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Pro Comp Lift Issues Anyone?


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Mar 22, 2019
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So I've got a 4" Pro Lift on my truck and driving on pavement and concrete is fine, but anything rougher/off-road the front end suspension makes a bunch of clanking-like noise, sounds almost like bolts are loose or sloppy and moving around. I've jacked it up and checked and everything seems tight.....anyone had this problem?
Seems tight or is tight?:sneaky:
Who installed ?
Was it everything tightened loaded or uploaded?
Are your shocks proper length, do you have enough travel and drop?
Are your bumps rights ?
Could be alot but they also make some noise when your off the pavement
So, the lift was on it when I bought it.....so I have no idea who or how it was installed. I've always done my own lifts so I can learn them inside and out, but since this was done before l me and I'm new to Toyotas (Ford F250s before) and trying to learn what to look for....I'll go through your suggestions and check them out. Thanks for the ideas.
Could be the UCA's, chances are they may not have been replaced when the lift was installed so the noise coild be the UCA's knocking the coils.
Agreed with @Malcolm uca maybe coils bottoming out or extending to its limits
So I found one issue.....sway bar end links are sloppy where they connect to the knuckle. Are they supposed to be through bolted at that connection? They're not....
The upper sway bar link boot looks torn and could be noisy if the joint is dry.

The brake/ABS line mount should definitely be bolted to the knuckle. Could have just come loose or are the brake line is too short causing the bolt to shear.

The upper sway bar link should be bolted through and will definitely pop like crazy over bumps if they are not tight.

Since you have a DB lift im not sure the brake line braket and sway bar share the same mounting hole? Looks like it from the pics but OEM is not set up that way.
I unbolted the brake line mount to see of the link stud was cut off or just short of coming through the knuckle....
Looks like I'll be ordering some new links...
My sway bar has been in the garage for a couple years.:eek: