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Fab Fours Hidden Winch Bumper with Warn Winch & Relocation kit


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Nov 18, 2020
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2021 SR DCSB Auto
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In preparation for the Fab Fours Hidden Winch Bumper with Warn ZEON 10-S Winch - 89611 I installed the Control Pack Relocation Kit for ZEON Winches, 78" - 89960

Also don't forget to line up a 30" light bar for the opening on the Fab Fours Bumper.

The installation instructions are straight forward and easy to follow. However you will need to decide on location mounting and I suggest building a longer harness for the controller plug as it is only 6" long as no mount is included to allow options away from the solinoid.

I went with the fender wall location. Tapped it, marked it and installed blind rivets. If a blind rivet tool is not in your arsenal an offsetting bracket in those OE threaded hole (1/2" to narrow) would work nicely. I also purchased machine spacers and 8mm hardware for the local store to space it away from the plastic trim on the fender. Purchase a couple lengths to save running back and to keep as close to the sheet metal as possible to prevent leverage.




20210109_134048 (2).jpg

The ground connection was made at the OE fender location as the battery terminal was not an option without disturbing the OE terminations I preferred to leave be. Both cables were trimmed to the required length over hiding the extra. This will require you have ends on hand solder plugs to complete the connection in the same as Warn provided them.

With the longer Harness I was able to locate the controller plug to the the front shroud creating the same pattern as the original housing to allow for the plug cover as well.



I found after much struggle the provided boots for the connections were impossible to get over the terminations so removed and trimmed to get full coverage and ease of installation as shown in the image below. These are located on the solenoid in the above image.
20210109_154555 (2).jpg

As mentioned above there is not bracket included for the 6" long controller connector harness so rather leave it hanging I built a longer wire color match harness in split loom and located to the front shroud. I also matched the winch mounting pattern in the shroud to allow use of the protective cover. Also use dielectric grease on all connection to protect from corrosion. This 6' harness was more than enough to locate to the shroud.


The Mounting of Fab Fours Hidden Winch Bumper is extremely well documented in their instruction so no need for going into details on this other than have a friend with you and be prepared to remove the entire front end assembly. It is no where near intimating as it looks from the images.

I ordered without the stinger bar as Fab Fours indicated it would interfere with the adaptive cruise control sensor.

Used an Air Saw with a fine tooth blade and the cut was clean and great control following the cut line. Bumper is perfect fit with he gap along the top is true end to end.

I did place a C-clamp on the bottom 2 mounting locations to pull it in about 1/16 to get those bolts in. Also cut one vertical slat in the grill above the bumper second from the driver side to access the engagement lever on the winch. The Warn Zeon 10.5 is a wide winch and not able to access it through the holes at the recover point as they suggest. The one created looks super clean and perfect for excess.



Nice thing with Fab Fours is the bumper hides the cuts extremely well for a super clean look over some that insert through the cut leaving it visible and/or covering it with some sort of edge trim.

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