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bumpers / armor

The Whipple shield or Whipple bumper, invented by Fred Whipple, is a type of spaced armor shielding to protect crewed and uncrewed spacecraft from hypervelocity impact / collisions with micrometeoroids and orbital debris whose velocities generally range between 3 and 18 kilometres per second (1.9 and 11.2 mi/s). According to NASA, the Whipple shield is designed to withstand collisions with debris up to 1 cm, which helps to mitigate the Kessler syndrome.

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  1. GTGallop

    Bed Cover Drain Tubes..... Right into the Bed.

    My truck came from the dealership with an aftermarket bed cover of unknown manufacturer. It's a three panel hard cover with two panels that flip and fold revealing bed access but the third cover stays put. I've looked it over for some sort of ID information and there is none. Kind of genius...
  2. mgmyota

    Which bumper would you choose?

    I can never make my mind up about which bumper I want. I think I'm down to these two now. Which of these would you choose? BAMF or Relentless fab? Or suggest another that you like. These were on the lighter side for full steel bumpers I could find that I liked.
  3. pd100x

    inner fender wells

    Does anybody makes aluminum inner fender wells.? I have a Jeep jk and Smitybilt makes a super cool aluminum inner fender wells but I cant find for a Tacoma
  4. S

    Ironman skids

    Ironman skids 3 pc set. New:$800-Now:$500. Near Yosemite. Will drive up to 100 miles to meet halfway.
  5. Jake.delger

    TacomaForce C4 Group Buy!

    Hey guys! TacomaForce on instagram and Tacomaforce.com is doing a group buy trying to become a dealer for c4 fabrication and they need to meet the minimum buy in amount to do so! If you have been in the market for some C4 goodies now is your chance! Email tacomaforce@outlook.com with “C4” in the...
  6. Kuzumonkey

    Body Armor 4x4 Revo Step Sliders

    It looks like BA4x4 just started selling rock sliders. I've been very happy with the front bumper they made so I decided to try their sliders too. Pros: They're full bolt on, no drilling. The quality and the welds look good, just like the bumper I bought. They seem to use nice hardware. Large...
  7. Ginganeer

    4 Wheel Factory Bumper

    Has anyone installed the 4WP rear bumper and added the tire swing out? Curious if you could fit a bicycle carrying rack that slips in the receiver with the swing out in the back.
  8. 406Camper

    Finishing Rock Sliders

    Knowing my rock sliders are going to get banged up and used...
  9. ProTechTacos


    Tacoma3G Hello my name is Chris and I am the founder of Screen Protech. Many of you have used our products and we thank you!!! We are looking to start getting involved in forums and being more involved in the community that has been so good to us. We were pretty much demanded to create pillar...
  10. L

    Demon brackets install?

    I order Ami 88771. Demon brackets from Amazon …not sure why no markings for driver or passenger side … NO instructions! NOT if these were the real AMI brackets? Other videos shows stamp for D & P… it did fit good …compare to other Chinese brands, that were way cheaper.many mention D-ring holes...
  11. L

    Tailgate Skid plate..

    Order on Amazon Prime $135.00. Tail gate skid plate from Supreme Suspension….fast delivery from Prime! Quality product…very well made.. even has a step, D-ring does not drag on the ground , Problem the third hole (closest to the D-ring holder , will NOT allow the locking device to go in…Had...
  12. L

    Lower control arms skid plates?

    I just install R4T lower control arm skid plates…One of the easiest installs ever… Reason I went with there lower control arm skid plates…slots for drainage, spacers , kit comes with two sizes bolts (large) and two sets of the smaller bolts (one set longer & one set shorter) to fit .. watch...
  13. mgmyota

    Backwoods adventure mods Bumpers

    Stumbled onto this company after watching some Youtube. Seems like a cool concept being a mix of steel and aluminum to keep weight down. Anyone have one of these bumpers? What's everyone's feedback on something like this...
  14. V

    Does anyone have any feed back on Body Armor 4x4 bumpers?

    Any reviews on the Hi Line bumper from Body Armor 4x4? I am also looking at the covert one from CBI and SSO but I wanted to know if someone had some feedback on it.
  15. itsthex

    4WP Sliders Installed!

    Alright so as some of you know, I was fortunate enough to be selected for the @4 Wheel Parts / Tacoma3g.com giveaway! Big shoutout to @Tyler for setting it all up and also many thanks to 4WP for the hookup. Never would have thought I'd win something this sweet! This past weekend I finally got...
  16. NVTaco

    RAGO LCA Skid Issues

    Just curious if anyone else has had issues with the RAGO LCA Skid? I was helping a buddy install them in his stock 20' TRD and we came to find out they don't fit a stock Taco! At full lock, the tire contacts the skid on the backside of the LCA. RAGO now has the below disclaimer on their website...
  17. V

    Favorite Bumper/Push Bar's

    Hi Everyone, My name is Vanguard and I am a brand new Tacoma owner. I've had a Chevy s10 for the last 22 years and I have finally decided that I needed a new truck and recently purchased a 2020 Tacoma. That being said, I am currently looking into installing a push bar or bumper on my new girl...
  18. santos6

    Front bumper

    #Frontendfriday #relentless
  19. itsthex

    Anyone with the SSO Slimline High Clearance?

    Hey guys! I really love the look and fit of the SSO Slimline with the High Clearance option, was wondering if anyone was running one here and had photos? Also, really interested in knowing what the bumper weight is. Planning my build and want to keep note of all this stuff since I do a lot of...
  20. StormRnr

    What bumper is this?

    Spotted at Home Depot in Reno. Looks like some kind of tube exo bumper. If it keeps the BSM and backup sensors in tact this would be nice. It seems to tie into the frame under the bumper.
  21. BajaTaco

    Does anyone know of any rear bumper that are BSM compatible?

    Hey y'all, I'm looking to replace my stock bumper and add something higher clearance and more durable than the bumper caps. My DCLB has the BSM installed and I haven't seen many options that allow for this. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  22. Jake.delger

    What skids do you run?

  23. Berserker__taco

    FabZone Armor

    Does anyone know if FabZone has a website? I've been wanting to checkout some of their skid plates and other stuff. Finding a website and price list has been impossible. Plenty of forum posts found about them while searching online but that's as far as it goes.
  24. B

    Bay Area Armor Manufacturers

    I'm looking to get some sliders soon and would like to buy from a manufacturer in the Bay Area so I can pick up instead of paying on shipping. Is there a list of manufacturers based out of here? I know of BAMF but would like some others to compare with if possible.
  25. Oc Taco Charlie Beach Bum

    Body Amour Bumpers, Front hidden winch, Rear Bumpers??

    Asking Tacoma 3GNation, if these products are America made. They are more cost effective then one that are promoting American made. which has me wondering.??
  26. NMBruce

    Victory 4x4 Blitz bumper question/thoughts

    Has anyone put this bumper on their Tacoma with the hoop. I am trying to decide hoop or no hoop. I don’t think it will offer any protection, so it’s for looks and the cost difference is $30, so not a factor. The website has a warning about the TSS being affected, but I think that is only on Pro...
  27. SD_Steve

    Hi Clearance Rear Bumper

    Hey Everyone, I have been thinking about the build out of my truck and had a discussion with my buddy about Hi Clearance Rear bumpers. I have looked into it a bit but wanted to get your guys point of view on them ie: pros and Cons. For reference I would be building out DCLB. Best, Steve
  28. Aven2rus

    Fab Fours Hidden Winch Bumper with Warn Winch & Relocation kit

    In preparation for the Fab Fours Hidden Winch Bumper with Warn ZEON 10-S Winch - 89611 I installed the Control Pack Relocation Kit for ZEON Winches, 78" - 89960 Also don't forget to line up a 30" light bar for the opening on the Fab Fours Bumper. The installation instructions are straight...
  29. Aven2rus

    Victory 4x4 Skid Plate installed

    Back in garage for Victory 4x4 Front Skid Plate and Mid Skid Plate installation. Went with aluminum to keep the weight down to a minimum. Fit and finish on these was excellent and working with the reduced weight of the aluminum is a bonus. All access points are there a cover for oil filter...
  30. ev_santillano

    Cali raised rock sliders

    I picked up a set of Cali raised off road rock sliders in raw metal. I’m looking for some advice when it comes to prepping them for paint. I’m thinking sand them by hand with some 60 or 80 grit, clean them up with acetone, and spray some kind of primer before spraying them with some kind of...
  31. TrojanMan60

    Rear Bumper + Fender Flares

    NEWBIE ALERT Has anyone seen any issues with adding on fender flares with an aftermarket rear bumper? Do I need to look for a wider bumper or does the added width not go that far back on the truck?
  32. L

    New Truck Ideas

    Hello, I am a new owner to a 2021 Tacoma TRD Off Road. The first thing I wanted to upgrade on the stock truck was a full suspension lift kit to get started. I am looking at the old man emu lift kit, but am open to suggestions? Also looking at the CBI skid plates? Anyone have thoughts on...
  33. F


    Looking into getting bumpers soon. I know that I want to get the Lil B Fab front bumper because I want to utalize my TSS. I'm stuck on the rear bumper. Looking into the CBI high clearance rear bumper as well as the C4 Fab high clearance rear bumper. I'm big into camping and I like the tables...
  34. Jetspeed

    Rock Slider Angle

    I don't understand why companies offer different angles for their rock sliders. For instance one company gives the option of 20 degree and 5 degree. How does an angled slider work differently than say one that is not angled?
  35. Taconorth

    Finally got my rock sliders on!

    Long story short, I've read alot about rock sliders! The top 3 was CBI, RSG, ALL-PRO. Yes even if the reviews were 50/50 on ALL-PRO customer service... They had a sale going on and the external tube is DOM and got filler plate too. So the on july 7 I've purchase them because of the fact that...
  36. StormRnr

    How to make a taco sound like a harley

    So I installed the RCI full skid kit. Maybe my exhaust hangs down too low, but it impacts the transfer case skid and the amplification makes the truck pop rattle like a motorbike. Not sure if the video is going to upload so you may have to trust me. Anyway, tomorrow I’ll figure out how to push...
  37. Covinog

    Cold Air Intake?

    Hi There, So I just recently purchased a 2019 Taco. I'm so exited to finally have a nice truck! I couldn't wait to customization to the exterior with rims, tires, step bars, letter inserts as well as upgraded to LED fog and low beam headlights. I'm almost out of stuff to do externally, so I...
  38. CBrob

    Cutting the front bumper

    Im going to cut the bumper today. Wondering which tool to use to make the straight line cut from the fog lite hole to the edge of the fender. I've got jig saw, fein tool, grinder and cutoff wheel... Any suggestions?
  39. H

    Highest quality skid plate

    Hello! I am the proud owner of a cement 3rd gen and am in the market for a full skid plate. I am just curious to as which company of skid plates produce the highest quality and overall best skid plates. I have looked at CBI and RCI. Price is not a worry here I am just looking for the highest...
  40. J-DUB

    DIY Hitch Skid

    Made a hitch skid with recovery point from an old trailer hitch and some scrap 3/16 plate. Won’t be draggin my bumper no mo!
  41. Berserker__taco

    Swingout bumper recomendations.

    After I regear and lock the truck I'm looking to add a rear bumper with tire carrier. I'd like to stay away from having to cut the bed tho. The reason being that if I ever do sell the truck or trade it in I'd like to be able to remove it and sell it or transfer to the next rig if body styles are...
  42. RevN3

    Opinions on ARB skid plates?

    Woo Hoo! Bonus time at work! Time to throw some money at the truck! I'm thinking I need to upgrade my armor. Metaltech4x4 is local(ish) to me so I can save on shipping. I was looking at this skid plate set from ARB though and I wanted to know if anyone was running it and what they thought of it...
  43. J-DUB

    "DIY" Recovery Point

    Designing a beefier recovery point that can hold a shackle. Basing my design off of BPF's. Debating on adding support like the ARB, I worry more about the cheesy frame rail it's mounted to than the actual hook itself. Here is what I have so far. The first prototype is made from 1/8 inch just...
  44. Taconorth


    I'm waiting for my rocksliders...that I was supposed to get powdercoated. But after some digging I found that prerunner guys use steel-it. Anyone here ever used this product? What is the most durable coating for rocksliders? https://www.steel-it.com/automotive-applications-of-steel-it-5
  45. J-DUB

    DIY Skid Plate

    Hey peeps, Building skids for my rig. Got a 2nd gen digital file from a member on tacomaworld but want to cross-reference it with people who have skids on their 3rd gen. So if anyone has a skid they don't mind measuring for me that would be awesome. I have included a shot of the measurements...
  46. Buffa

    Rear Bumper with Spare Tire

    Hey Troops Thinking about changing out the Rear Bumper...looking for bumper that also has a Spare Tire mount...Thoughts? Cheers, Buffa
  47. YotasSandyTaco

    Tyger Fury Bumper

    Does anyone here have the Tyger Fury Bumper? If so, what fogs are you running with it if at all?
  48. Taco4Dan93

    Shock guards for ICON RXT suspension

    Anyone know of any companies that offer shock guards that are compatible with the Stage 2 RXT setup from ICON?
  49. OKTacoma2017


    Well I took a trip down to the river here in Oklahoma and took some damage. What would everyone recommend for some reasonably priced rear and front bumpers? I'm thinking slimline for the front but i want to get your feedback. I definitely will be doing more "mall crawling" then wheeling though.
  50. Hunter399

    Skid plate options with TRD front skid

    Does anyone know if the transfer case skids etc from companies are Compatible with the TRD pro front skid? I also have the Motown offroad sliders and had to already move the brake lines. I mention that because I notice some of the cross braces require that and these sliders may interfere with...
  51. Chaury08

    Budbuilt Stage 2 Rock Armor Install

    This is my first write up on how to do anything. I am no mechanic nor do I know if everything I did was right but it worked for me. Sorry I dont have torque specs either. Budbuilt Stage 2 Rock Armor for Gen 3 Tacoma. My Tacoma is a 17 OR. I got the steel version with stainless...
  52. Robmoney23

    Hidden winch mount

    I am interested in getting a hidden winch mount. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the mount from relations racing wheels? See link below. Any input would be greatly appreciated. https://www.relationsracewheels.com/collections/toyota-tacoma/products/hidden-winch-mount-tacoma
  53. GhostedTacoma

    Bumper update

    Got my CBI T3 bumper back from paint and it is installed. Super happy with how it turned out! I’d like to add a little backstory with this post on why I chose a replacement bumper. In high school I had a 2004 Silverado. It had a ranch hand replacement bumper on it. Back in 2016 I was a junior in...
  54. TrojanMan60

    Bumper Help

    I’ve been having a hell of a time trying to find a bumper that I really like. I’ve attached the two that I’ve narrowed it down to, is there anything that’s maybe a combination of the two? Side note: I’ve been debating a bulldog style look, with a high front bar, any tips in that area?
  55. Jimbob540


    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows if any companies out there have sliders in stock regularly. I would preferably like to get RCI sliders because they seem to have the most bang for your $$$.
  56. GiraffeInvasion

    Homemade Rock Sliders

    First attempt at making these. Just spray painted them since they're gonna get messed up anyways.
  57. Moderndaycrusader 2016

    Rock Sliders

    Just got my @ragofabrication sliders back from powder coat. Hopefully will have time to install them this weekend. I don’t have a lift, are these bad boys gonna suck my truck down???
  58. ragofabrication

    To Skid or Not to Skid?

    Hey Guys!!! Skid10? To Skid or Not to Skid? Absolutely! Skid plates are a simple necessity when it comes to overlanding and off-roading. The products we normally think about are the most popular such as rock sliders. However, riding on rocky trails, you have the potential to damage vital...
  59. UploadAdventure

    Goat Armor

    Matt from Goat Armor has opened up a group for only 25 Tacoma’s total. I’ve also got this group buy posted on another forum. Between here and there we should be able to get the necessary 25 orders. This is a great deal for paint protection. Here’s the deal- we are getting 15% off the current...
  60. Buffa

    DV8 Stubby Front Bumper?

    Hey Troops Anyone have a DV8 Stubby Front Bumper and Winch Setup on their Tacoma? Price looks good.
  61. GhostedTacoma

    Winch mounts

    I’m thinking on getting one of these bumpers to mount my smittybilt 9500 lb winch on. Opinions? Let’s see some of your winch mounts
  62. Teton Taco

    Stock Skid Plates

    Anyone ever thought about welding thicker plate steel on the stock skid plates? Besides strengthening the mounting holes what else would nee to be done?
  63. ChrisChuck

    Recovery/winch bumper that doesn’t require cutting

    First post in here. Wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a front end winch bumper that doesn’t require cutting of the factory bumper. I really like the SSO Slimline Hybrid Bumper, but that will require me to cut a good portion of the stock bumper off. I’m not 100% against cutting, but...
  64. Hunter399

    RCI Rear bumper install

    Installing my rear RCI bumper in the upcoming days and had a few questions. I know I will lose the radar BSM. I assume it’s just disconnected and you zip tie up the harness. I also am wondering how to transfer over the back up sensors. Unable to find any info on removal of the sensors from stock...
  65. B

    Are Tyger Star Armor rails right for me?

    I want to add "step rails" on my 2108 Off Road.............I really like the look of the Tyger Star Armor but I'd like a 4" drop or so below the door sill to help my old bones into the truck. don't see many Taco's around here so I don't have a lot of support. Any info on the Tyger or other...
  66. Sbr7

    Victory 4x4 skidplates

    As many of you know, I have the Victory 4x4 front and mid skid. After some lengthy personal travel (overlanding) and a bit of troubleshooting with the mid skid install, I'm pleased to provide a review of both parts. Ordered them in steel (I would probably go aluminum for weight reduction on...
  67. tyta_taco

    Teaser........... C4 Hybrid Front Bumper

    Just a little teaser...... trimmed to match the fender lines before going off to powder coating (and yes, I'll be trimming the body as well for a clean/parallel line). ???
  68. CaliRaisedLED

    CALI RAISED LED - Tacoma Rock Sliders * Lowest Lead Times

    Updated 9/26/19 Hi Tacoma World! Cali Raised LED now is going to be stocking Tacoma Rock Sliders! One thing moving down the line we told ourselves that we needed to be different. We do not want to conform to the "Industry Standards" of months and months of lead times. That being said our crew...
  69. 3cent.Taco

    SSO Slimline and HC Stage 2 Steal at Tacoma World

    Not sure where this is supposed to go (maybe we need a coupon/deals section? @Tyler) , but if anyone has been eyeing the Southern Style Offroad Stage 2 High Clearance front bumper, SSO is running a really great Group Buy at Tacoma World that is bound to meet the max 25% off target. 8 orders were...
  70. Ts7xTaco

    WarFab Armor Tube Bumper

    I've been waiting for a minimalist, lightweight, high clearance, tube bumper to come to market since I bought the truck in 2016, and this is it! This is a pre-production unit I agreed to try out and give feedback and suggestions in order to make the final production unit the best it could be...
  71. ThatTacomaThough

    OR Skid Plate Not Fitting 6" BDS Lift

    I have a 6"BDS Lift on my 2017 Tacoma, The OR Skid Plate does not fit my truck & i was wondering on any suggestions on where to get one that would fit or how to even make it fit...
  72. TOsoYOTA

    Rago rock slider problems

    Has anyone had any trouble with lining up factory bolt points with the rock sliders on a long bed 3rd gen Tacoma?
  73. 17cementpro

    C4 front armor + Baja lighting (goals thread)

    Going to be saving up for awhile before this dream can become reality... but here’s my goal: (I inserted links mostly for myself to come back to when ready to start burning cash) C4 Hybrid Front Bumper Full height bullbar with side tube gussets Passing on the optional 30” lightbar cutout...
  74. R

    best bumper for offroad and animal impact protection

    hey guys super new here so thanks for having me! I've recently been looking into adding a bumper for off road, but because i live in an area with a ton of deer and other wildlife i would also like it for protection. I was wondering if anyone had any specific bumpers or brands they could...
  75. Roguellama

    DIY armor and racks

    So, i wanna build all my own armor and racks .. has anyone done this? Pics?
  76. T

    Protect Your 3rd GEN Taco Rear Bumper

    Hello fellow Taco owners: I would like to share a tip on protecting your Taco "Rear Bumper" from drivers who are often distracted or engage in "Texting" and driving. First, please note that I DON'T work for any manufacture or sales outlet. I'm just another Taco owner who wants to share a tip...
  77. jacob21613

    Bumper or low pro

    Hey taco family wanted to hear your thoughts should I get a whole new bumper or should I get one of the low pros that cut out the valence for a winch
  78. T

    Rough country bull bar.

    Anyone have any experience or pics of the rough country bull bar on a 3rd gen taco
  79. Moderndaycrusader 2016

    Truck bed reinforcements

    There was a thread somewhere on here a while back about either truck bed reinforcements or stiffeners. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  80. A2zgunworks

    2017 long bed step bars

    Recently installed these Westin wheel to wheel step bars on my 2017 Tacoma TRD Sport with the long bed. Wanted to give you guys a quick review on the install and over all satisfaction of them. I installed them by myself and took about an hr. They have 4 brackets each side and the instructions...
  81. Iowa Taco

    Slimline or hidden front hitch mount

    What are everyone's opinions? Front hidden hitch or Slimline bumper? I off road occasionally and would like the security of a winch but not sure which route to go. I don't really want a full front bumper, and I don't want to cut the main bumper for one yet either. I'm kind of leaning towards a...
  82. Victory4x4

    A little different style rock slider?

    So we have been making two-piece body mount sliders in the Jeep world for a long time. They included integrated hi-lift jackholes (ha!) and rock lights. A couple of weeks ago we brought this concept to the 4runner world in a frame mount style with our Blitz Sliders. (y)(n) A few Taco...
  83. TacomaMTB

    Tacoma inner fender wells

    Does anybody makes aluminum inner fender wells.? I have a Jeep jk and Smitybilt makes a super cool aluminum inner fender wells but I cant find for a Tacoma
  84. T

    Steel VS Aluminum - Skid plates

    I was curious what everyone thoughts were on steel compared aluminum skid plates. I currently have a steel front skid but ordered the rest of the skids (transmission, transfer case and fuel tank) in aluminum. I would say personally I am not that aggressive off-road but just wanted to see how...
  85. JBadwülf

    Vendor Review... Customer battle with CBi

    Tacoma3g Members, As some have seen on here I have been eagerly awaiting the fulfillment of an order made from CBi for Rock sliders that were placed in September of 2018. Since we don't have a vendor review section, I feel this would be the best place to post.. Here's the short story that I...
  86. Mr. Nobody

    3rd Gen Front Bumper Mega Thread

    Geauxtaco on TW created a very in depth list of the 3rd Gen Tacoma bumper offerings. I went ahead and updated the MSRP's, and current availability. All manufacturers are in alphabetical order. If you have a photo of your bumper, please post it here, tag me @Mr. Nobody and if you would like I...
  87. C

    Help with damages!

    Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this but... Okay so I was on my way to work today and we got about a foot of snow over the past 2 days. I drive a 2017 Tacoma off road by the way. Well I was in 4WD and when I came up on a turn, I attempted it with light braking and the brakes...

    CBI Front Bumper

    I've had the CBI front bumper on the wishlist for a while now, and the opportunity to get one is getting closer. There is a significant price difference between the steel and aluminum, and was wondering if anyone had an opinion on what would be best? I do quite a bit of offroading, and realize I...
  89. E

    Front Bumpers/Grille Guards

    Hey all! Excited to join the forum and see all of your builds and slowly do my own. I just recently bought a new '19 Quicksand Double Cab Long Bed Off-Road Tacoma, and I think the first thing I need to do with it is replace the front bumper with some armor! I live in southwest Colorado, Durango...
  90. Manbun525

    Avid Offroad AZ Sliders Installed

    Avid Sliders installed yesterday, love em, actually very sleek and seem low profile, I haven't seen many others in person to compare to tho.
  91. Joeybart

    Skid plates!

    Hey yall, just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on skid plates to get for my 2018 Ted sport. Any info helps. Thanks. Keep exploring
  92. Overlandtaco

    Rear bumper

    I have the arb front bumper and the stock chrome rear bumper I am leaning toward painting it black until I can get the rear bumper I want.. should I paint it black or color match to my truck?
  93. taco.hog

    relentless rear bumpers

    I was able to recoup some of the money that I lost from the pelfreybilt fiasco. I placed an order with @Relentless Fabrication . I really like the tail light guards, but they only do them in batches of 10, anybody else trying to get a high clearance with tail light guards?
  94. Philthy_adventures

    Full skids.

    I have been researching full skids for a 17 Taco OR and I have an idea on who I'd like to purchase from but I want some opinions. Thanks...
  95. Colorado_Taco17

    Aluminum Skids?

    I am very curious as to how durable aluminum skid plates are and if they are worth taking the plunge for. Anyone go with aluminum and wish they went with steel? or Vice Versa? Ideally I would like to run trails with a technicality rating of up to 6 with peace of mind, which are described by...
  96. Iowa Taco

    Skid Plate Cost Comparison

    Let me know what other options are available so I can add to this list @Tyler here is a skid plate cost comparison
  97. Iowa Taco

    Bumper Cost Comparison

    I've been looking at different bumper options for my truck, and wanted to compare options easily. Thought I would share this with everyone; not every detail or option is listed here but these are the most commonly shared options. If there is a company I am missing, information that is wrong or...
  98. N

    Rear bumper options

    Due to a slightly unfortunate parking lot incident I'm in the process of looking for a rear bumper for my taco and I'm having a tough time making a decision. I get the truck into some rocks here in CO where the departure angle can be a struggle, so I was leaning towards high clearance. I plan...
  99. Iowa Taco

    Slider Cost Comparison

    I've compiled most of the companies that make sliders for our trucks, and broken down what each component costs to add on. The base price is with no extras, unpainted, and for a DCSB or ACLB. In the added cost columns if you see "N/A" that means the company does not offer that option, if you see...
  100. cambo139

    Skid plate replacement

    If I were to upgrade my bumper to an armored one would I need to change out my stock OEM skidplate?