maintenance / troubleshooting

  1. Stealthspawn

    Ktjo Grab Handle... Dreadful

    Little introduction... Nice to meet ya all names Steven, I got a 21' TRD Offroad,, Extended bed, Upgraded interior, Voodoo Blue Tacoma & it has been my dream truck for years & finally bought one last year. On to my painful question lol, I bought this driverside grab handle a month ago & having...
  2. Bessi3-taco

    Headlights DRL issue

    I have the spyder sequential headlights and when the truck is running the DRL D-side don't turn on. Anyone experience this? See below. The first is when running without switching to DRL. Second is when I do switch to DRL. DRL switch is good. Inspected wiring and didn't see any visible damage.
  3. TacomaMTB

    HELP ! Rear differential 3rd time problem after re-gear

    I re-gear my 2016 Tacoma 4 door long bed to 4:88 , after 10k miles the pinion seal got bad and got replaced and add an ARB Locker, after 5K miles a ring gear bolts came lose and a bolt made a hole in the 3rd member while I was driving in the freeway, then the 3rd member was completely replaced...
  4. L

    Maintenance require stays on..?

    My son truck..(he went on a plane trip) …2016 TRD , 102,000 miles…. His center digital..kept showing the words ..maintenance require..I push the arrow buttons ..had to couple of time..before it got removed.. This time I went to pick him up…again it show ..maintenance require, bUT it never...
  5. bonifacio

    Recall - 20TA02 - Vehicle May Stall During Driving at Higher Speed

    Anyone experience this? Is this was puts the truck in limp mode? I got the issue once and couldn't go over 10-15mph. Turned it off and back on which cleared it. Gave an out of the ordinary message. Check it on the Toyota Owner's Site.
  6. L

    Wiper blades?

    Finally had to replaced wind shield wipers… Costco’s Goodyear blades..$6.99 each..22” & 20”… Turn out very easy to replaced.. But I saw a couple of YouTube’s videos..showing ‘How to replace just the blades”. ..cost approx $20.00 from Toyota dealers…looks like a very easy thing to do…those...
  7. Mehmetimx

    squeaky door panel

    hey all, I love my 2021 OR, and overall im really impressed with this truck, but since the day I brought it home 6 months ago the drivers side door panel squeaks and its driving me nuts ! at low speeds, going over bumps or making a sharp right turn it squeaks. id describe it as plastic...
  8. Jaino

    CV axle won’t go in

    Had my truck regeared with an ARB locker and have been working on installing my CV’s literally all day. My problem is that they won’t go in regardless of what method I’ve tried. I’ve even taken off the C clip just to see if it was the C clip but nope even with the C clip out the axle still...
  9. n2wind2000

    Dealer recommended Throttle Body cleaning at 22k?

    Just took my 19 SR5 3.5 in for an oil change and tire rotation. Several days later I get an email recommending "THROTTLE BODY SERVICE : PERFORM THROTTLE BODY & MASS AIRFLOW SENSOR CLEANING". Is that normal for 22k miles? Price was $189. Thoughts?
  10. mgmyota

    Help! Pinion seal going bad

    Long story short, sounds like my pinion seal is going bad again for some reason. The truck is regeared and has been for over 20k miles. Had the rear diff rebuilt about 4-5k miles ago because a bearing gave out. Now it sounds like my pinion seal is going out. I’m assuming this because I can hear...
  11. ToyBliss

    Repurpose some unused "switch holes" in my dash/console

    I want to repurpose some unused "switch holes" in my dash/console and wonder if anyone else has had success doing so. I want to try to use the factory switches to keep a tidy look and likely they will simply snap into place. We have a 2021 TRD OffRoad DCSB V6 6MT and there are places for three...
  12. C

    Melting Grill and Mirrors after Carwash

    Hi! I am new and excited to be here! I bought this 2016 TRD Tacoma the end of last year. It had one previous owner who took immaculate care of it. I spent quite a bit on it and wanted to really take care of it. I live in N Indiana and it’s been quite snowy with lots of salt pouring out all...
  13. C

    Lighting Help

    Does anyone happen to know what colors the wiring are for on a 16 Sr5 Crew Cab in the info below? Left Rear Turn Right Rear Turn Reverse Lights Brake Left & Right
  14. Berserker__taco

    Warped fender liners

    I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue. I've been hearing a tire rub the past couple weeks. Every time I would turn left I'd hear the rub. Especially turning left uphill when the suspension loads the passenger rear leaf pack. I went and checked it out and the damn plastic liner his...
  15. Reddirtnaps

    Altitude causing diff leak?

    Front diff regeared to 4.88 and fluid changed to 85-140 swapped and filled in Oklahoma but visiting family in Denver which has been decently cold, diff is leaking pretty decently from the vent, anyone else have this happen?
  16. M3rcury17

    Door speakers

    So, does anyone know if I can just slap in some 450w pioneer speakers in place of the factory door speakers without an amp? The box says they fit the door on the tacoma but it doesn't really specify if I need to add external power or not, not that I can see at least. They're the Pioneer TS900M...
  17. M

    Help! 2016 tacoma ltd dbl cab paint failure

    I have a 2016 tacoma limited dbl cab. The two rear doors around the window frames are looing paint, showing gray primer. I only have 38000 miles on it. Anybody else having this issue ?
  18. Tyler

    OEM Part # OEM wiper blades?

    I'm trying to find the part number/price for OEM wiper blades online. I want to see what they would cost online before I go to the dealer to get them (I don't like the way aftermarket wipers look). For some reason I can't find the part number.
  19. N

    Stuck--Attempted to add some air horns...

    HELP please. I have a Taco 3rd Gen TRD Offroad. I had some old but working air horns in my garage. I disconnected 1 of the 2 stock and added a compressor with 2 horns. No giant compressor just the regular old type. Worked great till the 4th time I used them and held down for 5 seconds. I...
  20. SilverBullet3g

    Sirius XM

    So I recently got a free 6 month subscription to Sirius XM from buying concert tickets. My truck is a 2017 and is compatible with Sirius XM. Once they activated it the other day they sent a signal to my trucks radio but it never would pop up. I asked my local Toyota dealer about it and...