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Suspension is the system of tires, tire air, springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connects a vehicle to its wheels and allows relative motion between the two. Suspension systems must support both road holding/handling and ride quality, which are at odds with each other. The tuning of suspensions involves finding the right compromise. It is important for the suspension to keep the road wheel in contact with the road surface as much as possible, because all the road or ground forces acting on the vehicle do so through the contact patches of the tires. The suspension also protects the vehicle itself and any cargo or luggage from damage and wear. The design of front and rear suspension of a car may be different.

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  1. SoDakTaco605

    Suggestions for lift

    Hey all, Today I purchased my very first 2017 Tacoma TRD Off Road with 6 speed transmission. I plan on using this as my hunting pickup and daily driver. I live in South Dakota so I have to drive everywhere for everything. I usually average around 15-20,000 miles a year. I need something to be...
  2. R

    Icon stage 3

  3. duncsquicksand

    OME 3” and 5100s

    I want a little more than 3” on my truck. I’m thinking OME 3” lift springs and bilstein 5100s set on second notch to provide 3.6” in front with a toytec 1.5-2” AAL in rear. My question is the notorious “preloading” concerns. I don’t do much off-roading and when I do I’m just hitting light...
  4. project_greymatter

    I got 800 bucks

    Whats the best bang for my buck for a lift under 1000. I was thinking the Eibach Pro Truck kit or Bilstein 5100 kit
  5. OliviousMaximus

    Tacoma Lean - Fact or Fiction

    I have been recently approached by a fellow taco brother and was told that he "fixed the lean." My buddy tells me that 2g-present Tacos lean on the driver side. I've had my taco for about a year n some change and i haven't noticed it. simply here inquiring if this is true or just another way to...
  6. NateWest


    Anyone running the new Falcon Suspension? I have a buddy that swears by his Falcon Suspension for his jeep but I don't know anyone that has tried these for the TACO https://www.falconshocks.com/toyota-tacoma
  7. meathead_adam

    Bilstein Suspension Options

    I need some help deciding which Bilstein setup to buy. I have a really good deal on the table thru a friend. Both options are at a really large discount... 8112/8100s OR 6112/5160s I can get the whole 6112 setup, for the price for one of the 8812s. However, the 8112 setup is still at a huge...
  8. D

    More 2018 lift questions

    Is there that much of a difference of the BilStein5100 all around vs the Bil Stein 6112 and 5160 rear This is a daily drive truck I won’t be doing No off road. Just want the best option for overall ride and not having any issues down the road thanks guys
  9. christopher.campbell

    Positive wheel camber after lift

    I put in 5100 on my 2017 Tacoma DCSB and then took it to get aligned and noticed a positive wheel camber. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
  10. D

    Possible lift thoughts?

    Thinking of doing this:::Bilstein 6112 up front with new top hats, SPC Upper Control Arms to get a proper alignment… bilstein 5160 reservoir shocks in the rear with an Icon Add A Leaf. $2500. ECGS. 100. Total 2600$ Installed by a shop Everyone’s thoughts with all of it?
  11. R

    Wheel width ICON’s

    Anybody running a icon setup with a 17x9 wheel wondering if there is any issues. Icon recommends 17x8.5 not sure why
  12. Tacoma537pro

    Suspension spacer kit TRD PRO?

    Hey guys I’m wondering if anyone knows a product similar to the readylift kit for the tundra TRD pro? I’m only looking for 2-3 inches and don’t want to rip out the fox suspension? I’m sorry if my wording is off, this is my first build. Thanks everyone ✌?
  13. HavocThunder

    Give me your hub to fender measurements please!

    I measured couple trucks at a toyota dealership with spacer lifts and love the way they look the front measured 23 inches and the rear was stock 22 inches So my question is what setups can get me to at least 23 inches up front, i am leaving the rear stock which is at 22 inches now. I do plan on...
  14. D

    2018 sport lift questions

    want to do a 2.5 - 3” lift. Looks only. Won’t be doing any off road at all. What’s my best option? Everything I read says stay away from spacers and blocks. Correct? Thanks
  15. ninong671

    3 leaf AAL or full leaf pack for OEM King 2.5 and other RR shocks

    What's everyone running? Will progressive AAL (no overlad) be better for 30+ mph choppy terrain run vs the full pack?
  16. C

    2019 Taco Pro wheel clearance

    I’m considering a new TRD Pro. I like the interior features. However, I would like to clear 285/70s and don’t want to pay extra for a suspension on the Pro if it has to be gutted. I don’t know enough about the suspensions, let alone the work involved (I’m NOT a mechanic) to accomplish this. So...
  17. J

    Shimmy/vibration after leveling

    2018 trd sport. Just put in a leveling kit took it for quick ride. Almost right from take off all way up to 35-40 (haven't gone faster than that yet) I'm getting what I would refer as a shimmy/vibration. Not sure if it will smooth out faster as I don't want to push it before I get my new tires...
  18. nv_blazin_trd

    Lca mods

    Hey guys, so I have posted before about going to 35s on my Tacoma earlier and got that figured out. I have began to order some key components for mid travel on my Tacoma. Tc uca, Uniballs, CAC mod, rebuilding the leafs in the rear and the flip over kit with bump stop, spindle gusset, icon...
  19. runnin4tacos

    Total Chaos Cam Gussets Install Video

  20. runnin4tacos

    Total Chaos Spindle Gusset Install Video

  21. Talon_the_Toyota

    How to ditch your rear block w BDS lift

    Found my dream shop that specializes in only things Toyota, well worth the drive! Thank you Tandem Offroad 817-633-3225 for the best experience ever throughout multiple visits! They are so conscientious, thorough, and honorable! Incredibly fun guys to hang out with! They designed such a simple...
  22. ninong671

    Extended or Standard, can't decide

    Been looking around at different shock options and can't decide if I should get a mid travel since I wanna lift truck later and would end up getting UCAs for alignment issues anyway. Looking to get Kings all around to level truck (1" front, stock rear) at the moment. Will it be beneficial to run...
  23. D

    2018 TRD sport lift kit

    Don’t know much about lift kits but want to put one on my new TRD sport thinking three 3-3 1/2 inches. What’s my best option? Will also have some type of company installing it Will this affect my warranty?
  24. mmrocek

    Overloaded heavy duty OME dakars?

    So the rear of my truck has been bouncy for the last few months, basically after I put on the CBI rear bumper with tire carrier, spare tire and hi-lift. And I though it was the wimpy looking 2.0 icon shocks that just could not handle the job, but when talking to the ICON guys at SEMA they...
  25. Meek114

    Suspension suspension suspension

    Okay 3G so i know there’s suspension threads out there already, but i didn’t see much as to what i was looking for, nor do i care go to into the depths of hell of TW to look at a bunch of people talk out their asses about irrelevant stuff. Somewhere in the near future i plan on throwing a whole...
  26. SpicyTaco

    Need help picking a suspension

    I am currently looking and leaning towards getting the 6112 & 5160 setup from bilstein but also have looked a little at the Fox 2.0 and radflo 2.0. Any help is welcome. Thank you in advance
  27. ultraracing_taco

    On Road Stability - DD

    Okay the title sucks, but I could not come up with something cool. Guy's how many of you travel in the truck a commuter? as a daily work truck in city driving? and sometimes as the family hauler? Does any of your family members or people in the truck feel like it is not stiff enough and to...
  28. B

    Suspension question?

    Theoretically, if you put a 6" RC/Pro comp/etc kit and add in a 2" coil over lift as the suspension, would you be at 8" total?
  29. Joeybart

    Question about lift kits.

    I'm currently looking into buying the rough country 3inch suspension lift for my tacoma. Wondering if anyone has used this before or if it's not a good. Thank you! This is the link for the lift...
  30. Austin Littlejohn

    Bilstein 6112's/1560 w/ Dakar leaf pack

    Want to see peoples feed back on the 3rd gen version 6112's/1560 w/ OME Dakar setup. What notch do you have it set on? Hows the ride at that setting? Are you running the Bilsteins coils that come with it? Can you post a picture of it please?
  31. Drake7

    Best lift

    I’m currently in the market for the best lift I can get possible for off road and pavement. I commute about 45 minutes to an from work and then on the weekends I go off roading but nothing to rough. Maybe some trails here and there but definitely no rock climbing. I’ll be rocking method wheels...
  32. Audidood

    Any experience with this OME kit?

    Just saw this on 4WheelParts site and the price is very affordable. Wondering if anyone has any experiences with this kit? Was planning to order the 887/Dakar HD kit from Headstrong which was about the same price range...
  33. YotaCampingPDX

    Suspension Recommendations

    Hey guys, I need some help as I'm looking to upgrade my suspension next and haven't done this before. My daily driver is a 2017 Tacoma TRD Sport - DBCB long bed. I currently have a bed rack with a RTT and a fully loaded bed with equipment and camping essentials when fully loaded. I also...
  34. T

    Tacoma beast 3in lift springs

    So recently came across this on Tacoma Beast IG page and wanted to hear everyone’s opinions or known facts of this for a lift.
  35. Big G

    Suspension Suggestions

    I Have a 2.5 leveling kit and running 285/R17 ko2. I want to move away from the leveling. Wanted to do an icon lift but its out of my price range looking for other options
  36. YotaCampingPDX

    Suspension Advice/help

    I have never built a Taco before and need some serious advice when it comes to suspension. I have a 2017 TRD Sport 4x4 DCLB. I've included a pic am wondering what would be the best suspension, especially when the bed is loaded and pulling a boat. It’s my everyday driver and I plan on...
  37. Malcolm

    very low knocking sound coming from front.

    so yesterday i installed my new UCA's from total chaos. After driving today, upon acceleration i could hear a very low almost knocking sound coming from what seemed like the front driver side. has anyone experienced this with new UCA's?
  38. Malcolm

    Total Chaos UCA Install.

    It’s time to replace the upper control arms. I should have done this long ago, but I had honestly forgotten all about them. I’ll be swapping out the stock UCA’s with Total Chaos UCA’s today and am so excited about this swap. I’ll update this thread once I get started!
  39. jeffscolly

    5100’s with a 1” block?

    I’m currently running 3rd gen Bilstein 5100’s at the 1.5” setting. I’m gonna be readjusting to the front to the full 2” and didn’t want to end up with a lean. The rear is currently stock with the 5100’s as well. Any thoughts on a 1” block to level me out?
  40. jeffscolly

    Bilstein 5100’s

    For anyone who’s curious to what the 1.55” setting on 3rd gen Bilstein 5100’s looks like. I’ve been contemplating maxing it out to the full 2”
  41. Nursetaco

    Old man emu

    What’s everyone’s thoughts on old man emu’s lift kits.
  42. T

    3-4in vs 6in lifts

    What’s up 3rd Gen Taco Fam! Hope everybody’s having a blessed day! I know everyone had their own personal opinions and facts behind them but wanted to open the floor to discussion on 3-4in lifts vs 6inch lifts.
  43. CementOffRoad

    LCA bushings

    Has anybody found some poly lca bushings for the oem arms, or are the 2g ones identical? I would like to do these at the same time as my SPC UCAs.
  44. Bigstevie

    Icon stage 2 vs Fox 2.5 lift kits

    Been looking into slapping some heels on ol’ girl soon. Been looking into Icon stage 2 and Fox 2.5. I’ll be doing light off-roading mostly mud and ditches. Also wondering what the big deal with reservoirs is. I have the TRD off-road with the Bilstiens which I think are awesome. If the quality of...
  45. cbarcinas671

    Help me pick out some leafs ! Icon RXT 2 vs Dakar HD

    Hello everyone, I'm in the market for a new leaf pack. As of now I'm running the icon AAL on the stock pack; however, that setup sags too much without any weight in the bed. I plan on carrying an rtt, some recovery gear, spare tire 24/7 and I was wondering if anyone could chime in as to which...
  46. Tierra_Taco

    Lift kit or leveling kit?

    I want to add a little more height to my stock Taco but not sure if it is better to go with a leveling kit or save up for a lift kit. Would a leveling kit require new suspension? or can it keep the current suspension?
  47. Mag_taco

    Bilstein 5100 and OME 885 or 887?

    I have a 2018 OR. 3k miles. My rear is 1.5 higher than the front. Looking to level. Also thinking about getting old man emu coils. Will ome 885 with 1.75 lift or 887 2.25 lift do the job? Reason why I’m undecided is concerned if rear will lift With the bilstein 5100?
  48. Catfish

    Fitting Tundra 07+ Fox 2.5' DSC resi's on my 3rd Gen. UPDATED 7/19/18

    I wanted more of a heavy duty shock resi as a direct bolt-on so I did some research about it. I found a guy who did a similar setup with King resi's on his 2nd gen with factory leaf pack with 3 leaf Aal and with just over 26 inch long shock. His new setup was king rear shocks for 2007+ Tundras...
  49. TrailMercs

    leveled with stock tires

    anyone got pics of their leveled taco with stock tires and wheels? what did you use to level? interested in seeing the stance and look until I can afford to go big .
  50. black_tacoma

    Suspension choices

    I wanna know what routes I could go suspension-wise. I have 285/75/16s currently and I want something better than the stock suspension with a spacer lift. I get a bunch of trash talk when people ask why I run spacers and off-road. Should I go for something cheap or should I go all out? Any...
  51. taco_xpd

    Thinking of an Icon Secondary setup.

    I’m currently running a stage 9 Icon suspension and I wanted to add a secondary setup to my rig. Should go with the stage 2 with 2.5 resin CDCV or the stage 3 Omega bypass setup? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  52. 951_yota

    Old Man Emu Suspension

    Whats up T3G. This can be the OME thread for photos, questions, etc. This suspension is an Austrialian made quality suspension meant for running the outback. It has served me excellent by creating lift as well as increased performance over stock OR suspension. It is a lower level suspension...
  53. 951_yota

    6” lifts thread

    This thread is an info thread on 6” lifts. No bashing please purpose is to provide those who absolutely want this to make the most informative decision possible. Parts lists, experiences, etc all apply. So most of us run 2-3” lifts which is absolutely plenty to clear tires and do serious off...
  54. Audidood

    Revtek: hit or skip?

    Anybody have any experience with revtek suspension? Saw them at a 4wheelParts show a few months back and they were selling coilovers at really good prices. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with them?
  55. Audidood

    Suspension or tires?

    Anybody have pics of a Sport on 285s and stock suspension? I get a choice of suspension (coilovers, shocks and AAL) or tires (285/70r17), but not both due to budget constraints. What to do, what to do.... :unsure: trying to figure out what looks less dumb. I’m a mall crawler, but hope to pop my...
  56. Ghser7

    What Leaf setup w/ Kings?

    Ok so I have already ordered the front Kings Coilover for now. My tires are rubbing pretty good after the install of my TE37x. Yes, I have cut some fender liner away but don't want to cut more than I have to either. I know once the lift is in, I should be good. My main question is what AAL or...
  57. 951_yota

    Ubolt flip kit

    Who is running a ubolt flip kit? I am looking into upgrading my suspension system. Looking into ubolt flip kits and bump stops.
  58. cambo139

    King suspension

    Does anyone know what the cost of maintense vs other brand?
  59. Tacomacrazy

    Ride quality sport vs blistin 5100

    Just curious what kind of ride I’ll have if i install 5100 with stock springs and a add a leaf vs my stock sport trd suspension .
  60. Catfish


    Hey everybody, Anyone have any experience with the OME BP-51 full kit from @headstrongoffroad ? i'm in the air with what suspension kit I wanna go with and SETTLE with...
  61. BrotacoTRD

    AAL or Full Pack?

    Seen guys ditch the idea of AAL and some not really using their entire leaf pack...is it looks? Lift benefits? sag due to RTT and Bedrack? Thoughts...?
  62. BrotacoTRD

    Shop install or DIY?

    Got a set of kings shocks seating in my garage and a set of TC UCAs on the way...should I pull the trigger on installing these on a shop (post quotes) or DIY? I've done coilovers install on my own project cars along the years never done a new truck before with warranty which concerns me a...
  63. Sota166

    Suspension Help

    Ok, so I am trying to hold off on a suspension lift for as long as I can but I struggling to do so :LOL:. I hope you all can help me figure out what I need so I can at least prepare for the costs. I am a complete rookie to the Tacoma, overland, mod world so please bare with me :cautious:. I...
  64. TacoSlinger4000

    New Bilsteins

    Just got my 5100s in the mail. I went with the old part #24-239370 bc of the 1.75 setting. Anyway I noticed one of the shocks already has rust on it. Any cause for concern? I’ve been waiting a while for these so really I don’t want to send them back if the concern is only cosmetic.
  65. Soldato321

    TRD Pro Fox Kit

    I have the opportunity to buy a take off TRD Pro Fox suspension kit (front and rear). What's a good price for these? I see the seller started at $2100, now down to $1800. Looks like they are close to $3k new. Also, these are claimed to have only ~1k miles on them. Is someone gonna nudge...
  66. TacoSlinger4000

    Bilstein 5100 2.7L access cab

    Purchasing the old 5100’s with .85 second ring setting. Does anybody have experience or pictures with 5100’s in the front on a 4cyl access cab? My current center cap to fender measurements are: Front drivers: 20 3/4 Front passenger: 20 3/4 Front drivers: 22 1/2 Front passenger: 22 3/8
  67. Colorado_Taco17

    ADS Suspension

    Hey guys, I've been spending the majority of my free time researching suspension options for my truck, and have seen many threads on Fox, Icon and Kings. I stumbled upon ADS through Headstrong Offroad's website and was curious to see if anyone was currently running it or planning on running it...
  68. Rob Daman

    How to fix tire rubbing on 32s

    This is what I had to do when I stepped up to 265/75r16 and a -12 offset. If you're planning on running 33s or bigger you'll most likely need a CMC (cab mount chop) and/or pinch weld mod.
  69. Rob Daman

    Taco lean spacer install and front coilover install

    I ended up having to pull the coilover to fix my Taco lean so this video shows what to do for both. The coilovers were already assembled
  70. Rob Daman

    Headstrong 3 leaf AAL install

    It's a vlog about my lift but I really focused on the AAL since it was my first time and every video made it seem real easy but it wasn't for a noob.
  71. trd_tac4

    Bilstein Suspension Order Delays

    Hi Fam, I placed an order from rogue off road in Vegas for a set of BILSTEIN 6112/5160 Trail Kit: W/ Add-A-Leaf and was informed there is a nationwide back order from Shawn at rogue. Has anyone recently placed their order from any other source and/or recently received their orders. If so, how...
  72. Audidood

    Rebuilding suspension

    If you have suspension with external resi, but don't get much off-road time, is it really necessary to keep rebuilding your kit? What happens if you don't rebuild regularly, as suggested?
  73. Manbun525

    Hub to fender measurements

    Hey all just curious on your hub to fender measurements, lift you used and taco model. I have a DCLB put the 888 ome coils with 5100s all around and headstrong AAL in back, just don’t think I got enough lift from the coils. About 22.5” driver front, still low with 1/4 spacer. Appears I only...
  74. AZWM Taco

    5100 bilsteins to level front anyone?

    Anyone running 5100 bilstein adjustable shocks to front only? Potential next mod maybe?
  75. Ron

    What's Your Suspension?

    Post your suspension/tires/wheel info with pics! I don't have a pic yet (because my kit isn't installed yet), but I will have: Bilstein 5100 3gen all around, fronts set on 0 OME 884 Springs 1.5" AAL 1/4" Headstrong Spacer for bro lean OEM TRD Sport wheels 265/65/17 OEM Firestone craptastics I...
  76. stevendobos

    2.5” daystar kit

    I just got in the mail a 2.5” daystar kit. I’ve read mixed reviews on it. People hate on daystar because the spacers are “plastic” (actually it’s a polyurethane). I went this route obviously because it’s cheap, and I’ve had daystar spacers before on a dodge diesel and loved them. Also ordered...
  77. DJShaggyLBC

    ICON or FOX suspension???

    I'm on the fence about which to get....ok let me rephrase that. I can get a killer deal on Fox suspension if I want it but is Icon worth paying a lot more for or are they similar enough to not notice a huge difference considering the money I will save?
  78. Taco_Man

    Icon Suspension

    Just installed my stage 5 Icon Suspension. Seems to ride in a completely different ballpark. I love it! What ya got?
  79. Tyler

    Taco lean: what did you do to mitigate it?

    Just the other day I noticed I have some decent Taco lean. I have a 1/4” spacer installed on the front driver side coil for this, but evidently that isn’t enough. I’m thinking I could add a 1/2” spacer to that. Or remove it and put two 1/2” spacers. I could set the 5100’s up a notch, but then...