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maintenance / troubleshooting

  1. Stealthspawn

    Ktjo Grab Handle... Dreadful

    Little introduction... Nice to meet ya all names Steven, I got a 21' TRD Offroad,, Extended bed, Upgraded interior, Voodoo Blue Tacoma & it has been my dream truck for years & finally bought one last year. On to my painful question lol, I bought this driverside grab handle a month ago & having...
  2. Bessi3-taco

    Headlights DRL issue

    I have the spyder sequential headlights and when the truck is running the DRL D-side don't turn on. Anyone experience this? See below. The first is when running without switching to DRL. Second is when I do switch to DRL. DRL switch is good. Inspected wiring and didn't see any visible damage.
  3. TacomaMTB

    HELP ! Rear differential 3rd time problem after re-gear

    I re-gear my 2016 Tacoma 4 door long bed to 4:88 , after 10k miles the pinion seal got bad and got replaced and add an ARB Locker, after 5K miles a ring gear bolts came lose and a bolt made a hole in the 3rd member while I was driving in the freeway, then the 3rd member was completely replaced...
  4. L

    Maintenance require stays on..?

    My son truck..(he went on a plane trip) …2016 TRD , 102,000 miles…. His center digital..kept showing the words ..maintenance require..I push the arrow buttons ..had to couple of time..before it got removed.. This time I went to pick him up…again it show ..maintenance require, bUT it never...
  5. bonifacio

    Recall - 20TA02 - Vehicle May Stall During Driving at Higher Speed

    Anyone experience this? Is this was puts the truck in limp mode? I got the issue once and couldn't go over 10-15mph. Turned it off and back on which cleared it. Gave an out of the ordinary message. Check it on the Toyota Owner's Site.
  6. L

    Wiper blades?

    Finally had to replaced wind shield wipers… Costco’s Goodyear blades..$6.99 each..22” & 20”… Turn out very easy to replaced.. But I saw a couple of YouTube’s videos..showing ‘How to replace just the blades”. ..cost approx $20.00 from Toyota dealers…looks like a very easy thing to do…those...
  7. Mehmetimx

    squeaky door panel

    hey all, I love my 2021 OR, and overall im really impressed with this truck, but since the day I brought it home 6 months ago the drivers side door panel squeaks and its driving me nuts ! at low speeds, going over bumps or making a sharp right turn it squeaks. id describe it as plastic...
  8. Jaino

    CV axle won’t go in

    Had my truck regeared with an ARB locker and have been working on installing my CV’s literally all day. My problem is that they won’t go in regardless of what method I’ve tried. I’ve even taken off the C clip just to see if it was the C clip but nope even with the C clip out the axle still...
  9. n2wind2000

    Dealer recommended Throttle Body cleaning at 22k?

    Just took my 19 SR5 3.5 in for an oil change and tire rotation. Several days later I get an email recommending "THROTTLE BODY SERVICE : PERFORM THROTTLE BODY & MASS AIRFLOW SENSOR CLEANING". Is that normal for 22k miles? Price was $189. Thoughts?
  10. mgmyota

    Help! Pinion seal going bad

    Long story short, sounds like my pinion seal is going bad again for some reason. The truck is regeared and has been for over 20k miles. Had the rear diff rebuilt about 4-5k miles ago because a bearing gave out. Now it sounds like my pinion seal is going out. I’m assuming this because I can hear...
  11. ToyBliss

    Repurpose some unused "switch holes" in my dash/console

    I want to repurpose some unused "switch holes" in my dash/console and wonder if anyone else has had success doing so. I want to try to use the factory switches to keep a tidy look and likely they will simply snap into place. We have a 2021 TRD OffRoad DCSB V6 6MT and there are places for three...
  12. C

    Melting Grill and Mirrors after Carwash

    Hi! I am new and excited to be here! I bought this 2016 TRD Tacoma the end of last year. It had one previous owner who took immaculate care of it. I spent quite a bit on it and wanted to really take care of it. I live in N Indiana and it’s been quite snowy with lots of salt pouring out all...
  13. C

    Lighting Help

    Does anyone happen to know what colors the wiring are for on a 16 Sr5 Crew Cab in the info below? Left Rear Turn Right Rear Turn Reverse Lights Brake Left & Right
  14. Berserker__taco

    Warped fender liners

    I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue. I've been hearing a tire rub the past couple weeks. Every time I would turn left I'd hear the rub. Especially turning left uphill when the suspension loads the passenger rear leaf pack. I went and checked it out and the damn plastic liner his...
  15. Reddirtnaps

    Altitude causing diff leak?

    Front diff regeared to 4.88 and fluid changed to 85-140 swapped and filled in Oklahoma but visiting family in Denver which has been decently cold, diff is leaking pretty decently from the vent, anyone else have this happen?
  16. M3rcury17

    Door speakers

    So, does anyone know if I can just slap in some 450w pioneer speakers in place of the factory door speakers without an amp? The box says they fit the door on the tacoma but it doesn't really specify if I need to add external power or not, not that I can see at least. They're the Pioneer TS900M...
  17. M

    Help! 2016 tacoma ltd dbl cab paint failure

    I have a 2016 tacoma limited dbl cab. The two rear doors around the window frames are looing paint, showing gray primer. I only have 38000 miles on it. Anybody else having this issue ?
  18. Tyler

    OEM Part # OEM wiper blades?

    I'm trying to find the part number/price for OEM wiper blades online. I want to see what they would cost online before I go to the dealer to get them (I don't like the way aftermarket wipers look). For some reason I can't find the part number.
  19. N

    Stuck--Attempted to add some air horns...

    HELP please. I have a Taco 3rd Gen TRD Offroad. I had some old but working air horns in my garage. I disconnected 1 of the 2 stock and added a compressor with 2 horns. No giant compressor just the regular old type. Worked great till the 4th time I used them and held down for 5 seconds. I...
  20. SilverBullet3g

    Sirius XM

    So I recently got a free 6 month subscription to Sirius XM from buying concert tickets. My truck is a 2017 and is compatible with Sirius XM. Once they activated it the other day they sent a signal to my trucks radio but it never would pop up. I asked my local Toyota dealer about it and...
  21. Shack

    Cold air intake

    Is a cold air intake worth the money on a 3g with a Borla exhaust ?
  22. Asmara

    Solved Seat Heater (heated seats) installation using factory fuse and relay

    There are several threads on installing seat heaters aka heated seats but the ones I have seen, have you tap into the fuse box. I like to keep my installs looking stock so I decided to pull the wiring diagram and trace the seat heater wiring to see what I could find. It turned out that in my...
  23. Asmara

    Wire Junctions - Driver's Side Kick Panel Identified

    I'm working on a seat heater install (will post how I wire it later) and needed to ID the location of connector IE2. Between the similar nomenclature and the cold outside, I decided to photograph the connectors and identify them inside. Since I didn't see it anywhere else on the internet, I...
  24. W

    Extended Brake Lines

    I'm actually surprised I can't find the answer to this on any Tacoma forums, hopefully people have an idea here? I'm lifting my 2022 Tacoma Sport (when it arrives from mexico) with ADS extended travel setup, Tyler from ADS suggested I install the extended brake lines prior to the lift kit...
  25. G

    Maintenance Additional torque and lubrication checks if using Tacoma for towing?

    I'm confused about something that I'd like some straight talk about. I own a 2021 Tacoma Off Road edition. It only has 7790 miles on with me having it for a year. I bought it to haul a 4,000 pound trailer camper with and to do a little very light off road recreation with. I bought it for what I...
  26. L

    Self adjustable rear drum brakes..

    I just learn every time you pull up the hand brakes…it is able to self adjust the rear drum brakes on the Tacomas ..(mines is a 2019).. I was getting terrible gas mileages after the try to fix the rear brakes locking up…I got about a average of 15 + mpg…32 inch tire 2.5 lift..before.. After...
  27. Tyler

    Help! Recommendations for slow air leak sealant? Firestone airbags

    I want to put something in my Firestone airbags to see if it might help with the slow leak they have. I’ve never used these types of things. Has anyone used anything you can spray in tires/air lines/etc?
  28. Jive

    Limp Mode: Code P2103. Please Help me

    Just picked up my first tacoma last Monday and I'm been having a lot of fun fixing it up. Here's my current problem: I'm getting two engine codes - P2111 (Throttle actuator control system stuck open) and P2103 (Throttle actuator control motor circuit high). The big one I need you to help me on...
  29. StormRnr

    Lower Ball Joint?

    Howdy. I have some play in one lower ball joint. Is that replaceable? I can only find the part for The whole LCA. If I have to buy the whole thing I'd rather get something cooler looking, I mean stronger and more impact resistant. -M
  30. SilverBullet3g

    Truck pulling to the right real bad

    So I’ve done a post about this previous but I thought I’d go back into it now that I have an alignment sheet. I finally went to an alignment shop the other day that actually gives out alignment sheets and the guy tells me that the truck is perfectly in line. He checks the frame and all the...
  31. SilverBullet3g

    Clutch slipping / Regear needed?

    So it seems for a while my truck has had trouble shifting gears at random times where it’ll basically studder for like 5 seconds and keep re-accelerating until it finally goes into gear. Today it did it pretty bad, worse than ever before, for like 10 seconds. To the point where I was worried...
  32. G

    Help! Transmission issues

    Backstory: Had my RMS replaced in my 2017 4x2 Access Cab TRD Sport about 5k mi ago (warranty replacement after a leak was found). Shortly after I started noticing the truck really struggles at the 1-2 shift right around 1100 RPM. This just happens to be around 20mph and the perfect stop and go...
  33. bonifacio

    Smart Key Fob - Lock - No Response

    Has anyone ever tried to lock their truck and didn't get any response? Usually it's the lights blink, beep and lock. Sometimes nothing happens. Other times I have to hit unlock then lock. I believe there are 2 antennas. One behind the glove compartment and one in the rear of the center...
  34. H

    P21D0 Cylinder 2 Injector "B" Circuit/Open

    I have a continuous misfire at idle on my 2018 3.5 litre V-6. When it transitions from idle to load and the direct injectors take for the port injectors the miss goes away but if I try to pass a vehicle it begins to bog down and starts missing badly. I know the obvious is "did the rodents get to...
  35. Cochise

    Unlock beep

    New to forum. I recently purchased a 2017 Taco TRD off-road. The dang beep when locking and unlocking with key fob is annoying as hell. Is there a way to disable it (Without) factory radio? I have an aftermarket Pioneer head unit
  36. New Holland Overland

    Maintenance Fuel Pump ECM Failure

    Recently this week my fuel pump ECM failed (98K miles). Anyone else ever had this issue with their fuel ecm going out? Luckily the part was covered under powertrain warranty, but dealer cant explain the failure. My thoughts are mud/water intrusion which caused a connector to corrode and fail...
  37. L

    Deadly crash…Possible master brake cylinder?

    This past weekend a Tacoma P/U truck with 5 people in cab and three people in the bed…were coming down Mauna Kea mountain after playing in the snow…elevation 13,803 feet…(Big Island of Hawaii). Was raining on the way down…dirt road…they say speed & brake failure? Or brakes fail and truck was...
  38. L

    Maintenance The high beams headlights do not work under 21 mph?

    I live on a coffee farm…no lights (off the grid). Mostly dirt and gravel road…. It was very dark..I went to turn on the high beam after turning on the headlights ..( wanted more lights )..it did not work..if you flip the level towards you ..it does light up the high beams…speed about 5-10 mph...
  39. nv_blazin_trd

    4x4 Flashing but not engaging T/S

    I'm making this post to help anyone that has this problem. Very little info out there so I am sharing what I found and fixed. *** I would start with the A.D.D module before the T-case shift motor. Less chance of messing up the timing and it is much easier. *** So last night I put my truck...
  40. Avgtaco

    Not starting when engines hot

    I have a 2017 Tacoma trd sport and it just now started to have an issue that when the engine is hot it won’t fire back up if turned off it’ll crank fine as if nothing is truly wrong with battery and spark plugs I have to jump it to get it going again it is throwing 3-4 codes; being idle air...
  41. T

    2GR-FKS engine removal procedure?

    Hey everyone, I need to swap out the original 2grfks (3.5L) from my 2016 after apparent failure in the number 5 cylinder. I'm going to purchase a remanufactured long block and wanted to start the process of pulling the current motor. Does anyone have access to any info/have experience swapping...
  42. S

    Windows and ac don’t function

    So I have a pretty modded 3rd gen (2020) and most of my sensors don’t function because of it (LDA, pre collision system) but someone pressed the LDA button in my truck the other day and now four things are happening and no one can help me so far. 1. Windows will not operate 2. AC dashboard...
  43. Stuarthewild

    Maintenance Thermostat replacement

    I currently need to replace my engine thermostat, can anyone point me to a good video or step by step list for instructions? I'm trying to avoid giving the dealership nearly $600 for them to do it
  44. TacomaMTB

    recommended differential oil with nittro gears 4:88 and air locker

    Is there any recommended differential oil with 4:88 gears and air lockers?
  45. RevN3

    Help! Where can I find these canopy clamps?

    So, I have the whimpy J hook canopy clamps that I've turned to hamburger and I wanted to upgrade to six of these: And then since I installed the header rail, 2 of these: But my canopy shop can't sell me anything apparently. I tried looking on Amazon but the reviews there are sounding like...
  46. thedirtTaco

    Engine replacement, looking for help hydro vs vacuum booster engines?

    Hey all I am replacing the engine in my 2018 Tacoma, long story short, last owner ran it out of oil now it’s toast. While searching to buy a new engine I have seen two different types . Those for “Hydro booster” and those for “Vacuum booster” . The only difference I’ve found is that one works...

    Ruido culata derecha y pistoneo

    Que tal, tengo una tacoma 2019 y tengo 2 situaciones molestas. La primera es que cuando le pido fuerza al motor se logro escuchar un pistoneo o cascabeleo, a veces fuerte, a veces debil. EL segundo es un sonido en la culata derecha, me dice toyota que es un ruido normal de la bomba de gasolina...
  48. A

    PCS Camera

    Recently quoted $2100 as my PCS camera no longer works on my 2018 OR. Truck operates flawlessly but warning lights flash/remain on. I was told they would remain on even if system was permanently disabled. Advisor indicated he has never seen this problem with camera. Grill sensor is operating as...
  49. taco_surfarri

    Quad-Pro LED Projector Headlights - no main lights

    Bought these to swap out another after-market set I had, but the main lights aren't turning on. The blinkers, DTRL, and high beam all work so I assume it's either a wire switch or a fuse (if the normal lights are even on another fuse). I saw a reviewer say that they fixed a similar issue, and...
  50. mgmyota

    Maintenance Transfer case fluid?

    Need to change my transfer case oil. The genuine Toyota stuff is wicked expensive. I've heard of people using ravenol 75w fluid. Are there any other options? what is everyone running on their rig?
  51. S

    Maintenance When installing a lift on a 3rd gen

    At what hight is it needed to do the needle bearing delete for the ECGS?
  52. GizmoGorilla

    First Time Tacoma Owner

    (I may have accidentally cross posted, sorry if I did) I know very little about Tacomas but I ended up buying a 2018 6 speed standard Sport, with a lift very recently. As it turns out the lift is causing vibration on the needle bearing and has me concerned, I want to get it fixed as soon as I...
  53. RevN3

    Maintenance Brakes Brakes Brakes

    So, I'm pushing about 37k and I'm thinking the brakes are getting a bit squishy and it might be time to replace the pads and rotors. I remember the first year of owning my Taco the brakes had a really aggressive bite and that's faded. Now I feel like I have to really get on the brakes to stop in...
  54. mgmyota

    Help! Drivetrain whine

    So my truck has been regeared to 5.29's for almost 10k miles now. Ever since I had the work done my drivetrain had a bit of a whine more so when I'm at highway speeds. Didn't really think to much of it because I've never had a regeared truck before and figured it was normal. Decided to look into...
  55. S

    Maintenance Help! weird noise after level kit installed! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

    I had dealership install a 3/1 pro comp nitro spacer lift and I am hearing a weird noise from front/rear going over speed bumps. I think the sway bar might be hitting coil the clearance I have it’s not even enough space to fit a finger. Should I get a sway bar relocate kit? Here’s a video of the...
  56. I

    Are there any extra fuel tanks available for the Tacoma 2021?

    Looking for an after market fuel tank for more range. Thanks Mike
  57. yota_trooper@2019

    Reference New 4wheel parts bumpers front and rear!

    Ok so here goes nothing, I made a decision to buy the new 4 wheel parts bumpers. I did so in stages mainly because I wanted to see the quality of the parts before buying the full bumpers. Once I held the front bumper wings I knew these parts were good quality. After working through the issues I...
  58. H

    Power steering fluid

    My 2018 SR5 Is low on PS fluid. Manual say to use DEXIII but the fluid in the reservoir is clear. DEXIII is red if I recall. I bought it used so dont know what is in there. Is regular PS fluid ok?
  59. F

    CV Axle

    Hi, New to the group, I have a 2017 Tacoma SR DC, Bought it brand new 4 years ago, I do a lot of moderate trails. The truck has 70k miles on it, I hear a clicking sound at a very low speed going forward and reverse, I believe its the CV Axle. Looking at the boot on the driver side it appears...
  60. bonifacio

    Reference Bilstein 6112 Assembly

    If you're thinking about assembling 6112's: I've found they don't fit the standard spring compressors. Many have reported the spring is too thick. Also the type you fit in the vice didn't work for me. When compressing it, it didn't not give enough room to put the top rubber spacer/grommet...
  61. Hockeyguy

    Hard shifts

    Hello everyone I am new here Hope everyone is well. I joined this forum to get help on some concerns I have with my 2017 tacoma trd off road. I was wondering if anyone had experience with the truck hard shifting into first gear when stopping suddenly. It only happens when braking hard. I have...
  62. Taco Loco

    Roof Rack Lighting Question

    I've decided to mount six lights on my UpTop roof rack. Instead of installing three wiring harnesses, I'm going to make my own. My question is - has anyone successfully used the roof rack mounting bolts as a common ground location? If this works, it would make it much easier than having to run...
  63. bonifacio

    Help! Leaf Spring Center Pin Size?

    Does anyone know the leaf spring center pin size? I want to throw my overload lead back in. I'm assuming I'll need new ones since they were cut. Is it 3/8"?
  64. bonifacio

    Mystery Part - Where does this go?

    They're a solid rubber. I'm pretty sure they go on the interior trim panels somewhere. The sides, the doors, the rear. They showed up after I completed sound deadening the entire cap. They either belong on the trim panels or they are shipping blocks to protect damage during shipping on something...
  65. SilverBullet3g

    Power Steering Rack

    So I had to replace my power steering rack last summer and actually ended up getting one from a salvage yard off a totaled 4Runner. My guess is that the big tires and lift put so much strain on the rack that it made it go out. — So my question is, has anyone bought an aftermarket rack to help...
  66. 4LoJoe

    Maintenance Brake pedal occasionally depresses to the floor

    Sup you scallywags! So, right after installing my kings up front song with spindle gussets and cam tabs. I’ve come to notice my brake pedal is occasionally mushy when driving. I’ll press the pedal down and it feels like there’s not enough brake fluid in the calipers. I let off the pedal and...
  67. NVTaco

    Help! Recent Entune 'Download Error'

    Every two weeks I take a 3 hour drive over the Sierras and every-time I drive through Pollock Pines, CA (both to and from) I get the Entune "Download Error" message. I always hit OK and never worry about it or see it again. Two weeks ago, with my normal route closed due to a wildfire, I took the...
  68. black_taco

    Recall 3rd brake light

    Has anyone one across this or had the fix done?
  69. bonifacio

    Toyota Service History Screenshots

    You can find all of your service records on Toyota's Owners Website. I think this could be a valuable resource to share issues with fixes done by the dealership. Could be a good way to share some of the problematic issues that don't resolved. Possibly help solve others and have proof it was...
  70. Asmara

    Tailgate Plate Bolts - Flush or not?

    I removed my tailgate plate and installed a power tailgate lock. When I put everything together, I noticed that the bolts in the picture had a smooth part on the shaft and that this part was wider than the hole in the plastic on the tailgate plate. This causes the bolts to be raised off the...
  71. Stuarthewild

    Maintenance Running cold downhill

    On my 2018 sr5 during a road trip, I noticed while going down steep grades that my thermostat needle would noticeably drop toward the cooler side of the gage. It was more noticeable when I would use the trucks gears to help hold the truck at the speed limit. Is this normal, or something I...
  72. O

    my retaining clip has fallen down from the collapsible steering shaft.

    my retaining clip has fallen down from the collapsible steering shaft. toyota is saying cause im lifted its not under warranty and I have to get a new column, do you know if that clip can be pushed back in or anything cause toyota is saying it cant and ive tried.. how do i prevent it from...
  73. R

    Tuning tacoma

    we are looking for someone in the the southern oregon medford area that ov tunes, flashes the 3rd gen tacoma
  74. KAS

    Maintenance Recurring problem with low tire pressure followed by ABS and Traction Control warning lights

    Hello. Newbie to the group here. 2016 Tacoma Off Road. I'm having a recurring problem with the low tire pressure, ABS and Traction Control warning lights going off. I have had the TPMS sensors in the tires checked out - I've been told they all read fine, I've reset the TPMS system on the...
  75. H3llRid3r

    Power Steering Making a Winding Sound

    My power steering is starting to make a howling sound when turning. I assume the pump is going bad? I’m sitting around 40k miles, which seems a little early, but I’m modified with larger tires, so clearly that doesn’t help. If it ends being the pump or some other related issue, is there an...
  76. aes5455

    Headlight film chipping away

    Just gave my '17 truck a wash and noticed that a film is chipping off of both headlights. I'm assuming this is a protective layer to prevent sun damage and clouding. Anyone else having this issue and have suggestions on a way to fix it?
  77. DWhite750

    Need Recommendation for New rotors and brake pads

    60K miles and the truck is shaking while breaking. I wanted to upgraded to drilled and slotted rotors. Does anyone have experience with this and recommend a brand? Tacomabeast has some on the website but are sold out.
  78. 17magyota

    Maintenance DRL went dim on driver side

    Has anyone ever had a DRL go dim on one side and if so how did ya fix it? I’m not really trying to buy new headlights if it’s going to do the same thing. Hopefully someone can help me out.
  79. B

    2021 tacoma TRD off road

    Iam waiting to get me tacoma in about 5 weeks maybe.Those of you that have a tacoma trd off road where ore the zerk fittings on the rear drive line? Are there any zerk fittings on the front drive line? Thanks to all that reply.
  80. TexMcGee

    Bolt replacement part

    On a recent attempt to replace the spark plugs, one of the bolts holding on the piece of foam that covers one of the coils was stripped. I could not get it off. I plan on getting a bolt extractor to remove it, but I would like to replace it with a new bolt. Does anyone know where I can find a...
  81. Berserker__taco

    Maintenance Poor fuel milage after fuel pump recall work

    Has anyone who had the fuel pump recall get worse fuel mileage after the new one was installed? I had mine done today while it was in for an oil change. Fuel mileage went way down and truck seems to labor now. Acceleration is low and the truck kind of feels like it's being held back.
  82. Guami54

    Help! Installing Bay Area Hammer Hangers

    So much like the title states, I'm trying to install the Bay Area Hammer Hangers on my 2016 Tacoma right now. Unfortunately it seems that the EMO95R Leaf springs I bought won't fit these properly with the shackles I bought with them. Has anybody installed these hangers with this leaf pack...
  83. bonifacio

    Maintenance 4WD Maintenance

    I'm new to truck ownership. Seen this come up. Not sure if everyone is familiar with it or practices it. I'm guilty of not staying on top of this and rarely do it. Do you do it? Ill effects if you don't? I see the reasoning and see how it helps. But some people just forget. You should drive...
  84. UnpavedPreferred

    Rotational noise, front end, after lift.

    Hopefully a good enough title for someone to find this post in the future if they are having the same issue and I get it successfully resolved. Initially after lifting my truck, all was well. Lately I've noticed a slight vibration in the floorboard and what sounds like a slight groan/grind...
  85. Gusss_15

    Help! Rear ended and estimated price:/

    Hey all! Last Friday night I got rear ended by my dumb brother who was following me and was on his phone. A stoplight turned red so I stopped and unfortunately he didn’t. His car ended up total but mine ended up pretty bad as well. I haven’t even had my taco for a year yet but I mean shit...
  86. D

    Warranty Need some opinions if i should keep my extended warranty or get money back, please help!!!

    Hello Friends I just bought my 2021 TRD Offroad> I am new to this and have 3 Questions that I am concerned about: 1) I wanted to ask if its best to go with 87 or 91 octane when filling gas. I fill up at Costco. 2) I live in the area where catalytic-converters are stolen. I wanted to ask and...
  87. mgmyota

    Help! Screeching sound when turning

    I started having this weird screeching sound almost like nails on a chalkboard when I turn left only. We got some much colder weather that blew in the last few days and that’s when it started. Only happens when I just start driving and when I make that first left turn. If the truck sits for a...
  88. New Holland Overland

    Snapped/Broken Skid Plate nuts inside crossmembers

    Anyone break their skid plate nuts inside the crossmembers? Ive got like 3 or 4 broken now (no idea why)... Probably going to cut open the crossmembers and re-weld some new grade8 nuts on the inside. But anyhoo, have any of you broken your skid plate nuts on the inside of your crossmembers????
  89. SilverBullet3g

    Maintenance ECT Power Button

    So I usually will run the ECT power button while driving highways so that my truck is not as sluggish. It gives it a better throttle response but slightly less mpg. Keep in mind that I have a 6” with 35s. Now I have a maintenance light on and I had it read and it says that it is something...
  90. J

    2021 tacoma SR5

    new 2021 tacoma has a shake while driving and worse during braking. Took it to the dealer they cut the front rotors and did a road force balance on all 4 tires. No change. Took it to a second dealer, they said all tires are out of balance (what) . So they did road force balance again and...
  91. mgmyota

    Help! Hypertech issues

    So I recently installed the hypertech speedometer recalibrator. I downloaded the software and made sure everything was up to date like the instructions said. I put my tire and gear info but I haven’t seen any correction in the speedometer. In fact I think it made it even more off lol. I...
  92. New Holland Overland

    Harsher ride after Body Mount Relocation!?

    I recently installed the all-pro body mount relocation kit...and I knew after the install that the overall ride you would be feeling more of the road and suspension due to stiffer poly bushings rather than the silly weak oem ones. But dang! I feel like...everything in the road. Anyone else do...
  93. Tyler

    Help! Adjusting coilovers when the holes are stripped?

    This thing doesn’t turn. The holes are useless. Even if you figure out a way to not let the spanner strip the holes, you can’t turn it. Is there anything I can do?
  94. UnpavedPreferred

    Leaking Fox 2.5 Tundra Shock

    I got my Fox 4A mid travel lift installed from Accutune. Just over a week later I'm sitting with a leaking Tundra shock (FOX-883-26-006) that they sell with the 4A kit. Cleaning and checking fittings but it's leaking from here: I've floated an email to Accutune but I'm nearly certain the...
  95. NVTaco

    Gen 3 Factory Repair Manual?

    Anyone been able to get their dirty paws on a PDF of the Gen 3 factory repair manual? Is Toyota still producing a FRM?
  96. Tyler

    AGM main battery to lithium accessory batteries?

    I have a Group 31 AGM battery powering my truck. I have a regular 12v battery as the accessory battery in my camper. It is wired to my alternator as well. But I have 2 lithium batteries that I want to replace the 12v accessory battery with. Can I just connect them and go? Or is this going to...
  97. Butch

    Solved Baby’s got back(up camera)

    I just removed my tailgate and replaced it with a Wilco TireGate. The only problem so far is I no longer have a back up camera, I know real men don’t need them, but I miss it. So any way I found a nice little place to relocate the camera. After drilling a center hole and tracing out the...
  98. F

    Maintenance PCS calibration

    My 2019 has a lifted suspension and bigger tires than stock, and the ZROADZ grill that is PCS (Pre Collison Sensor) compatable. My PCS doesn't work now. The toyota dealership/service center tells me that there is no way they can calibrate my PCS unless everything is stock...even the grill. Can...
  99. W

    Is the Toyota warranty worthless?

    I am having an issue with the brakes on my '20 DCSB OR. They squeak all the time, it's embarrassing to drive, my wife won't let me drive it around her family or friends because it sounds like the brakes are failing. The Toyota dealership in Bend OR has refused to do anything, they have refused...
  100. E

    Help! Rodent problems with my tacoma

    My 2016 Toyota Tacoma smells like a dead animal when I turn on my heater has anyone else had this problem. It seems like it seems like a joke to me how any vehicle could be made with a problem like this today mice have been a problem forever what the hell did they forget to do?