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Tailgate Skid plate..


Lava road

possibly a ghost :(
Order on Amazon Prime $135.00. Tail gate skid plate from Supreme Suspension….fast delivery from Prime!
Quality product…very well made.. even has a step, D-ring does not drag on the ground ,

Problem the third hole (closest to the D-ring holder , will NOT allow the locking device to go in…Had to grind a part of D-ring wells, and drill holes bigger, the bottom angle of skid plates stops it from moving forward after grinding.. reason for drilling the holes larger..



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More pictures…2019 Tacoma aTRD long bed.. if you use the middle hole or the outer one …it will stick the skid plate further away from the bumpers…looks ugly and but it will hit the skid plate first saving your bumpers…kinda like a extended ? Pole? Like a Willy’s wheels without the wheels..lol. I heard they make these bumpers skids that have wheels? …
Will I be going skiing? Off the rocks? Looks like it? It lower the bottom of bumper by 1 inch and extended by 3.5 inches…better to slide off the rear tail gate skid plate… and save maybe the bumpers?

Long bed owners with under 3 inch lifts? You may want this insurance…! For added protection…


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DRT-Fabrication. They make a Universal Hitch Skid plate….$195.00. Looks like two types? Both have slots to add Shackles….
They also make bed stiffers…rock sliders, etc..
Please check out there web site…
Supreme Suspension has a added step plate…. On there Hitch skid plate. ( just a note ..if someone hits your bumper…hopefully those skids plate will get hit first ..protecting the Tacoma bumper?
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