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Does anyone have any feed back on Body Armor 4x4 bumpers?


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May 26, 2019
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Any reviews on the Hi Line bumper from Body Armor 4x4? I am also looking at the covert one from CBI and SSO but I wanted to know if someone had some feedback on it.
Hard pass on Body Armor for me. HiLine bumper seems to be all 3/16". mass produced like with steel from who knows where. Chinese materials, going for max profit. It's not the nicer production companies like ARB or Warn. Guess I'm just snobby.


I had the SSO Slimline with the Stage II Wings. SSO was the original low profile bumper for 3rd Gens. They are much more customizable and have options. Hybrid, plate, different cuts. Made in a shop. More custom, made on order queue, it's quality. US material, US made. It's more, but you'll be more content in the long run. The mount points were thicker than the panel sections. Definitely stronger.

  • Constructed of 1/8″, 3/16″, and 3/8″ all American steel
Ditto what @bonifacio said. I went with Artec Venture 3G steel bumper. Very impressed with the fabrication. Made in Salt Lake City. Very competitive pricing.
Love my BA rear bumper. Only problem is, it has surface rust that started very early. Mostly from the hardware. Rustpainted the hardware and area, and it looks good now.

I considered rust painting the whole bumper before I installed it, but wouldn't have guessed about the hardware rusting.

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Thanks for the help everyone. I appreciate the feedback. Looks like I may be going with the SSO like I originally planned.