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Rock Slider Angle


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Oct 7, 2020
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Eagle, ID
I don't understand why companies offer different angles for their rock sliders. For instance one company gives the option of 20 degree and 5 degree.

How does an angled slider work differently than say one that is not angled?
I may be wrong but I think it’s mainly a personal preference thing. The ones that are angled tuck up closer to the body.
Thanks man, couldn't come up with anything in my limited experience that would leave me to believe the angle would have any benefits or detractions. Still, I'm all ears.
It is mostly personal preference. 0 degree seems almost negative/below level to me. I believe mine are 15 degree and they allow us to stand on them comfortably. Offroad there is some debate on how a slightly upswept slider can help the truck slide off obstacles better, but I couldn't tell you. When I get hung up, I get hung up. haha
I originally wanted to go with a steeper angle to focus just on protecting the body / chassis but decided on a 0 degree with plate on top so my wife and kid can have an easier time getting in and out.