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Taco Lean - Rear


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Jan 20, 2019
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I am aware of Taco lean and it's in the front left. I don't see many people talk about the rear. I've noticed it was present for a while now. Any input?
Some say just slip a shim/spacer in the rear left.

This is with a 1/4 tank of gas. I do have the bed stiffeners. Could it be the bed stiffeners causing it or making it appear worse? Was I supposed to relieve all the pressure off the rear before tightening the bed stiffeners? Could it be that the axle rotated when doing the lift? Loosen both sides and then retighten the U-Bolts? When doing a search I saw some had experienced the same lean in the rear.

Ran across this on this forum. First time hearing it's more the rear. I always thought the taco lean was the driver side front.

I guess the rear left is just lower no matter what.

edit because I explained it opposite of the norm. I think I got twisted thinking about the way your suspension is currently sitting, higher on the driver, which is not the norm. The normal "taco lean" is the drivers side (especially the rear) sitting lower than the passenger.

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Little off topic. But I love that license plate.
Thanks. I get a lot of compliments. It's the original. Some guy had R0FLMA0. Zeroes and not O's. I kept getting his parking tickets and I was paying them thinking it could have been me. One day I finally looked at it and it said I had a Blue Audi. I had a Black Scion at the time. Local said I was out my money. Spotted him on Craigslist selling his car. I messaged him and he said he'd buy me a beer... -.-

There are a few other plates I want to get. Debating on picking up rolling chassis and take a parking spot to piss off the HOA.

Is your left rear lower?
I guess I'm just being a little bitch. Seems to be normal. Found a few members here with the same thing. For aftermarket leafs, are they side specific? One side compensating for it?
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