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  1. zsmith4472

    Suspension Lift Kits

    So I've been looking around at some lift kits, specifically on Rough Country, and I'm honestly not sure what I need. This is what I've come across. Thoughts and suggestions anyone? 3 Inch Lift Kit | Toyota Tacoma 2WD/4WD (2005-2022)...
  2. J

    Suspension Dual AAL for rear support.

    Ok, so new Taco owner here. I got my 2022 TRD, 4X4, Sport, 6' bed, 3 months ago, mainly for work. I carry a total of about 1000lbs of tools and parts in the bed, but I only just got the camper shell a few weeks ago. So my problem is, I have been adding more and more to the bed to get all my...
  3. Raven-Technik

    Suspension Les Schwab - Rough Country Lift

    I was in Les Schwab getting tires for my wife’s van and asked for a an estimate on a 3” lift for my 2021 Tacoma TRD Off-road. They quoted me around $750 for the lift. Looks like they are using a Rough Country. This is much cheaper than the Ironman lift kit I was looking at but I know you get...
  4. socal.trousas

    Suspension Suspension install

    Hey everyone. I’m gearing up to instal an icon stage 6 suspension on my 2019 trd off road. If anyone has and experience installing this kit and had tips as well as torque specs I would greatly appreciate it.
  5. S

    Suspension NYC Area Suspension Shop

    Hi folks - I live in the NYC area and to know if there are any recommended shops that are experienced with installing King or Icon suspension kits for a 2017 Tacoma? please let me know if you have any recommendations.
  6. SilverBullet3g

    Suspension Upper and Lower Control Arms

    So I’ve been told that UCA’s and LCA’s help with alignment and I’m interested in getting SPC uppers and either Dirt King or Total Chaos lowers. My first question is: is alignment the only reason for getting upper and/or lowers. Second: Which one is more important to get first? Third: What is...
  7. Takotruck

    Suspension Extended Travel

    Original link: https://youtu.be/ATmyTbMJL3o
  8. skitzobeve42

    Suspension Billstein/ReadyLift 3" 6112s - thoughts?

    Anybody have any thoughts on this kit? Still undecided to do 5100s set on 2nd notch paired with OME 888 coils. This kit seems pretty appealing but have not heard much about it on here...
  9. G

    Suspension I think they installed my Fox 2.0 coilovers wrong

    I bought Fox 2.0 coilovers and shocks for my 21 Tacoma from Shock surplus and had them installed at 4WP in Tucson, Arizona. I’m not the smartest man in the world but I don’t think rubber bushings go in between the shock top hat and the strut tower. They only did this on the driver side. Any idea...
  10. wvytaco

    Suspension 3rd Gen Taco Chevy 63s Leaf Spring Swap

    Looking to pull some more travel out of my 3rd Gen rear suspension! For a stock truck, (just trd pro lift) it has a decent amount of travel but I seem to pick up a wheel almost the instant I get out on the rocks, even with my 35s! Been doing a fair bit of research and this looks like my best...
  11. Kuzumonkey

    Suspension Low Budget Extended Travel Coil-overs

    I don’t know if this has been discussed before, but I’m on the verge of upgrading my TRD Off Road suspension and after reading about everything I can find, I still can’t decide the best way to spend my money.. I like the idea, and could possibly budget, something mildly fancy but I don’t get to...
  12. Takotruck

    Suspension IFS Suspension 101

    Before you upgrade Original link: https://youtu.be/_68Hc8GtLko
  13. B

    Suspension New guy suspension question

    I bought a 2022 Tacoma TRD Off Road 4x4 back in November and must say I love this truck. Took it out on a moderate run today and there was a guy with Tundra that was running Rough Country suspension and loved it. The Jeep guys we were out with really bagged on Rough Country. Question, this is my...
  14. TCOTUE

    Suspension IFS Info Series (YouTube)

    I stubbled across this guys page. Tons of info I didn’t know about. He also does a extremely in-depth review of Dirt King vs Camburg long travel kits. Seriously impressed with his info. Give it a watch. https://youtube.com/c/TinkerersAdventure
  15. LaSmurf_4x4

    Suspension Rear shock Upgrade

    Good afternoon Tacoma Fam. So I have 4” bds suspension lift kit on my Taco with 2.0 mono tube Fox shocks and one of them snapped yesterday As I was driving to work. Does anyone know if I can upgrade the mono to one with a reservoir or 2.5 that would still work with my lift?
  16. T

    Suspension TRD Lift kit

    Is anyone running the toyota trd 2" lift kit? considering it for my 21 access cab trd offroad. I like that it comes with the heritage grille too.
  17. T

    Suspension 0

  18. 2

    Suspension Ironman 3" lift

    Completed the Stsge 2 ironman 3" lift myself. - Ovaer all - good quality, satisfactory result. - Ironman's coils and leaf's are produced by Toyo - about as good as you can get. - UCA quality - forged alu. Very good. - Assembly went well for a novice. - A couple of misses: the New UCA requires a...
  19. 2

    Suspension Ironman 3" lift went very well.

    Ironman 3" stage 2 nitro lift kit - overall quality- very good - UCA quality - forged - nice UCAs - Springs - they appear to use Toyo coils and leaf packs - quality is excellent. - Installation instructions and videos OK, could be improved. - To do it again, I would have the shocks...
  20. ragnaraven

    Suspension Yet another lift advice thread (sorry, new truck owner)

    I’ve had my 2021 Tacoma TRD Off-Road for about 7 months now and my stock tires are starting to look like chicken legs on this beast of a truck. Ideally, I would love to fit 285/70/17 and from the research I have done it sounds like I would need at a minimum a 2 inch lift to prevent rubbing. I...
  21. New Holland Overland

    Suspension King 3.0x12" Shocks w/ Archive Shock Relocation Kit

    Huge shoutout to Eric at @ARCHIVE for his amazing shock relocation kit! His communication and customer service has been nothing but extraordinary, responsive, and helpful. I was able to stuff KING 3.0x12" smooth bodies (2.5 reservoir w/ comp adjusters) into the kit without a hitch. The only...
  22. E

    Suspension Tacoma Newbie Lift Suggestions

    I'm sure there's posts like this daily... forgive me. Just got a '22 TRD Offroad. I'm not a hard-core offroader but I live in the country and like to hunt, fish, and get into some mud on occasion. Looking for a 3.5"ish lift to fit 35's. I'm not wanting to go cheap but I also don't want to get...
  23. OzarkLander

    Suspension 63” Chevy leaf spring swap inspiration needed.

    Had anyone here ever done the 63” leaf spring swap out of a Chevy pickup? Have really been considering this and am wanting to see some pics and get some advice here.
  24. R

    Suspension Bilstein 6112 level set

    Hi - I have a 2015 Tacoma prerunner double cab V6 2WD I purchased Bilstein 6112 for the front and 5100 for the rear. There is a lot of conflicting information about ride height both in marketing material, specifications, and on forum. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what setting to use...
  25. G

    Suspension Help with Alignment/Rubbing

    Hello, I have a 2019 Tacoma TRD Sport. I just lifted it 3 inch front and 2 inch rear. Wheels -- 17X9 -12 offset. Tires 285/70R17. Stock UCA. I did the alignment, but I think they didn't do it right. I'm rubbing the cab mount/fender flare a bit hard on the front passenger side only. I rubbed...
  26. T

    Suspension 0

  27. Z

    Suspension New guy looking for lift advice, yes another one of these threads!

    Hey guys, So here is another thread asking for help with a lift kit for my truck. I have definitely done my research, I also had a 2017 SR5 with 5100s and a block in the back before but I am purchasing a 2022 TRD Sport in a few weeks and want to lift it again but possibly go a different route...
  28. bonifacio

    Suspension Taco Lean - Rear

    I am aware of Taco lean and it's in the front left. I don't see many people talk about the rear. I've noticed it was present for a while now. Any input? Some say just slip a shim/spacer in the rear left. This is with a 1/4 tank of gas. I do have the bed stiffeners. Could it be the bed...
  29. TCOTUE

    Suspension DELETE PLEASE

  30. bonifacio

    Suspension Icon AAL - UBolt Nut - Size

    Does anyone remember the nut size for the UBolts that came with the Icon AAL? Not by the truck. Want to make sure I have the right size socket. Hopefully it's 19mm or 22mm.
  31. S

    Suspension Lift kit

    I hate to ask something that’s probably been asked a hundred times already, but im gonna do it. Bought a stock 2019 Trd sport 4x4. I don’t know much about lift kits but im looking for a 3 inch lift kit, as I intend on putting 33’s on it. Daily driving mostly, and camping on weekends. Any lift...
  32. bonifacio

    Suspension Reference: Replacing Front and Rear Suspension

    I've never done a suspension on a truck. I've worked on cars and bikes. I had a shop do the 5100's the first time. Weight and soft springs lead to annoying rubbing. Thought I'd give it a try. My garage is too small. Parents are out of country for 2 weeks. Figured I'd take advantage of their...
  33. NEO Motorsport Garage

    Suspension Bilstein 6112 & 5160 Kits IN STOCK!

    Hey everyone, We have a few Bilstein 6112s and 5160 pairs in stock and ready to ship! These have been difficult to source this year but we made sure to get some! We offer strut assembly for the 6112s and any other struts as well. Use code "T3G10" at checkout for 10% off and free shipping...
  34. TacoDerek

    Suspension Any experience with Rough Country stage 2 lift?

    I'm currently eyeing this (https://www.roughcountry.com/toyota-suspension-lift-kit-74232c.html) for my truck, but I got a buddy that's advising me to go Bilstein. I like the price and possible ease of install, but I don't know much about lifts. I'm looking to get more height, and especially some...
  35. J

    Suspension New to this stuff

    Hey all , I just got a 21 TRD 4x4 . I've been researching a little bit on mods . Absolutely love this truck . I'm looking at the 2" OME kit medium load lift kit. I don't want to do any cutting or stuff like that . Am I better off going 32" tires then 33's. Also are there any benefits going with...
  36. bonifacio

    Suspension Spray Paint and Coil Springs

    Ever spray paint them? Think I'll strip with 2-Minute Remover. Clean it real well with Acetone/Alcohol. Let it dry. Let it get warm. Spray with primer, paint then clear. Anyone have experience with painting coil springs ?
  37. bonifacio

    Suspension Does/did your stock Tacoma have a low angled shim under the overload leaf?

    Does/did your Tacoma have a low angled shim under the overload leaf? For the ones who kept the overload in with a 3 leaf AAL, did you leave it or remove it?
  38. StormRnr

    Suspension BP-51 Ride Height Adjust

    I have the Old Man Emu BP-51 suspension. I need to add some ride height to the front. The instructions say to pull the coilers all the way off compress the spring and do it that way. I can't find any actual user experience on them. Icon has a video where they crank the ride height collar down...
  39. H

    Suspension Icon RXT Leaf Springs - Option 1 or 2

    Howdy, I'm sure there are many of you who are running these springs. I just bought some and I am really having a hard time deciding on installing them as they come(option 1) or replacing the 3 leaf and going option 2. My truck is daily driven and most of the time the bed is empty which makes...
  40. gelsi2033

    Suspension Just installed Boss Aluma 2.0

    I have to admit I was not considering this option when shopping around. In fact I had been waiting on 6112/5100 but ETA is still TBD. Was able to get this full kit installed within a week of ordering. Toytec lift Boss Aluma 2.0. SPC UCA and progressive 3AAL. 2.5" front, 1.5" rear. Still...
  41. Biohazard

    Suspension Stock trdpro shocks plus deavers?

    The weight of my decked system, over-bed RTT, plus gear is giving me about 1 inch before I hit bump stops after the westcott 1inch block. Need a spring upgrade. Pondering adding deavers st 2 (600lbs). Should I be able to keep my stock trdpro shocks? Main concern is length, which I think will be...
  42. TACOma913

    Suspension Cab Mount Chop Really Needed For 6" Lift?

    So I have been toying with the idea of 35's but I don't want to do a a cmc if i can avoid it. I am sitting on an OME 2.5" lift with uca's and 285/70/17 KO2 with no rubbing and not much room for bigger so i need to go up in height to clear 35's. I have a hard time believing that with a 6" lift i...
  43. HiterSixOne

    Suspension Air Bag Compressor Set-ups

    I've searched the forum and have seen that several members run a system to fill their bags. I have the Firestone Ride-Rite bags and have enjoyed them thus far with the truck. In my opinion the bags seem to make the ride a bit better in my DCSB with my RTT and camping gear on board. Any members...
  44. H

    Suspension Bilstein 6112s issues at top notch.

    Currently have a 2017 TRD OR with Bilstien 6112s up front set at the top notch each side with a 1/4" spacer for the lean. I have the stock UCAs and BFG KO2s 285/70-17. I have had them on now for a few months. I am having issues I believe with the down travel. Going into pot holes or speed bumps...

    Suspension Icon Vehicle Dynamics Kits [IN STOCK!]

    At Battle Born Offroad we have a good amount of ICON in stock! With parts being so hard to come by lately figured it would be valuable to let you guys know we have the ability to cut lead times on Icon drastically use code 3GT for NO TAX and FREE SHIPPING STAGE 1: Specs: Recommended...
  46. J

    Suspension Fox 2.0 Adjustable reservoir shocks

    Hello, does anyone here run the Fox 2.0 adjustable reservoir shocks on their Tacoma? Im looking to buy a set and I’ve been looking for some reviews on them but I haven’t been able to find any. Im curious to see what people think of them.
  47. W

    Suspension 2022 DCLB lift guidance

    Hello, my 21 order just got turned into a 22 with the delays. Got a DCLB Trd sport 4x4 in lunar rock coming in! I’ve been reading non stop and feel close to making my decision! my goals are roughly 2” lift and as nice on road comfort as possible. I don’t love the price or the maintenance...
  48. bonifacio

    Suspension Upgrading from 5100/887/AAL - Need Feedback - Going 6112.

    Currently sitting on 5100/887/AAL without overload spring. Have bumper, sliders, roof rack and full sounded deadened interior. Possibly add a winch later. After extensive research I decided to go with 6112's for price and durability. Don't hate me Tyler. Haha. Was pretty set on the Icon 2.5...
  49. itsthex

    Suspension Spring Theory: An Intro To Rates, Height, Preload and Ultimately: Lift!

    To Begin: This is a Tacoma3g exclusive! There is absolutely ZERO permission to reproduce, copy/paste, or use this info in any other location except on this forum without my express written consent. Everything you see here was written by myself and gathered from years of personal knuckle busting...