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King suspension

should be about the same as the other known brands of coilovers. there's lots of third party shock rebuilders and some who do it part time for a cheaper rate.
We sell every brand but run King shocks for a few reasons. Icon shocks are not "completely" sealed and we have seen too much inside corrosion which in turn leads to a break down of parts and also their top hat design is more easily broken by a larger percentage than other brands. Fox needs to step up their anodizing. Too much outer corrosion and they may have here recently, we haven't worked much with their stuff recently. Bilstein coilover systems are way pricier than the others and may be better but we dont have experience with them. I can say the top hats are beefy. The OME BP51 series seem very nice as well and perform well but are also more expensive and we dont have much experience with them. RadFlo shocks are great and work well on these trucks but the fitment sometimes is a little on the more on the difficult side. Kings perform the same if not better than other brands without the mentioned issues. Everyone will like a specific brand for one reason or another but they will all perform the way they are supposed to and maintenance is simple enough on any of them, many people rebuild their own shocks.
Is rebuilding shocks necessary even if you’re mostly just mall crawling?
Suspension will always require maintenance. There are recommended mileage points for re-builds. I think the recommended for icon and king is 45,000. If you are mall crawling with little to no abuse then I would check it at that mileage and see how things are looking