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Suggestions for lift


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Feb 2, 2019
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2017 TRD OR DCSB Manual
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Hey all,

Today I purchased my very first 2017 Tacoma TRD Off Road with 6 speed transmission. I plan on using this as my hunting pickup and daily driver. I live in South Dakota so I have to drive everywhere for everything. I usually average around 15-20,000 miles a year.

I need something to be able to handle the load of game as big as an elk (and other hunting gear). But, also be able to handle the road miles I put on the vehicle. I will be also upgrading wheels and tires. I will be adding a roof top tent at some point too.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I’m really happy with my 6112’s up front and the OME Dakar springs in the back with 5160’s. It was about $1600 for the kit. I later added the SPC light racing UCAs for added assurance. But I didn’t have any issues before adding them. Just for piece of mind.

I’m waiting on my 700 lbs springs to come in. The ride is great with the 600 lbs springs (the ones they come with originally) but I’m going to add a winch and bumper soon. So I want to compensate for the added weight up front. I have a drawer/sleeping platform, prinsu rack and a shell and the medium duty pack (EL095R) is starting to sag. So I’m going to add the extra leaf to make it the heavy kit (EL096R).

I’m running T4R pro rims and 275/70/17 tires and I only rub slightly on the mud flaps when fully loaded and while turning and hit a bump.




I'm happy right now with 5100s, 884 springs and a 1-1/2" AAL. But when I hit 50k miles, I'm going with GTS or Dobinsons set up.