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Finally got my rock sliders on!


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Jul 4, 2020
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Long story short, I've read alot about rock sliders! The top 3 was CBI, RSG, ALL-PRO.
Yes even if the reviews were 50/50 on ALL-PRO customer service... They had a sale going on and the external tube is DOM and got filler plate too.
So the on july 7 I've purchase them because of the fact that they were IN STOCK on their own website.
The next day, I recieve an email about COVID19 and longer delays. Ok, I assume it is just mass mailing, but wrote an email to the director and I've got 3-4 weeks delay...there was delay everywhere.

4 weeks nothing!

Called Nathan at the customer service, he told me that I would probably get them for my trip in september if I choose to buy them bare metal. I did so.

4 weeks later nothing, I've talk to Nathan and he check my order and It was at the border!

Yes, I'm a proud Canadian 🌮 owner!

I had to do all the brokerage and call the transporter etc. I've finally got them 3 weeks ago!! My local powdercoat shop took 3 days and they were done!

I really like the product, well built, clean welds, super strong. (Put pics! 👇)
But man, did I sweat in the trails this summer not having these.
Even if I got 25 years of offroad behind the belt and the A/C all the way on 😅

In the end, I've ask ALL-PRO if they would consider give me a coupon code for my next order...? I've open the door for them to keep a customer.

Answer? No, nothing!

I understand, this is not just about Nathan, this guy knows what he's doing. He had done the max he can to help! It's the compagny policies that just doesnt care.

From now I will consider buying a bumper and skids only from T3G sellers or my shop near by.

Here they are!


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Man I like those sliders! Sorry about the hard time you had getting them. I got mine from rrw and it was almost same story minus the border mess.