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Tacoma Newbie Lift Suggestions


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Nov 28, 2021
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I'm sure there's posts like this daily... forgive me.
Just got a '22 TRD Offroad.
I'm not a hard-core offroader but I live in the country and like to hunt, fish, and get into some mud on occasion.
Looking for a 3.5"ish lift to fit 35's.
I'm not wanting to go cheap but I also don't want to get something that I'll never get good use out of.
Any brand reccomendations? Or even specific all-inclusive kits ? Also are there any necessary supporting mods for a lift at that height?
Should also mention I'm wanting this to still be a competent daily driver.
If money is no object, I'd go icon or accutune (who uses icon hardware and fox or king shocks/coil overs). I've had experience with icon and have been very happy with their products.

You'll also find some good leaf spring sticky threads which will recommend Icon's RXT or Dobinson's rear pack, both of which are customizable by adding or removing leaves to fit your load.

Budget kits from Old Man Emu are fine, but the rear leaf springs squeak.

Bilstein makes some good kits as well. Most of us have hybrid set ups based on a combination of budget and "best parts" from each company. Again, if dropping $5000 on parts doesn't bother you, just grab icon's stage 9, or call up accutune and get a complete kit.
Old Man Emu BP-51s are AWESOME. No squeaking from my springs yet...

You'll want to re-gear to be a decent daily.

I've seen a lot of issues mention with the CV axle when you go above 2.5". How did you overcome that?
I've seen a lot of issues mention with the CV axle when you go above 2.5". How did you overcome that?
Differential drop. For some reason Tacoma guys don't think that helps. But it did for my old 4Runner with has the same front end.