that's full of 2nd gen so the answers aren't accurate. Currently run 5100 with 888, lift is not what I expected. Been going back and forth on how to bump it up a tad. What are my options for more lift? Can I run 886 or some other coil? Should I get new shocks and...
  15. DobinsonsUSA

    Monotube Remote Reservoir Adjustable (coming 02/2020)

    Our new MRR-A feature 3 way adjustability with 3000 possible combinations to perfect your ride how you want it. Adjust for on and offroad use in the turn of a knob. 10 Stage High Speed Compression 20 Stage Low speed compression 15 Stage Rebound Adjustment Check out the results for yourself.
  16. CCTaco

    Suspension Problem

    My suspension problem is which brand to go with lol. I'm deploying in January so I'm making a list of upgrades that I will be purchasing a month prior to returning. I keep seeing people rave about King, Icon and OME, and for that reason those are my top 3. I really don't want to go over 2500...
  17. 3gVinsidousTRD

    3” front & 1” rear level

    Hey what’s up guys I’m new to the taco world and have so far been loving it... it’s time to get a little bit of ground clearance and add little bit of an aggressive look. I’ve been looking around and watching plenty YouTube and I’m still undecided about what front / rear ratio of leveling...
  18. Tyler

    School me on air spring options

    The next big chapter of my truck is definitely going to require some air bags in addition to the Dakar HD squeak packs I already have. I never really did my air spring research because I never expected to need them. However, my spontaneous change of plans recently means it's time to learn. I'm...
  19. Gstavy1

    Rear Leaf Suggestions

    Hey guys, so I've noticed my rear leaf has started to go flatter, looking into either an Add-a-leaf or going for a whole new set. Have had my eyes on doing an Icon AAL or their RXT leaf pack. What do you guys think, anything better that I should be looking into?
  20. 2

    Best UCAs for 2020 taco

    Hey guys building my 2020 taco currently and decided to go with fox 2.5 coil overs in the front to match my rear 2.0 fox shocks that came with my 4” BDS lift kit I’m hearing multiple choice on the best UCAs Icon delta joints/SPC/Camburg any recommendations and why? Thanks for the info
  21. DobinsonsUSA

    Show Us Your DOBINSONS Equipped Tacoma

    We want to see your dobinsons equipped trucks, POST EM
  22. Gstavy1

    UCA Squeak

    Looking for a temporary solution until I pull the trigger on some total chaos UCA's. Whether it be going over a bump slow or driving straight on the road I'm getting a lot squeaking from the front suspension area, most likely it's my UCA's. Is this something that I just need to retorque them...
  23. F

    SoCal shop recommendations

    Does anyone know of any good shops in San Diego where I can lift my Tacoma, and maybe do everything else I want to do to my truck in the future? Thanks guys
  24. M

    3rd gen 33x12.50 16 or 17

    Hi all Iam buying 2019 trd off road Tacoma what is needed for 33x12.50 tires ?will a 3 inch or king with a BMc work?
  25. gene158

    How to add rear lift with 5100s?

    So my truck is currently at stock height. I'm running 265/70/17s and even with some trimming, I get just a bit of rubbing when going into steep driveways and stuff. I've been thinking about getting the adjustable bilstein 5100s because I like the adjustability of the front shocks being able to...
  26. TheMrThumper

    Dakar AAL Heavy duty Constant Load?

    Hello, I am building my 2019 OR DCSB to serve as a daily driver work truck and weekend offroader. The goal is to add Active cargo system rack and body armor. I plan on loading this truck up from time to time either for work or for Overlanding with a RTT I am considering a Fox Level 3 kit...
  27. C

    Anybody running Dobinsons set up?

    do any of you guys have a Dobinsons suspension installed? I bought a set of rear shocks from Mike and just installed them yesterday to test them out. I’m looking to soften my TrdSport. first impression, it did calm the bed bounce down. tail now feels like it tracks better and at the same...
  28. 929TRD18

    Rear Shocks replacement

    My OEM Bilstein rear shocks blew out and Toyota cannot get them, 185 on backorder. Looking for suggestions on a good replacement.
  29. Battle Born Offroad

    SPC UCA Group Buy! T3G Exclusive!

    is in stock at Battle Born Offroad.. INFO@BattleBornOffroad.net 2019 Fall SPC Group Buy "T3G Exclusive" Special SPC Control Arm Discounts for T3G Members Ends 11/15/19 SPC has been our top selling, inexpensive control arm option for some time. For Toyota's lifted 2-4", they will provide the...
  30. JohnnyUtah253

    Need some advice.

    Just bought my 2018 off-road. I wanna lift it but see that there is a big debate on ready lift and rough country. I was looking at terraflex and the bilstien as well. One of the guys I know has the same truck as me has the bilstien lift. It Looks good and all , but he paid isn’t in my range. I...
  31. CCTaco

    1st Post New to 3G

    Hey guys! This is my first post on Tacoma3G and I’m looking for some advice. A few weeks ago I purchased a 2019 TRD Sport DCLB, and I want to upgrade my suspension and tires. I’m looking at OME and ICON. Looking to do 2.5-3 inch suspension lift. Anyone have any insight of these full suspension...
  32. 3cent.Taco

    Minimal Upgrades to Stock TRD Pro?

    Guys, I'm in a TRD Pro and we all know the buyer's remorse as soon as we jump on to a forum whether you have a Pro or not... So, I'm trying to stay within the limits of the truck's suspension without having to dump the Pro's Fox Suspension that I paid for... Rookie mistake, I know.. I don't plan...
  33. airtaco31

    285's or waiting

    Hey ya'll i'm upgrading my suspension soon and would love some input. 3'' lift, upgraded UCA's, Icon RXT leaf pack, and 285 tires. However, I've been having second thoughts about the 285's after hearing people saying to regear first. Should I put off the 285's and 3" lift until I can get...
  34. Beelertaco

    Bilstein over OME?

    What’s up peeps, I’ve seen so many people going with OME springs and Bilstein shocks instead of OME shocks. Why is this?
  35. airtaco31

    Thoughts on Locked Off Road Coilovers?

    Hey ya'll making the move to upgrade my suspension for better performance and fit 285 tires. Through my research, I have decided to go through with Locked Off Road Shocks. Is anyone else running these? Or thoughts?
  36. Pinion

    Toyotech boss 2.5 aluminum series coil over adjust

    Okey dokey . Tried to adjust them on the truck, off the truck ( not in that order) The cheap sh*t tool you get to adjust them breaks, issue with this, they know about it, robbing other kits to replace the one that broke (not just me) Anyone else dealing with this and can cast some wisdom. No one...
  37. Thomdabeast

    Buying suspension lift parts separately

    I've heard of other people doing this setup for $500. I can only seem to find the parts for around $800. Should I be looking anywhere else?
  38. Thomdabeast

    2018 Toyota Tacoma Suspension Lift

    I know there's posts like this, but I have a 2018 Taco TO. I'm looking for a 2-3" lift. I don't want the spacers I want to do it the right way which I heard is by lifting with the leaf springs and suspension. I'd like to stick around 1$k and later down the road I'll upgrade to something nicer...
  39. DocTaco

    New Spring coil on strut rotational position ?

    Got 5100's and OME 887 springs to put together. Some where I read about the rotational position of the coil end needs to be oriented a certain direction. Anyone know this thread or the info in question...Thanks
  40. Battle Born Offroad

    Icon in Stock at Battle Born Offroad Ready to Ship Same Day

    ICON Vehicle Dynamics is a premiere performance suspension manufacturer specializing in aftermarket suspension components for trucks, SUV’s and off road suspension development. The company’s business is customer-driven, technology-influenced, engineering-oriented and focuses on world-class...
  41. RevN3

    So, I installed some Sumo Springs a month ago. Took me that long to complete the video about it.

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ri0lYHphEmk Spoilers: I like them, they are cheap, make the ride better and are crazy easy to install.
  42. L

    33’s 2” leveling kit

    So was wondering if anyone knows if you can run 33s and a 2” leveling kit without rubbing. Currently have 33’s on it and I barely rub on the front part of the inner fenderwell and just a little on the upper control arms if I take a driveway too fast and too much of an angle. Had planned to...
  43. M

    Suspension Lift

    I am looking to increase the tire size of my 2017 Tacoma to 285 75 17. What suspension lift kits and modifications are needed to accommodate that tire size. Would it be better to drop down to a 285 75 16 and reduce all the extra time, money and extensive labor ? Thank you for the help
  44. Jimbob540

    Fox or King?

    For weeks I've been going back and forth between Fox extended mid travel 2.5 dsc kit and kings 2.5 Remote Coilovers w/ Compression Adj. I know they are both badass companies and both shocks are better then the other in certain areas. I plan on running full steel all around the truck. Full...
  45. Battle Born Offroad

    Icon Suspension in Stock Ships Same Day!

    Hey All!!! Offroad season is upon us and we know you are eager to hit the trail! If you are in the market for the one of the best lift kits on the market for our 4Runners, then you have to check out the Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Kits. These kits were designed specifically for the 3rd Gen...
  46. windnsea78

    OME lift kit leaf pack vs add a

    First off I apologize I am new to this forum and I'm sure I'm beating a dead horse but my search has landed me no answers. I want to get the OME lift with 886 coils. I have a slim from bumper from victory and plan to add a winch. Pretty straight forward but I question the rear. I have a hard...
  47. gene158

    Leveling with bilsteins?

    So I just did scs ray10s and 265/70/17s. With a heat gun and dremel I've been able to get pretty much all the clearance I need but I'd still like to get maybe an inch of lift in the front. I don't want a leveling kit that uses spacers and I don't want a full lift kit because honestly, I don't...
  48. RevN3

    Anyone know what I should be torquing the rear u-bolts to?

    I'm going to be installing some Sumo Springs and I'm not sure what the u-bolts on the rear axle need to be torqued back down to.
  49. Busto

    Toytec Shocks/Suspension

    Can anyone shed some light on this brand shock and suspension system specifically made for Toyota ? They are not a Toyota owned company from what I understand. I finally fo
  50. A

    Stock suspension concern.

    I purchased a 2017 Tacoma TRD Sport 4wd. And it was already bilt a little bit. It had a lift kit and some off road tries and wheels. However. I notice that the ball joint from the upper control arm is rubbing in the stick suspension. I’m not sure what is causing that problem. Also, I have...
  51. rpbeausoleil

    Suspension questions

    Hey all, first post here so bear with me. I'm looking to get about 2" lift all the way around for my 2016 TRD OR DCSB. I am looking budget wise at 6112 (5/6 notch) and 5100s extended travel with HS 3 leaf AAL in the rear. I would like to purchase a RTT at some point. I'm mainly a highway/ dirt...
  52. Klein_b

    Newbie without a CLUE

    Hello everyone I am VERY new to all of this and have absolutely no clue about anything truck related or anything about over landing, just a helicopter doctor and wanna get out with my buddies. I have a 2018 TRD sport, long bed 4wd, absolutely EVERYTHING is stock, found a bed rack, a roof(bed)...
  53. F


    I have a 16 2 wheel drive I’m looking to lift. Any suggestions helps!
  54. M

    Lift Kit on my 2012 Tacoma TX TRD Pro

    Im new to this forum, I am looking at putting a few customization's additions to my truck. I am based in Louisville Kentucky. I know my model has stock lift already on it due to the essence of the TRD Pro. I was wondering if there is any way I can add a higher lift such as 2.5 to 3 inch. I have...
  55. Audidood

    Leveling kit required for 887 and 33s?

    For the OME 887 kit, is it also necessary to get a leveling kit to clear 33” tires? I’m wearing out my stock sport tires and will be leveling up to 33s soon. I know i’ll be needing an alignment as well, so wanna make sure i get everything bolted on before going in for another alignment. Thanks!

    Tire Wear and UCAs

    So, as a newbie to IFS (only had solid axles until now) and reading all these threads on here and others, is the general consensus that if your lift is larger that 1-2", UCAs are a necessary upgrade to maintain correct/even tire wear? I've had this truck 5 months and even with rotations, I now...
  57. Rob Daman

    Duro Bumps bump stop DIY and review

    Hey guys I wanted to share this install on Duro Bumps bumpstop video up. If you don't know why you should change them or don't know how... check it out. Also there's a 10% discount code in my video description ? View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48AXubqnppA
  58. SegaPhreak

    Suspension Help

    I'm a total newb to suspension systems and lifts. I have attempted to google and read the suspension forum but the majority of it goes over my head. I have a 2017 Tacoma TRD Offroad 4wd with a 3"F/2"R Readylift SST Lift Kit running on 295 55R20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. I got the lift purely for...
  59. Pinkston

    Bilstein 5100s with 285/70/17

    I got 285/70/17 put on my 2019 TRD OR at discount tire the guy told me they would fit without rubbing but they don’t. So I didn’t want to do a spacer lift but I don’t wanna spend a whole lot getting these tires not to rub. That is why I was thinking of the 5100s. I do plan on taking it OR but...
  60. Rob Daman

    JBA UCAs

    I’ve been asked what UCAs I got. I got the HD ones here: https://tinyurl.com/JBArobdmanhd There’s a standard version too https://tinyurl.com/JBArobdmanstd which is still very very good but I just felt like going all in on this one. I was able to get 4.5 degrees of positive caster. Also I...
  61. H

    Suspension Under $800

    Lets talk cheap... now before y'all go bashing me hear my logic. I see so many people go out dropping $3,000 - $5,000 on suspension builds but they never seem to actually scratch the surface as to what these big money kits can do or are even made for. With that being said, I'm looking to see...
  62. haas.evan

    285/75r/16 upgrade questions

    I've recently got a '17 DCLB TRD Off Road and want to move up to a 285/75r/16 wheel size. What are some recommended lifts, with or without cutting, that will allow me to run this tire size? I'm currently running 265/70r/16 with stock suspension. -Thanks
  63. Hooty84

    Leveling Kit

    Was thinking about using Eibach kit for leveling. Anyone use one and like it/dislike it? Should get +2 in the front and +1 in the rear from what I have read. This would be perfect for my purposes. Daily driver and overlanding on the weekends with possible long drives and some...
  64. L

    Heavier suspension or air bags

    I’m very new to my toyota and it’s my first smaller truck. (‘19 Tacoma). I like to be able to hook up the trailer and throw the bikes on so I can go play for the day. The trouble I’m finding is that I’m pretty much on my bump stops all the time. I don’t tow all that often but every few weekends...
  65. gene158

    Roof height after lift and tires?

    I have a 2018 DCSB trd sport. It’s my daily driver and at some point I wanna do a mild lift/wheels/ tires. What’s the minimum lift needed to fit 285/75/16s? I don’t want more lift than necessary because it makes it that much more difficult to get my bike in the back and more importantly, I don’t...
  66. Spock

    OME/Eibach springs on 5100's question

    OME states in their application sheet that their springs will only fit their own shocks. Toytec also states this on the product page. Eibach also states this. However, a note one their page states that "Extended travel shocks are required" but also "Must be used with Eibach Pro-Truck shocks"...
  67. Stormtrooper Yota

    Long Travel or Mid Travel

    What do you guys like Long travel or Mid Travel, I've been hovering over thought of the All-Pro Long Travel kit, paired with Fox suspension. What do you guys think?
  68. Jharris704

    Lift Help!

    I'm ready to buy a lift for my 2019 DCSB TRD Off Road. The truck is my daily driver so I want to maintain a nice ride. I will also be using the truck to tow 4 wheelers and some possible "light" off roading. I've been reading all of the different lift threads here and think I have a good idea...
  69. V

    Good price on a Suspension

    I want to get a nice suspension but I don't have a ton of cash. how much did yours cost and where did you get it? are there any deals ?
  70. Gstavy1

    Upgrading leaf springs

    Hey guys, was wondering if it's necessary to upgrade the leafs on the truck when adding new shocks/lift kit?
  71. S

    My 6112’s get here Tuesday, need help with settings

    Hi All, I get my front setup this week, I have a 3rd gen Tacoma DCSB 4x4. The set of 6112’s I got are the second gen. I am asking as the instructions will likely only speak to the 2 gen Taco. I am looking to raise the front 2.5 inches to fit a 285/70/17 or 275/70/17. I am open to going up to...
  72. V

    Finance suspension

    I was just wonder how you guys where financing your suspension? I don’t have 6 grand sitting around . Yet I see all of you guys with these dope king and icon setups with 33” tires . I want to hook my truck up and take it off-road .
  73. GrumpyTaco

    King Kits

    Eventually looking to buy a 3 inch lift with Kings front and back.. any recommendations on rear leafs that hold added weight and also which site or kits are people buying. I’ve seen a few different kits out there that use Kings. Also I don’t do much off-roading but I don’t want to build a mall...
  74. bvann

    1st post new member - suspension questions

    Howdy, 1st post on here and I’m super glad I found a forum just for 3rd gens :love: I am the owner of a 2018 QS DCLB OR and have been for almost a year now. I’m finally ready to upgrade my suspension. I have been looking at a lot of combinations and can’t seem to decide. As of now I am leaning...
  75. sdsponger

    Compression Adjusters - Yes or No?

    What are everyone's thoughts on compression adjusters? If you have them, have you actually used them? With the price not being too much to add them (buy once, cry once), I'm trying to decide...Useful, nice to have if needed or use money someplace else? Thanks!
  76. S

    B6112 Gen 2 on 3rd Gen Tacoma

    I am placing my order for B6112 but it’s the older set that will work on the 3rd gens. I would like to k ow if anyone has this setup and if so what setting did you use? I want to fit 285/70/17 or 255/85/17. Any advise would be great and if you have pics that would be great also.
  77. Pinion


    Are there any after market shackle options yet
  78. Blueblood

    1st MOD done

    Just got my 1st set of Mods completed on my 2019 Here is the list of things I just got done: RCI Rock Sliders Camburg UCA Fox Front Coil Over IFP Camburg Front Bumper with 30" Rigid Light Bar CMC Method 306 Wheels with 285/70 R17 ATX General Grabber A/T


    Possibly in the market for some UCA’s. I have a 19 OR DCLB with a Toytec lift on 255/80/17 with an offset of -10. I’ve been experiencing what I think is some fender rub somewhere around full lock while hitting any kind of bump on incline or decline. I’ve only experienced it on the drivers side...
  80. T

    Rookie needing advice/guidance

    Just purchased my first Tacoma ever! A beautiful 3G and I’m super happy! ? need guidance/advice on lifting, wheels, tires setup. I’m debating between 4” or 6” lift & not sure about what wheels would look good or what size to get. - offset wheels would be cool too! Also tires I have no idea what...
  81. jacob21613


    Just a quick question about to buy a new Dakar leaf pack and was planning on running a hc rear bumper in the future what would be the best rating for it medium heavy or just the whole heavy load?
  82. C

    2-3 inch lift and tire size

    Hey guys. new owner here and needing some help. Im wanting to do something in the 2-3 inch range on a suspension lift/ upgrade. Im running ridge grappler 265 70 17 and would like to keep those and maybe go to a 275 in the future. What is a good, smooth riding lift? looking to stay around...
  83. jacob21613

    Toytec boss

    Is anyone running this setup? Currently running stock on a level kit with 285s and want better ride quality o
  84. trd_ray5.56

    Lift Kits

    What would you guys recommend in the lift department like maybe 3, 4 inches ? Make the truck a little higher everything is stock rn, I have a 19 TRD Pro
  85. TOsoYOTA

    Leaf springs

    I’ve been browsing online and maybe am just looking in the wrong spots or just overlooking what information in the right, I own a long bed Tacoma and am going to order a lift in the coming weeks, My question is... do the length of leaf springs vary from the normal 5’ bed to the 6’?
  86. 17cementpro

    Pro owners - Revtek lift kit w/ stock suspension

    Have any TRD Pro owners tried this 3” lift kit? Trying to clear 33s and someone on YouTube said he installed with 285/75/16s with no rub https://www.4wheelparts.com/p/revtek-3-inch-lift-kit-427/_/R-BKKC-427 https://youtu.be/

    Pro Comp Lift Issues Anyone?

    So I've got a 4" Pro Lift on my truck and driving on pavement and concrete is fine, but anything rougher/off-road the front end suspension makes a bunch of clanking-like noise, sounds almost like bolts are loose or sloppy and moving around. I've jacked it up and checked and everything seems...
  88. jacob21613


    With these new fox coil overs would I need to change the upper control arms or would they fit with the stock ones?
  89. jacob21613

    Softer suspension

    Hello guys just recently got a new level kit on the old girl and feels like it’s ridding really stiff wondering what a good option for softer suspension would be heard good about Kings and icon just wondering what all the options are
  90. DvS21

    With a minor lift, what brake lines are you guys using?

    So I've had a OME Nitrocharger and 888 lift with UCAs and Medium Dakars for a while now, but I'm starting to wonder about my brake lines, and looking into upgrading them. What extended lines do you guys run?
  91. TrDiRtY

    Uca help

    Uni ball vs ball joint? Which brand would you recommend? I have been looking at total chaos, camburg, icon and SPC. From my understanding ball joint uca come with less maintenance but uni ball maintenance is pretty easy. Other advantages vs disadvantages? I do get alot of snow where I'm at in...
  92. 53ETACO

    Accutune King Coilovers

    Well, buy once cry once, is the motto I think a lot of us live by and rather than buy the suspension in stages I went big right away. I ordered a mid-travel stage 4A from Accutune Offroad who specialize in tuning off the shelf shocks to fit the configuration and weight requirements of your...
  93. xanxin

    Looking to upgrade stock TRD-OR suspension.

    I am currently looking to do some overland travel and building my truck to suit it but also be a daily driver. i am looking at https://www.toyteclifts.com/ome-tak16-ome-tacoma-suspension-lift-kit-for-2016-tacoma.html with 888 coils. Any other suggestions or better options for around that same...
  94. PapaHugeTime

    Bed weight

    I will be putting a diesel slip tank in my bed for work. Along with a spare tire and tools. I’m thinkin roughly 1500lbs ... currently have a toytec 3 inch lift .. Air bag suspension? Add a leaf? Both?!
  95. TacomaMTB

    Icon coilovers with 700 lbs springs pn 58635

    Does anybody has any comments using this coilovers with the 700 rate springs? I add a front bumper and winch and the truck sag about 1.5 inches, trying to level the front with the rear after I add leaf springs Old man EMU.
  96. C

    Suspension Options...first post

    First post Greetings Taco family, coming at you from Omaha Nebraska. Just joined the community after buying a barcelona red 2018 TRD off-road a couple months ago and absolutely love it. Everything's stock right now except for a K&N cool air intake (which sounds b-e-a-utiful). I'm looking for...
  97. Gstavy1

    Delta Joint vs Uniball Upper Control Arms

    Is there a huge difference between going with a delta joint tubular upper control arm vs a uniball upper control arm, looking specifically at Icon's options they offer.
  98. alxmajestic


    Just bought some Bilstein 5100 front and rear and a Headstrong 3 leaf for my Tacoma. I will be putting 285/70/17 tires on it. Will i have any issues? What settings should I apply so they can fit without any problems? BTW: I’m new to all this Tacoma world. Help a brother out. Thanks!
  99. 53ETACO

    FOX 2.5 resi DSC

    Anyone running this set up in the front and rear? I'm close to pulling the trigger but want to make the initial purchase the right one, without having to change anything in the near future. After the suspension, i will likely get a bed rack and RTT, along with normal gear in the rear, and a...
  100. Gstavy1

    Cab Mount Chop

    Hey guys I was wondering if a cab mount chop was necessary running a stage 3 Icon kit or King 2.5's(front and rear) on 285/75/16.