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Skid Plate Cost Comparison

Iowa Taco

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Jun 22, 2018
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2018 TRD OR DCLB Auto
Let me know what other options are available so I can add to this list

Skid Plate Cost Comparison.PNG

@Tyler here is a skid plate cost comparison


  • Skid Plate Cost Comparison.PNG
    Skid Plate Cost Comparison.PNG
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If you’re up to the task, consider removing Pelfrey and adding in the OEM option. :)
Anyone want to by my Pelfrey skids.
I have ifs tranny and transfer case all steel
Have a few dings and scratches
Will come with fresh paint
asking 500 for all 3 not gonna split them up because the all work together and no other skids
If you do another update maybe add Budbuilt. Just ordered the Stage 2 rock armor from them. 194lbs for the front, transmission, t-case, and gas tank. Great costumer service, friendly, and informative. If price isn't an issue for you they also have stainless steel option for the sliders. There web site has a lot of info price and weight wise. www.budbuilt.com
@Iowa Taco I just bought a front skid plate from Greenlane Offroad, They're all aluminum, super light. They are based out of Canada check em out
Let me get you updated weights for SOS stuff.
plus don’t forget to save 10% with discount code uploadadv
SOS Concepts Skid Weights.
Skid weights:
IFS- 54 lbs
Mid- 38 lbs
T-Case 39 lbs