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Rear Solution- AAL?


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Jun 12, 2021
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I just purchased an Icon Stage 1 kit.

2.5 front coilers
2.0 aluminum series rear shocks
Icon UCA's

I didn't purchase leafs for the rear assuming that it would be ok since its essentially a level. But now Im concerned iy won't be level. Should I add the Icon aal? I will eventually want to add deavers but don't think the 2.0 shock can handle a stage 1 Deaver pack.

Any thoughts or guidance would be very helpful. Thank you.
You do have the ability to set the front preload to whatever lift height you want, but you can also look into the icon progressive add a leaf aswell and that should be ok with the 2.0 you will just be limited in your down travel
I have OME Dakar 2.5 heavy duty, and they are great, level, truck has a great stance.


pic 4.jpg
I don't think you'd need much from the front to get it level.

Good reference is looking up 5100/ome springs pictures.
Most have a 1.5" AAL.

With the 5100/ome
887 = 2.25"
888 = 2.75"

Should give you a general idea. I'd just grab the AAL and make it a Stage 2.

  • 58630 (QTY.1) | 2005-UP Toyota Tacoma 4WD/PreRunner 2.5" IFP Coilover Shock Kit
  • 51100 (QTY.1) | 2005-UP Toyota Tacoma 4WD/PreRunner 1.5" lift Add-A-Leaf Kit
  • 56503R (QTY.2) | 2005-UP Toyota Tacoma 4WD/PreRunner (0-1.5" Lift) 2.0 Aluminum Series Rear Remote Reservoir Shock