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"DIY" Recovery Point


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Aug 10, 2020
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Northern NJ-Southern Hudson Valley NY
2019 TRD OR AC
Silver Sky
Designing a beefier recovery point that can hold a shackle. Basing my design off of BPF's. Debating on adding support like the ARB, I worry more about the cheesy frame rail it's mounted to than the actual hook itself.
Here is what I have so far. The first prototype is made from 1/8 inch just to see how the file works and get the bend angles.
Not bad for the first attempt, great fit! already cleaned up the design and made it mo-purdy.
The end result will be 1/2 or 3/4 inch plate. I have 1/2 in sitting around but wouldn't mind ging thicker, don't know if it's necessary.

And yes I will post the file when I'm done.

It's nice having a CNC plasma table in my studio!!



Final design...?
Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 10.42.45 AM.png
You may be in business soon. ;) 👍
Finally found some the time to cut the real deal version out of 1/2 plate. It’s definitely the thickest material I have cut yet on this machine.
Had an issue drilling out the 7/8 hole for the shackle. Need to get a better drill bit I think.

Spent some time today cutting, bending and welding as well as drilling out the holes from the plasma.
pain in the ass bending even with cutting, I basically snapped the bends off on one and cut too far through the other. Sooo looks like it’s relying on the weld for strength!
The smaller pieces are basically washers to go inside the frame rails, I’m going to weld the nuts to them so there easy to slide in and thread through.
I see the weak point being the actual flimsy subframe rails that the stock recovery hook mounts too. So maybe these will help..
Next is the passenger side.