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Finishing Rock Sliders


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Sep 10, 2021
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2017 TRD OR AC Auto
Knowing my rock sliders are going to get banged up and used...
Good question. I got mine powder coated with the idea that I could touch them up with a rattle can when needed. Powder coating does a great job protecting on the corrosion issue and after two plus yrs of use I haven’t had to touch them up.
Absolutely no truck bed liner IMO/ first good grind on a rock will take that stuff off like a banana peel / Powder-coat for the win then touch up with Steel-It as needed....
Never..Never use any kind of bed liners, rhino liners…It will hold dirt stains forever…super hard to clean too!
I order thinking the Rhino liner will protect the best…it has chip a few places..paint with rustoleum…
I live on a coffee farm with dirt roads…my rock sliders looks terrible because of the mud/dirt stains..

I found after washing ..still dirty looking…to make look clean…I spray black heat treatment rustoleum paint often as once a month…. Note a friend had a pressure washer…it work better than a brushing…but did not remove the all the dirt stains…

No to any kind of bed lining…! Never , Never use these …
power coating or spray paint! Is the way to go!