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King 3.0x12" Shocks w/ Archive Shock Relocation Kit

New Holland Overland

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May 22, 2018
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Holland, MI
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Huge shoutout to Eric at @ARCHIVE for his amazing shock relocation kit! His communication and customer service has been nothing but extraordinary, responsive, and helpful.

I was able to stuff KING 3.0x12" smooth bodies (2.5 reservoir w/ comp adjusters) into the kit without a hitch. The only modification I needed to do was modify a 3/4" wrench for the top shock bolt nut since the 3.0 body is larger it barely provided enough room to get a wrench back there. Everything clears perfectly, measured and installed at full bump (1/2" shock shaft showing) which I can also adjust later on with the King bumpstops.

The photos below show the comparison of 3.0x12" shock to an OEM EXT King shock. As well as the reservoir mounting with the larger resi's. Accutune is who I went through to provide the shocks (waited 9 months), doing their custom "adventure" tune to match the weight of the truck (6500lb's). So far the ride quality is phenomenal, incredibly smooth and very controlled. No testing for high-speed or jumping has been done yet but I'll provide that data in the springtime.

Suspension info:
KING 3.0x12" Smooth Bodies w/ 2.5 Resis w/ Comp Adjusters (Accutune - adventure tune)
KING 2.0 Threaded Hydro Bumps (200PSI)
Deaver Stage 3 Leaf Springs
15" Trail Gear Limit Straps (Not shown)
Archive Shock Relocation
Archive Hammer Hangers
Ruffstuff Axle Truss
DMZ Box'd Frame
New Holland Overland - Custom boxed plate for X member
ORW - U bolt flip w/ Strike Plate (Modified w/ 1/2" spacer to clear bumpstops)
If anyone has questions about the setup let me know