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Help with Alignment/Rubbing


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Nov 18, 2021
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I have a 2019 Tacoma TRD Sport. I just lifted it 3 inch front and 2 inch rear. Wheels -- 17X9 -12 offset. Tires 285/70R17. Stock UCA.

I did the alignment, but I think they didn't do it right. I'm rubbing the cab mount/fender flare a bit hard on the front passenger side only. I rubbed same part on the driver side but slightly.

I'm sending it back to alignment but I am not sure what specs should I tell the person.

Please advise. Pictures attached too.


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You will need a CMC for sure, maybe even a cab relocation kit?
Your front wheels wells may need cutting/ heat gun to push towards the front more..to extend or both?

I had the same problem where only the passenger side rubbing….someone on this forum mention to move my passenger side tire forward ( most it can go ..1/2”? ) which I did , but had steering pull, went back the alignment tech , and he mention I need to move drivers forward 1/2 inch, which the tech did, so far NO tire rubs…! Note I have 275/70r/ 17 with 12 offset too…. You may need aftermarket UCA’ arms…I have a SPC upper control arms, and my wheel alignment was all green bars…almost perfect!

Funny there were a few people with the same size lift and same problem of rubbing only on the driver side too!
After my lift I notice the driver side tire ( from factory) was already 1/2 “ more forward then the passenger side.. there is still a wider gap on the driver side…go figure why? But steering is normal…

They say up to 2 inch lifts you can use the stock UCA …but best to go with ones made for a lifted trucks, I like SPC, JBL, beware Uni- balls require high maintenance, research this ?

Good luck hope this helps!
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He doesn't need a cab mount chop.

Goldcoin: just trim a little bit of the plastic fender that is rubbing. Shouldn't be too big a deal. My favorite way to do this is with a soldering iron, just melt a "cut" in it. Keep a solid amount of plastic around the screw eye that holds the fender on down in that area, but you can easily shave an extra 0.5-1 inch of space in that area.