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My name is Tyler Winterfield and in April 2018 I set out to create an organized and friendly community dedicated to 3rd generation Toyota Tacoma and overland enthusiasts, known as Tacoma3G (T3G). I was unhappy with the existing Tacoma and overland communities due to their outdated designs and the elitist attitudes from their seasoned members and moderators toward newer people who are trying to learn. I felt that I could do it better myself with a combination of my 15+ years of forum administration experience and laid-back personality. Hopefully my formula for leadership and website design is enough for you to stick around for a bit. But if you do think something could be different, please share your suggestion(s) here, as I'm always looking to improve T3G according to the needs of its members.

On a personal level, I am a disabled United States Marine with a passion for off-roading and trucks. I grew up wheeling with my dad who only owned 4x4s, and I have been drawn to big tires, pulling that 4wd lever, and aimless drives off-the-beaten-path, since before I can remember. I'm married to @Paige and we have a French Bulldog, Nilla, and a Pug, Penny. Together, we have tens of thousands of miles explored throughout the US, in a handful of different rigs. As of spring 2020, we are living in our Tacoma, full-time, via a Four Wheel Camper, while we continue to explore all of North and South America. As a group, we call ourselves The Wandering Winterfields, and if you'd like to follow our journey, more information can be found in my truck's build thread.

If you need to contact me for anything at all, you can send me a private message, send an email to tyler@tacoma3g.com, or you can message me on one of the associated social media accounts.


The mission of Tacoma3G.com is to provide 3rd generation Tacoma and overland enthusiasts an informative, organized, and friendly community to discuss and learn to modify their trucks, entirely for free. Other similar pages tend to be cluttered, not as user-friendly as T3G, and filled with elitists that are not willing to share their experience to new members who are looking to learn. Tacoma3G.com is designed to be very easy to navigate whether you are using a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone, and our homepage is not a never-ending list of junk you don't need. The core of our community is built from like-minded individuals with a wide array of knowledge that are willing to guide you if you just bought your truck and have initial questions and/or are recently picking up the overland lifestyle. Even the most experienced can learn something new here and we always approach each discussion with a "no stupid questions" mindset. In addition to the concise network of resources we offer, we occasionally host local meet-ups to get to know each other and our rigs on a more personal level. Lastly, we have many popular industry vendors onboard who will be happy to assist you with their products as well as occasionally provide exclusive T3G discounts and sponsored giveaways.