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Highest quality skid plate


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Sep 28, 2020
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Hello! I am the proud owner of a cement 3rd gen and am in the market for a full skid plate.
I am just curious to as which company of skid plates produce the highest quality and overall best skid plates. I have looked at CBI and RCI. Price is not a worry here I am just looking for the highest quality product!
You've pretty much got the best two. Can't go wrong with either.
Is there any contrast between the two? I noticed the CBI covers more area I believe.
Not really sure. I don't have any experience with either, but those two brands are what everyone goes towards.
I just bought a set of ARBs and I'm impressed with the quality. I plan on installing them tonight.
Just some food for thought. Most are pretty similar. The only other thing you should consider is whether you have to remove the entire plate to do the oil change or if there's a access panel in the skid.

The oil change access panels can be a pro and a con. The oro is they simply oil changes, and the con is they add a weakened area in the skid that many times gets crushed in and then is basically worthless for the oil change and protection.

I run FabZone Armor for my skids and sliders.