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What's in the Eibach box?😆


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Jul 4, 2020
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I can't wait to try these Eibach coilovers 2.0 and the sport rear shocks with the Icon AAL and sumo bump stops!
I'm so tired of nose dive, the lean when cornering...and riding the rear bump stops on any whoops more than 4 inch deep 😆 and only 500 pounds in the truck including me!
The Taco has a lot of potential, but in my opinion the suspension of my off road should have comes with Fox 2.0 or Elka 2.0, at least 6112/5160 bilsteins.
The pro should get the 2.5 reservoir at the price they ask for!
The 2.5 will be my next step if I really need more than the Eibach!
What you guys think?


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I too am looking at the Eibach setup for my truck. It looks like yours came fully assembled with the top plates and all. Where did you order these from?
I too am looking at the Eibach setup for my truck. It looks like yours came fully assembled with the top plates and all. Where did you order these from?
This is the pro truck coilover 2.0 kit so you can adjust the preload (heigh) on the truck.
I live in Quebec, Canada I order all my truck parts from lowriders.ca. they dont mess around with price and service!
Here's an update about the Eibach coilovers 2.0/sport shock with Icon aal.

It is awesome!
Now the truck feel planted, there's alot less body rool and the ride is more rafined.
The saggy boat lean is gone. It is a firmer ride because of the valving but not stiff at all.
The suspension transmit valuable infos to the driver and I tried some dips and bumps while turning and there's alot less vertical movement.

I have a trip coming fire roads and some technical trails, I will write my feedback in a near future.
If any of you want a 2-2.5" here it is!
Here's the follow up!
This eibach 2.0 suspension is great with the icon aal and Timbren active off road bumpstops.
Loaded for vacation (pics below) the truck kept his good manners with 1500 pounds of payload including the girlfriend, the dog and my 150 pounds rock sliders.
It hit the bumpstops with authority😎 one time. These Timbren absorb alot compare to the stock hard rubber.

In gravel road it's more planted and calm. It can go faster without annoying body movements. Yes it's a better truck as the speed rises.

On the asphalt twisties the truck doesnt need alot of steering input and anticipation of front end diving.
The quality of the damping is noticable even on the road.

Again this is no mid or long travel kit, but i did try the rail road whoop near my house and at a pretty good pace to see what happened when I use all the travel...
I was ready to go again! And then my venerable age of 43 kick in😆
Kidding apart, It does use its travel/spring rate/valving in a very effective way.
My TRD OR should have come like this from factory.
I hope It can help anyone who is shopping.
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