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Victory 4x4 Blitz bumper question/thoughts


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Sep 6, 2020
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SW Colorado
2020 TRD OR DCSB Auto
Has anyone put this bumper on their Tacoma with the hoop. I am trying to decide hoop or no hoop.
I don’t think it will offer any protection, so it’s for looks and the cost difference is $30, so not a factor.
The website has a warning about the TSS being affected, but I think that is only on Pro models because of the sensor.

I have until Friday to decide.

thanks for your input

I just installed Fab Fours similar hidden winch.

With Fab Fours Hidden Winch model they instructed me to purchase "Without" the stinger bar to maintain my adaptive cruise and was the only sensor I found on the front of my SR in that area. Also choose the option from the drop down menu. Victory 4x4 is a similar version and notes it depends on your sensor location.

I like the Victory 4x4 and Fab Fours for their 2 stage powder coating. They hold up extremely well to the harsh chemicals used here in the winter months.

Bonus with Victory 4x4 is you can get aluminum and keep the weight to a minimum.

Make a call to their tech lines and they can provide the specifics you are looking for as will any reputable manufacturer.

I have thier aluminumm skids and very pleased.
Thanks, yes I ordered aluminum with the hoop, but going back and forth on the hoop.
I am thinking it might be best without
I don't find any use for the hoop but absolutely with my adaptive cruise.
If you are doing a winch take a look at my installation post for some insight.
If you are doing a winch take a look at my installation post for some insight.

Thanks, nice work.

I see that you have the Pro grill and your sensor is lower than the TRD OR grill, so that could be the difference, but I have decided that it will be
The order has been done, Aluminum with powder coating and no hoop.
I have the Strike.
With hoop and before and after grille change


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