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Old Man Emu Suspension


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May 31, 2018
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Whats up T3G. This can be the OME thread for photos, questions, etc. This suspension is an Austrialian made quality suspension meant for running the outback. It has served me excellent by creating lift as well as increased performance over stock OR suspension. It is a lower level suspension system but perfect for those wanted the looks combined with increased performance of light-medium offroading.

For this suspension I’d recommend:

1) Upper control arms of your choice. For this priced suspension most choose LR UCA’s.

2) Front struts. Firm struts for running added weight or sport struts for normal weight.

3) Driver side trim packer

4) Springs. Ive attached a chart for heights/weights

5) Rear Sport Shocks

6) A leaf pack. Possible options are HS-3 AAL or Dacker full replacement packs.

Optional needed items:
-Carrier bearing drop
-Extended brake lines

The above lift will yield between 2.25-2.75” approximately. You can also add 1/4” or 1/2” metal spacers ontop for a full 3” lift which I have done without issues.

Here I am running OME setup with 886 springs and 1/4” top plates for the added height. I also needed UCA’s as my alignment sucked. Now it runs smooth. I did not need a ECGS needle bearing replacement yet. I fit 33’s just fine without the need for a cmc. I also would recommend the 886 heavy springs even if you dont plan to run a bumper for several months as I did not notice it too stiff with stock.

I'm Running the OME BP-51 kit, with the light duty Dakar leaf pack. Came with a free pair of SPC upper control arms. I used the videos in my build thread to guide me through the install (mostly used for the torque specs). I'm pretty damn happy with the purchase.

I'm running the BP-51 setup with HD Dakars and SPC UCA's. Very happy with them and there are a ton of pictures in my build thread if anyone is looking.

Here's some helpful files for anyone to use.

BP-51 specs, Clamshell Bushing install instructions, and Tacoma Torque specs.


  • Toyota_Tacoma_OMETAC16BP51B.pdf
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  • ClamshellBushingInstall.pdf
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  • torspe.pdf
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Are bp-51’s rebuilable? What other suspension are they comparable to?
Are bp-51’s rebuilable? What other suspension are they comparable to?

Yes they are rebuildable. What they are comparable to is debatable and you'll here arguments for all sorts of why they are and aren't for whatever shocks. But they are higher level imho. They have their drawbacks, but for me they are just about perfect for my usage.
This was my (sort of, kinda half) OME setup on my last 3rd Gen:

- OME 888 Coils
- 2nd Gen Bilstein 5100 Front Shocks, no preload on the coils
- Headstrong 1/4" Top Plate Spacer & Shock Bushing/Washer Kit
- Sway Bar Delete
- SPC Gen 2 UCAs

- OME Dakar Leaf Packs (old part number) w/ Zip Tie Mod
- OME Carrier Bearing Drop Kit
- Headstrong Center Pin Lengthener Kit
- Headstrong Poly Leaf Pack Bushings & Sleeves
- 2nd Gen Bilstein/RCD B110 Rear Shocks
- Rear Brake Line Bracket Relocation
- Extended ABS Sensor Cable Bracket


2-Year Synopsis: Very flexy setup off-road. 888s were far too soft for the highway without a sway bar and also sagged a lot over time, was not a fan of them at all unless I was on the rocks... horrible body roll, pitch/dive, and they'd take on attitude when cornering. Wasn't impressed with the Gen 2 SPC UCAs either but the new Gen 3 version offers a huge number of significant improvements. The Dakar leafs held up well over time despite supporting a constant 250-300lbs over stock 24/7 and rode well. The whole setup offered a huge amount of articulation-per-dollar and worked really nicely rock crawling but sucked at everything else.