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maintenance / troubleshooting

  1. XxMagpulxX

    Weird humming at 60-65 mph

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone here had a weird humming when they hit 60-65 mph? This just started last weekend. Its not a wheel balance issue as I have had those before that that is more of a shaking than anything. This is a humming noise. I hoping its just because the tires are old and...
  2. midnight20pro

    CalAmp GPS tracking device plugged into obd II port?

    Hey all, any clue why I have a 4G/LTE GPS tracker from CalAmp plugged into my obd II port? Was this one of my fantastic dealer addons I had to pay for? I didn't lease or finance the vehicle so I'm pretty pissed they tagged me with a fkn gps tracker. Anyone else have one of these? Is it part of...
  3. Shitbird3rdgen

    Grinding noise coming from rear 2020 O/R 6MT

    So I bought a 2020 off road 6MT and at 1300 miles I’m starting to hear a light grinding noise coming from the back of the truck. It’s kind of subtle, you have to have all the windows up, a/c off and open the rear sliding window and you can hear it. It starts up around 25-30 mph, and stays...
  4. B

    Check out my alignment sheet please! Need advice!

    Running a 2~ lift maybe a bit more these are the numbers I got. Think I need UCA’s or I’d be alright without them? 265/75/16’s.
  5. StormRnr

    Force an upshift?

    Howdy, My 2017 Taco is my first automatic transmission vehicle. I've driven manuals for 30 years. I'm so dumb, I once skated my wife's F-150 down a sketchy hill because I didn't know I had to shift to neutral to go into 4 low. So I have a question about the Taco. Can I force an upshift? With...
  6. O

    Help! Broken wheel studs

    How hard is it to replace broken wheel studs on front wheels
  7. Choyota

    Disabling TSS and the Warning Messages/Lights with it?

    Has anyone been successfully able to disable the TSS and lights/warning messages that accompany it (either from failure, being unplugged, etc)? I've at my breaking point, I've been dealing with this for the past 1.5 years (numerous times at Toyota service shops). Please, let me know. I suspect...
  8. Hamhouke

    2016 Alternator Replacement DC Power Engineering 270A

    I am swapping the stock TRD Off-Road alternator for a 270A model from DC to drive a charger for LiFePO4 batteries in my travel trailer. At least, that was the plan. I am having a bear of a time getting the old alt out and the new alt (supposedly the correct part for this truck) didn't fit...
  9. C

    Broke a bracket & wires unplugged

    Today I took my TRD Sport out for some offroading and when I pulled off to the side I noticed these two plugs hanging from underneath. Attached are the two plugs/wires that were pulled apart (the grey and bigger black one). Does anyone know what those are for? I went to the dealer and they were...
  10. Rob Daman

    Maintenance Must Have Oil Filter Cartridge

    I cracked the plastic one on my wife's LX570 when changing the oil. This is a must have for everyone who DIY. Trust me on this. Original link: https://youtu.be/2m2HKr35rqU

    Weird Noise inside the truck

    So every time I drive to work the street that I have to go through is full of holes which I avoid as best as I can, but when I go through a hole a weird rattling noise sounds inside the truck. I figured it could be the jack moving under the seat but it is not. Maybe the seat is loose and it...
  12. Kevin_kl

    Manual Transmission Issues??

    Hello! I am new to the forum and thought I’d ask around if anyone is experiencing issues with their manual transmission? I own an O/R with just over a thousand miles on it. It seems to make a loud clanking noise when shifting in the lower gears, with the noise most prevalent when shifting into...
  13. XxMagpulxX

    Front Diff drain plug

    So, after the re-gear, I was told to change the diff fluid after 500 miles. Got the rear done quickly. Then moved onto the front. I successfully stripped out the allen head on the drain plug and its still not loose. I have soaked it in WD-40 and ordered a new plug. Any ideas on how to...
  14. T

    Bed rail cap removal/sealing

    I'm putting a bed topper on my 17 Tacoma, reading alot about bed leaks, addressing them b4 heading out into the elements. The bed rails seem to be a common leaky issue. How to remove them without damaging? Best SIMPLE sealing options? Silicon caulk, sealing tape etc? Really don't need a...
  15. 2

    Large evap leak code????

    2013 TSS Tacoma with just over 100k miles. Check engine light and trac off light came on. Code said large evap leak. Installed new gas cap, cleared code. It came right back. What to do next? Anyone else had the (large evap leak) code?????
  16. Kris255

    Help! Weird sounds on my 16 sport

    Hey Everyone I've had my taco for a few months now and it seems to make a weird bumping sound and lurches when I stop it doesn't happen all the time... it almost seems like the trans slips and catches when I stop.. Has anyone else had the same experience? is that normal? Its a 16 TRD...
  17. Hubermr

    Help! Hyperflashing

    Y’all I have an issue. I swapped my headlights with the tacomabeast sequential turn signal, changed my rear break lights to spyder leds, and added some runnin4tacos sequential turn signals on the mirrors. I’m getting some serious hyperflashing. What do I do?
  18. Tyler

    Help! Leak at diff / CV axle, clunky clacky noise as well

    I have a clunky noise when rolling at less than 8 mph, but there is no noise or vibration if I go faster. And no difference in 4wd either. I found a class II leak coming out of both sides of the diff, seemingly worse on passenger side. My quick guess is the CV axle splines are busted, causing...
  19. Battlebornoverlander

    Swaybar and UCA rub

    Hey guys , testing out the new suspension and tires. Found that I have some slight rub on the UCAs and sway bar at full lock . Question, ditch the sway bar and spacers ? Thanks guys
  20. S

    Questions when replacing cv axle

    Hey everyone I’m fairly new to off-roading and doing my own repairs on cars. I purchased a spare cv axle through cvjreman and they recommended getting the oem differential seal and cv axle nut just incase it’s not reusable. I’m a bit confused looking at Toyota’s parts website. Any help on what...
  21. NorCal3056

    Tacoma Sway Bar

    3G owners with improved suspensions. What’s the thought on removing and or disconnecting the sway bar for off road trips? Any quick disconnect kits or setups you guys are using?
  22. O

    Help install raptor grill lights

    Looking for some technical assistance.. I’m in the middle of installing my raptor lights for the TRD Pro grill. I used an add a fuse to tap into the 10 amp DRL fuse in engine bay. I instantly got power to the raptor lights (while the truck was off) which made me think it was a hot fuse. I...
  23. P

    Looking for best made steering boots

    need to replace both and want to buy the best quality out there. Long lasting and all. not that it matters, but 2003 2wd (1st gen) 5sp 2.4L base 76k miles bought new I dont like the rubber (steer rack boots and upper and lower ball joint seals) that came with the vehicle. within 6 months of...
  24. ninong671

    Bed to cab height difference 3rd gen vs 2nd gen Taco??

    I know many parts between the two generations are interchangeable but is the distance from bed to top of cab the same on both? Just curious as it may help when buying used parts like full height bed racks, Softopper, etc meant for 2nd gen. I personally never owned a 2nd gen or know anyone right...
  25. A


    My Tacoma starts upbu I don't have reverse and it dies hard when I put it in drive. Does anybody know anything about what's causing this
  26. A

    Help help

    I have a 2000 SR5 prerunner 3.4 V6 Tacoma. It starts fine but i have no reverse and when I put it in drive it dies very violently
  27. M

    Urd short throw

    I recently installed a shirt throw plate on my 2017 tacoma... now I dont have my back up camera or back up lights anyone have any idea why that's happening
  28. Fabio_369

    Fuel range

    So kinda just being a little picky here I guess but it’s been bugging me lol I don’t know if any of you guys have noticed when you’ve filled your fuel tanks that the fuel range distance to empty has decreased from when you first got it? Like for example when I first got my truck, the first two...
  29. O

    Custom Bedside Decals

    Looking into changing the bedside decals on my Blazing Blue 4x4 Sport DCLB. I looked around on Etsy and Amazon but they all look pretty corny. Has anyone here swapped theirs out?
  30. macattack27

    2 in 1 Fog LED DRLs

    Hows it goin everyone, So long story short, I've got the led fogs that have the DRL feature. Ya know, the one where there's a led ring around them. What Im wanting to do is throw a pair of Baja Squadrons there. Question I've been looking for and haven't found yet is how to go about it. I have...
  31. Romp-A-Taco

    How to Change Spark Plugs

    Hey guys, I hit 60k recently and wanted to get the spark plugs done. It was pretty expensive at the dealer, so I decided to do them my self. There were a couple youtube videos that were semi helpful, but I figured I’d document something a little better here. To start, you will need the right...
  32. Ibryant20

    Spod Controller Mounting

    Has anyone seen a mount for the Spot controller under the hood? any creative solutions out there? thanks! Ian
  33. RevN3

    Seat Cover Knowledge Dump

    3rd in my Knowledge Dump posts, hope you find it helpful. FYI: search for "Knowledge Dump" for my other posts and any future ones. Questions and additional answers that are posted in this thread may be added to the original post (with attribution)...
  34. Iva

    Snorkel Template

    Hello Guys, Got my snorkel dobinson but have no template. is it possible to get somehow one?
  35. TheMrThumper

    Re-Purpose Wireless charging power

    Hello Tacoma family! I do not use the wireless charged in my 2019 OFFROAD so I wanted to re-purpose the power from it. Based on the diagrams http://www.ttguide.net/main_switch_signal_circuit-2137.html The switch and the Charger are simultaneously getting power and the switch just sends an ON...
  36. cocodataco

    AGM batteries and charging volts

    Hey guys wanted to see what everyone was doing to get the max volts to charge their AGM batteries. I have done some searching on TW/google and it sounds like us guys with the 3rd gens don't have a way to boost our alternator voltage to charge AGMs. I will be putting a group 31 in my rig over...
  37. S

    Light bar wiring harness question

    I want this Rigid/USNV white/IR light bar, but one of my main concerns with my build is an OEM appearance. I don't like the provided switch so I'm wondering if building a new wiring harness that uses SPST switches is possible. I think two SPST switches, one for white light and one for IR...
  38. Phil S

    out of switch space

    i want to add another switch panel in the area lower left of the stearing wheel above the exsisting switch panel. want to replace the opening that looks like a phone cubby. i have a plate . how do i get that lower panel out so i can modify it with an extra switch plate
  39. B

    What is AM2 no. 2 Fuse for?

    Hello, recently picked up a 2016 TRD OR that has a parasitic draw on the battery of about 500ma and if I pull the AM2 no. 2 7.5amp fuse in the cabin fuse box, the amps drop to 0.006 or so ma. According to wiring diagram it appears to be a power source on the smart key ECU. I pulled the plug on...
  40. MJ'sTacoma

    CV axle hell

    So I had just installed my new setup in the front and I was thinking about the diff drop kit, well I learned I needed it the hard way. My pasenger side CV is making a horrible grinding noise, now i need to replace it. theres 3 options: 1) go OEM, lube it and take it up the a hole 2)cheap out...
  41. seatoskytacoma

    Interior / headliner creaking

    After a few years of driving bumpy roads the interior of my 2017 trd sport dcsb manual has developed a creaky plastic / rattling sound. It’s hard to describe but creaky plastic is the best I can think of. It sounds like it’s coming from around where the top of the front seatbelts are or in the...
  42. Kev

    Spare tire rotated in -- sensors

    I just got a matching rim for my 2019 TRD Sport, mounted the spare tire on it and purchased a sensor off eBay saying it was compatible with my make and model. Put the tire in rotation as I hit 5,000 miles, pulled the rotated 5th wheel off and put it in my garage. The spare (under the back of...
  43. datmoffbry

    Solved DID I JUST BREAK MY 2020 TACOMA?!

    I was installing some LED bulbs in my vanity mirrors with the truck on and (like an idiot) used a metal tool and like a bad game of Operation, I touched the metal on metal and instantly my vanity lights and other interior lights shut off and haven’t been on since. My truck still turns on and...
  44. W

    Stock 265 65 17

    Hello I would like to upgrade to 18-in rims without a lift just my stock Tacoma can I do that? I want to fill up the wheel well without putting a lift on it and anybody recommend rims for me and what size tires would fit? Thank you
  45. Ruben Z

    Installed Brake Controller on my 2020 TRD Off-Road

    In case anyone is wondering where the Brake Controller Plug under the dash is. https://www.overlandz.com/tacoma-3rd-gen-brake-controller-install/
  46. midnight20pro

    Does the 2020 have a cubby in the bed?

    My truck went in for vinyl this week but I just saw a video that says the 2020's do not have that additional storage cutout in the bed on the left side? Opposite side of the power outlet? Is this true? I had ordered the expedition essentials ARB in bed mount but if there's no cutout... I have to...
  47. midnight20pro

    ok, what the heck is a Oil Separator?

    Just stumbled on this: https://www.jlttruecoldair.com/jlt-3-0-oil-separator-2016-2020-toyota-tacoma-3-5l/ Says its more useful for forced induction vehicles, but I can't make sense of this: Is there really so much oil in vapor form going to the air intake side of the engine? Is this similar...
  48. T

    2018 tacoma transmission normal or abnormal

    Hi.. I am a new register member. Just wonder if this is normal to any 3rd gen tacoma that have same symptom like my 2018 double cab. Going down hill, with very steep hill 55 to 60 degree, without gas paddle pushing. When you are about 1/3 or 1/2 way of the hill from the top, truck's speed would...
  49. uk_tacoma

    Drippy Exhaust

    Hey everyone. So I've had my truck running a few times and I've noticed the exhaust drips both out of the exit and where the middle and rear sections join. Over here most of our trucks are diesel and this never happens so it's a new thing for me. Is it just because the engine isn't up to...
  50. RevN3

    P0348 – Camshaft position (CMP) sensor A, bank 2 -high input

    Anyone dealt with this one? CEL and "Traction Control Disabled" popped up at the same time. I've reset the codes and had a look in the engine bay but nothing seems amiss. I did go through a LOT of puddles last weekend out in the woods. Also had a "Maintenance required soon" message come up...
  51. sjm.thomson

    Entune 3.0 install from another Toyota Model

    Hey all, first post of T3G I just picked up a 2019 TRD Off Road, upgrading from a 2010 and so far it's everything I wanted....except Entune 2.0. I was looking into aftermarket head units and figured i'd look into the Entune 3.0 head units in other Toyota models. Came across this CH-R unit...
  52. P

    Vibration and engine sputter

    Hey everyone. Have a weird issue... my engine seems like its sputtering at all speeds and also have a vibration, seems in the driveline. I have bilstein 5100s front and rear. Front set at 1.1 and 1 inch rear block. Have 265/70r17 falken wildpeak at3w, on trd pro wheels. Was wondering if maybe I...
  53. Millhouse

    diff lock in 2 high mod

    I have looked for a while for a way to make my diff lock on my 17 off road work when I want. My 2004 TRD off road was the "gray wire mod". If anyone has done this without to much cutting up the factory wiring I would love to know about it.
  54. Buffa

    Dual Battery Systems?

    Hey Troops Very interested in seeing what anyone has done for a Dual Battery Set-Up? Pro’s, Con’s, where the Second Battery was Located Etc Etc Etc? Thanks, Buffa
  55. Toytaco_trd18

    Stock radio issues

    Anybody have issues with their stock radio. 2018 Tacoma and this damn radio pisses me off. It randomly goes into live mode all the time and the music disappears until I hit the volume button and than the radio randomly starts scanning through channels. Anybody had this happen?
  56. TacoDrewvee

    Carifex LED Headlights

    Anyone have any experience with Carifex LED Headlights? I probably ordered a set too quickly without researching first, but I am not impressed with the result at all. What brand are you guys installing into your Tacos?
  57. Tyler

    Reference 3rd Gen. Tacoma Service Manual

    Below is link to the official the service manual for the 3rd Generation Toyota Tacoma. You can find torque specs and every other thing you could ever need for maintenance on your truck in this bad boy. https://tacoma3g.com/3rdGenTacomaServiceManual.pdf Note: This file does work, but it’s a...
  58. D

    SR5 2020 Tac rear speakers

    Purchased first Tacoma 2020 I am having issues with rear speakers I can turn volume up to 30 and barely hear the rear speakers anyone have this issue It is a SR5 with V6 Thanx
  59. uk_tacoma

    Locking wheel nut key?

    Anybody know which locking wheel nut key fits the nuts on a tacoma? If you have one, does it have a number? I think I need 491 but just want to check. The wheelnuts look like a flower.
  60. CalifExplorer

    Low ATF from factory in 2016 TRD OR

    In Sept 2019 I bought an apparently well cared-for 2016 TRD OR 4x4 (long bed, if that matters) that benefited from regular maintenance under Toyotacare. One of the first things I did was go through the hoops to have local dealer update the trans per TSB 77-16. Only today, upon having the 60k...
  61. CalifExplorer

    Low ATF from factory in 2016 TRD OR

    Sept 2019 I purchased a seemingly well cared-for 2016 TRD OR 4WD (long bed, if that matters) that had regular maintenance and benefited from extended warranty. One of the first things I did was have a local dealer update the transmission (via TSB 77-16.) Despite all that attention, no one ever...
  62. H

    Leaking front bed corners

    Ok I've seen alot about the front bed corners leaking with tri fold covers and caps. Haven't seen any successful way to fix this. I don't want to gob a bunch of silicone on there and it still leak.
  63. tomwilson74

    Brake shake or vibration

    Getting shaking after my lift was installed. It had a small shake or vibration before. Only shakes when I apply the brakes. My last Tacoma did too. Is this just kind of normal with Tacoma’s?
  64. G

    2017 Tacoma 13k miles

    My wife was taking her new Tacoma home drone the dealer and low oil pressure light came on. Drove for a mile to a safe location and truck started to buck and she turned it off. Dealer did not tighten oil plug and lost all its oil. Do I run from this truck?
  65. R


    hi... i have a an 2018 sport 4x4 and went to two dealerships to try to get something done for driveline vibrations. truck is all stock everything. I'm trying to feel out a percentage of how many have this issue. from what i'v'e read there are several attempts at fixing and some work. is...
  66. uk_tacoma

    Fitting Drivers window. Any hints/tips?

    I'm gonna try and fit myself so any info would be really helpful. - like whether to insert the glass from the top or bottom... Stuff like that. Cheers.
  67. Buffa

    Westin Winch Mount

    Hey Troops Anyone using on of these Westin Winch Mounts? Buffa
  68. Tyler

    Boxing in the Tacoma frame?

    Gonna have too much constant weight on my truck soon and someone suggested I have my frame boxed in. I don't know what all this would entail, so I have some questions: Roughly, how much might this cost? Is this complicated to do correctly, therefore making it hard to find a shop to do it, or is...
  69. 3cent.Taco

    What is the Proper Way to Wire Up a Winch

    I'm working through some electrical on the truck and I'm at the winch. I've been trying to research the correct way to wire up a winch, but see a lot of different opinions. The winch I have is from Harbor Freight, which is the Badlands Apex 12,000 lbs winch. I know... I know... But it was...
  70. RevN3

    Reference Tailgate Replacement Plates Knowledge Dump

    So this seems to be turning into a series. If you've got more into to add I'd be happy to edit it into the top post. PaxRax $150 + Shipping ($20 for me) Material: 1/8" aluminum NOTE: Black powder coating included, does not replace the cap. PAKRAX 05-CURRENT TACOMA TAILGATE PANEL Mountain Hatch...
  71. Buffa

    Power Inverters?

    Hey Troops: Thinking about wiring up a Power Inverter under the hood...anyone done the same? Points, Problems, Photos and advice? Thanks Buffa
  72. JohnnyUtah253

    SpiderTraxx or Naw ?

    I am thinking about getting spider traxx for my cement taco. I bought some new wheels and the back space puts my tire next to my UCA; which spells disaster on the trail when in I turn in 4wheel. Need some advice, I hear their good but also I should sell my wheels and buy new ones with a better...
  73. Kjake

    Panel/Dome Circuit Problem

    I was installing a set of Meso’s puddle lights and after running the wires from the doors to the a-pillar I disconnected the wiring connector in the a-pillar where the y-harness connects. I then plugged the y-harness in and reconnected the battery. I immediately saw smoke from under the dash...
  74. Tyler

    Check ABS and 2wd to 4wd mode change failure messages

    It snowed yesterday, probably less than 1.5”, but it did make driving very slippery. After a few hours of driving in it, I think I busted my truck. The truck being unable to switch into 4wd is especially concerning and not something I’ve heard of until now. Could these two things even be...
  75. RevN3

    Reference Snorkel Knowledge Dump

    So I've been thinking about getting a snorkel for awhile now and I thought I'd throw up what I've learned and where new/updated info can be posted. We have surprisingly few snorkel posts. This post will be updated as I learn more...
  76. meathead_adam

    Smittybilt 2781 Air Compressor setup

    Nothing crazy here but reading around forums about what compressor you can fit inside the truck without having to break the bank. The Smittybilt 2781 compressor fits perfectly behind the rear seats. The hoses fit in the jack compartment. Smittybilt 2781 5.65 CFM Universal Air Compressor...
  77. WhiteLighting

    Pulsating vibration

    I recently installed a Supreme Suspension 2.5 front and 1 in the rear with the differential drop and I’ve had it aligned but I get a pulsating vibration it only happens between 40 and 50 mph does anybody know what this could be? I feel it in my peddles mostly and faintly in my steering wheel.
  78. Tyler

    Recall 3rd gen Tacoma fuel pump recall (Jan 2020)

    FYI, there is a fuel pump recall coming on our trucks: https://pressroom.toyota.com/toyota-is-conducting-a-safety-recall-involving-certain-toyota-and-lexus-vehicles-2/ Should be able to check your VIN here: https://www.toyota.com/recall
  79. EmpyreOffroad

    High Pitched Whine When Accelerating

    This happens every 4-5 days. It's not something that always happens. Anyone experience anything like this?
  80. J

    Abs antilock brake system ?

    Anyone has the same issue because is the second time the turn on the ABS light my Tacoma 2017 thanks
  81. Backbowl

    RetraxOne or RetraxPro Install and Drainage Hole Drilling through Bed Mat

    So I just purchased a RetraxOne and installed it partially last night. I got nervous towards the end of the install and I got to the part where I had to drill a hole through the bed for the drainage tubes because that would be permanent damage to my truck. I figured I would do some research on...
  82. Ibryant20

    Replace Stock Snorkel

    So im frustrated with my stock snorkel on my 2019 TRD Pro. I have a prinsu rack and I had to modify the mont for the snorkel to work. I can't turn the head around though if I need to. I also suspect it is restricting the airflow, I've seen pictures of the inside of the stock unit and it looked...
  83. Sbr7

    LOTS OF THINGS not working after camera install

    Blew a fuse.
  84. Teton Taco

    Dakar Leaf Pack Front Bushing Fix

    Dakar Leaf Pack Bushing Fix I started having some weird popping noises coming from the back end of the tuck every time I backed down the driveway or turned over a drainage dip in the road. I figured it was my rear leaf spring bushing as they were getting pretty old with it being a second hand...
  85. BlklmtdUSA


    Hey everyone im new to the group i have a question that maybe someone can help with im having an issue with the occupancy detection module in my tacoma after an accident is this something that can be reset or does it have to be replace
  86. jhipwundah

    Lower ball joints (grease exposed)

    What's up guys, Any of you with lift-kits noticed your lower ball joints may have grease exposed at the rubber boots? Just noticed it on mines and not sure if I should be super concerned about it? I have a 3" lift FYI.
  87. C

    front camera problems

    So I purchased the front facing camera kit from running with tacos. I went to install it today and ran into some problems. I've watched two different videos on how to install it and I think I may have screwed up somewhere. I'm hoping someone can help me. So heres my issue or issues. I've got it...
  88. Marvin Lazaro

    Lights when locking or unlocking the truck question

    Hello, When I had my 2015 Tacoma, every time I lock or unlock the truck the lights would turn on and off but now that I have a 2019 Tacoma nothing happens. Is there a setting that I can do to have the lights turn on and off? thanks
  89. JohnnyUtah253

    2015 with 2018 parts

    I was wondering , if a 2018 TRD off road stock suspension with wheels and tires, if it would fit on a 2015 Tacoma ? I am certain the wheels would but more concerned about the suspension.
  90. jmkennedy13

    2020 Tacoma trd off-road noise in side cab

    Does anyone with 2020 tacoma hear a noise when they brake. I went to Toyota and they said it was normal and it is coming from my hydraulic braking system. It is like a swooshing sound.
  91. B

    Rattle driving me crazy

    Hi all. Looking for a little help here. Did a search and didn't turn up any results, so hopefully someone has some some insight. I've developed a rattle under the right side bed of my 2018 Tacoma 4x4 TRD double cab sb. I rode in the bed and had my daughter drive around the block. Rattle is...
  92. JamesR913

    Muffled Bluetooth

    My wife keeps telling me when I talk to her on the truck Bluetooth it's very muffled and she can really only hear every other or every third word. Does anyone else have this issue
  93. Tyler

    Would you attempt to fix this scratch yourself or bring it somewhere?

    I did this with a bolt while removing my RTT from the OEM roof racks a long time ago. I was very reckless back then and I hate myself for not being more careful. Do you think it could be fixed at home or should I definitely bring it to a body shop?
  94. Rob Daman

    Engine cleaning tips

    I had a few requests to do a engine cleaning vid so here it is. I think it came out decent. View: https://youtu.be/c0Wf-KjH1aU
  95. Tyler

    "I never have a perfect alignment" Club

    I'll be member #1 and president of the club. Many hours and many methods have went into trying to get a straight alignment on my truck to no avail. I think it might come down to the fact that my adjustable height coilovers are on two very different heights to compensate for the Taco lean and as...
  96. Ednar

    2019 axle replacement

    Had a really bad pulsating - vibration in the rear of my 2019 TRD when breaking so I took it in to have it serviced. Here is a list of everything they had to do to it to fix the problem.
  97. JohnnyUtah253

    Mysterious front end noise

    My Tacoma started making this funny noise on the passenger side front wheel, I’m not a mechanic but It definitely sounds like it’s coming from the CV axel area but there’s noting loose or causing it to make that noise. It only happens here and there and certain angles my truck is at. It’s not...
  98. Blueblood

    Light Bar Theft

    Hey guys, any advise on how to try to prevent theft on light bars? just had a 30" light bar stolen and looking for ideas on what i can do to help prevent it.
  99. Berserker__taco

    Front end clunking noise

    I have 1200mi on the truck now. And its developed a clunk noise in the front passenger side. It started as a low full clunk when I would take off while making a left turn. Now it's any time the truck rides over a bump or a dip. Especially if turning left over a dip or bump. It seems to be...
  100. Ty1on

    Headlight bulbs...

    After spending a couple hundred dollars on LED bulbs for high and low beams I'm finding that my choice wasn't good LOL... Reading More posts and gaining a bit more knowledge about projector headlights and regretting my decision. what is a good setup for the stock light housing? And has anybody...