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Help with damages!


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Jan 9, 2019
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Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this but... Okay so I was on my way to work today and we got about a foot of snow over the past 2 days. I drive a 2017 Tacoma off road by the way. Well I was in 4WD and when I came up on a turn, I attempted it with light braking and the brakes seized up and I fishtailed into a guard rail. Well the rear driver side bumper is just fucked and I was curious if anyone had ran into a problem like this or could guesstimate how much they think the repairs would be. It took out the parking sensor on that side so basically my parking sensors in general are Inop. As soon as I turn them on it acts as if I’m an inch from a wall. Thank you


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Bumper (full replacement) is around $850 for all the parts. Doesn’t look like yours needs full replacement, just that cap? The cap is $130ish for oem.

Bedside is a whole other story. If if can be fixed, couple hours labor, paint, clear etc could be around 1k.

At the low end I would figure around 1k for damage.

I just went through similar, but mine was worse. Replaced whole bedside and bumper was around $3800
Dang. Okay. Yeah it should only be the driver side portion. The middle part of the bumper looked fine. Just that and a dent along the body right where the bumper meets the body. But the paint is scratched all the way down so it sounds like it cost a lot . Thanks though
Hey Chris,
I work for a reputable collision center, but am new to tacoma3g. Jfrisch01 is spot on with his reply and good information. I would like to advise you that if you are picky about the paintwork on your truck, stay away from those guys who do spot repairs in a dealer parking lot. I've seen way too many instances where new clients will come see me only after they spent 300 bucks when the fly by night guy said he could take care of it. Long story short, your damage looks pretty cut and dry. Just remember you get what you pay for when coming to collision repairs, and were driving 35k trucks. If all your damage is low on that bedside, I'd say blend the basecoat towards the top and re-clearcoat the whole panel. You wont be disappointed! Good luck!