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Rancho lift kit?


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May 5, 2020
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Sherwood, Arkansas
2018 TRD OR DCLB Auto
Anyone got any feedback on this Rancho kit? I can get this fairly cheap and I have run some rancho struts on a previous truck and really liked them. The part number is RS66901R9

How cheap is fairly cheap? Rancho knows what they're doing as far as putting a shock together but I have no experience with the coilovers and in the rear your only lift is coming from blocks. Not sure about those UCAs either, says they're adjusted from stock to help alignment but I haven't seen a set of theirs myself. If you're just trying to get it up some for clearance and don't care too much about ride quality this might not be a bad budget option. If you're A) planning on keeping the truck for a while, B) planning on doing some wheeling, or C) want a nice ride quality I would probably save for something a little nicer & more complete with at least an AAL or something in the back. And if this would set you back more than a grand I'd probably just take it off the table.
This is the reason I love T3G! All great advice and I really appreciate that. My truck will definitely be getting used on the trail plus my daily driver. I know the much more expensive options will ride better and probably perform better than this kit. I also have had experience with the rancho quick lift struts on a previous F-150 that I had and absolutely loved the ride. As with the blocks in the rear, those are easily trashed as soon as I can afford springs or AAL’s. This kit will be just under a grand and I like the fact that it comes with the UCA’s. I am the guy that likes trying the “unpopular” options and I am usually pleasantly surprised. I do understand that it wouldn’t be the Baja rig that kings or any other top names would make it but the trail riding I’ll be doing, this really seems to be a pretty solid choice. I have pretty much come to the decision on getting these so I’ll be doing a review once installed and flexed on the trail.

Again everyone I appreciate every comment on this and welcome many more.
I have the Rancho shocks and coil overs. Instead of blocks in the rear I have Old Man Emu Dakar leaf packs. I don’t really off-road so cannot comment on how well they do with that. As far as being a daily driver pavement princess they’re great. I keep mine dialed in at setting 7.
Rancho is owned by Tenneco who has been building struts since they existed for OE so they now struts and build a reputable product. I is also a high pressure nitrogen strut unlike some on the market using a hydro with foam cell so it will better combat fade under harsh use. So if your not needing the high performance of a coilover then Rancho will hold up well for a daily driver with mild off-road use.

What I see in their kit that I would stay away from is the polyurethane bushings. Most MFG's have moved away from these for longevity in any control arm configuration as they do not hold up anywhere near as well as the Rubber bushings.

Blocks are only maybe 1.5" so not something to worry about and they also include a carrier bearing drop I don't often see included so looks well thought out, other than poly bushings.
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Well I bought and installed this kit two weekends ago and tested this past weekend out on the trails. I can tell a huge difference when it comes to “soaking” up the bumps. On the way into camp I left the tires aired up and I was impressed. Also, with the ability to adjust the firmness, the on road manners are great too. I’m not saying they could ever compete with the bigger higher priced coil overs but I do believe this kit is highly underrated. In the future as I add more weight I’m sure I’ll ditch the blocks but am happy with out it turned out.