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Alignment cam bolts seized... good time for LCAs or nah?


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Been working on a bunch of frontend stuff. I'm currently working to increase caster to max to get the most tire clearance for the 37s and then finish the camber with the UCAs. Then I'll take it to a good alignment shop and have them align it.

But, both driver side cam bolts are seized. I whipped out my ol' friend 🪚 but not even the saw can handle it. I guess I need to try a better blade maybe. But that isn't really why I'm making the thread.

Since I'm about to take the LCAs out anyway, should I upgrade them? Here's how I feel... Upgrading the uppers is great because they are usually adjustable and they have more tire clearance over the stock ones. But the lowers? Never really wanted to upgrade them to be honest. I was waiting for them to crack/bend first but after 3 years, a lot of abuse, and way too much GVWR, my stock LCAs are fine.

The only reason I might be inclined to upgrade is if I can get a hair more tire clearance for the 37s. That, and maybe if aftermarket LCAs are known to drive tighter than stock ones, if that's even a thing?

Any input? Any suggestions?
@ARCHIVE I would love to hear your input. But again, I'm not concerned with the strength/durability of the stock LCAs based off my experience with them. I'm mostly wondering about other potential benefits of aftermarket ones.
Truck has been sitting like this for a couple weeks. It's a pretty serious surgery on all sorts of crap.

**** know this is old, but these adjustment cam bolt can be a pain.

I’ve had an FJ since 2008. It uses the same type cams and bolts. Here is what I’ve done. I remove the cam bolts and LIBERALLY apply anti seize compound every fall. I put a witness mark on the cam bolt and the frame tab so I can get them reinstalled very close. I then get it realigned.

I have been running the same set of cam bolts and have never had any issues. And yes, I have lived in Kansas, Illinois and now Indiana where they use salt and brine in winters
This is even older... My cam bolts are seized on one side. I am replacing both LCAs as soon as possible.
When you replace them, I would suggest using factory cam bolts. They are the most robust & of the highest quality. Coat them with anti-seize compound, as in COATED.