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Are UCA's really necessary?


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Feb 22, 2021
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Colorado Springs, CO.
2021 TRD OR DCSB Manual
Hello all,

I recently picked up my 2021 TRD OR at the end of February. We all know that the factory Wrangler tires are pieces of crap. I am going to be replacing them, and thought I would go with the +1 size of 265/75-16. I know its not much, but I don't want to go too crazy right out of the gate. In saying that; I am also looking at just doing a simple "leveling lift" of the Eibach-protruck-lift-system-stage-1. The question I end up having, is do I need/should I have to, replace the UCA's when doing something as minor as a leveling kit?
I don't consider myself a 'extreme off-roader', but I am the kind of individual who sees a rabbit trail and thinks "that might be a good 'road' to take?"
So what are some opinions on this?

Thanks all!
Yes, in agreement with Bio, and Jonny P, after reading about the new ones, and with what you wanna do, your stock ones should be fine. they are an upgrade from with was on mine.
From what I understand of UCA,S....recommended if lifting over 2inches ..like 2 1/2 or higher...like SPC and JBA,s upper control arms...my son has JBAs..