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Demon brackets install?


Lava road

possibly a ghost :(
I order Ami 88771. Demon brackets from Amazon …not sure why no markings for driver or passenger side … NO instructions! NOT if these were the real AMI brackets? Other videos shows stamp for D & P… it did fit good …compare to other Chinese brands, that were way cheaper.many mention D-ring holes were not drill out correctly….
I install driver side first only to realize I install the wrong bracket…wider part of the brackets should face outwards, on both sides..
I try replacing the bolts that hold the hook…NOT a good idea….bolts will not go alway in and sticks downwards about 1 inch…
All the bolts are fine threads…once loosen better to use a impact wrench….my torque wrench with the long handle really made it easier to remove..it was a work out to remove…tight fitting bolts …
Just for you info’s…

The ski racks on top is use to carry my Ulua fishing rods (4) plus one 13 foot pole gaft & 12 foot scoop net…we also carry a 100 foot slide gaff for those high cliffs…most no higher 50 ft…
That picture is apart of my drive way…lol

I think the D-ring will be scraping all the time on the lava roads we travel on…ruts, dips, and puka’s- ( hawaiiian word for ..HOLES…) If you have a flat tire due to a hole . WE CALL THAT A PUKA TIRE…LOL


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Please do not do any recovery with demon brackets. They are not rated for recovery. If only for show, then that is fine.
Thank you for letting us know Demon brackets may not be a good recovery point ..I realize after removing the hook on the passenger side this was a great anchoring point…for recovery…
Will demon brackets be OK for a towing point?

Now that is gone ? Where would be the next FRONT recovery point to use?
Without getting aftermarket front bumpers…
Another aftermarket option that is rated for recovery is ARB. I believe the below part was for the Hilux in Australia, and may fit the Tacoma, but I can't say for certain. Best to call 4WP and ask them.
ARB Recovery part # 2823010 cost approx $290.00 … you will need to remove the passenger side Demon brackets…. Design of ARB recovery brackets allow for a D-ring ..

Toyota factory recovery point is just a “hook” …oh well ….
I am keeping the demon brackets for now…
Thank you …
Site is blocked where I'm at but these may be a better option. I think they are allowing up to 45 day returns. Just sand them down and hit with matte spray paint and return them. :)

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Thank you…. The demon brackets are mostly cosmetic….