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Bilstein 6112's/1560 w/ Dakar leaf pack

Austin Littlejohn

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Sep 19, 2018
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2017 Sport DCSB Auto
Want to see peoples feed back on the 3rd gen version 6112's/1560 w/ OME Dakar setup.
What notch do you have it set on?
Hows the ride at that setting?
Are you running the Bilsteins coils that come with it?
Can you post a picture of it please?
I'm also interested in doing this. What wheel/tire combo are people running with the 6112/1560/OME kits?
I see people running 285/75/16 that have no rub when set to 2 inches(5/6 notch). Im looking into swapping out the bilstein coils with taller King coils. Better ride by reducing the coil compression.
Installed it yesterday. Easy install


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I’ve had mine on for a few months now. I have mine set at the 5th notch on both sides and a 1/4” spacer on the drivers side for the lean. (Yes I know I could have set it at 6th on the left side). Just thought I’d throw that out there. I had the suspension police on TW after me when I posted my setup there?.
I’m still running 265/70-17’s on Method NV’s. I don’t plan on going to 285’s. I think it looks great the way it is. I don’t want to lose any more mpg’s and power and I don’t want to cut up my truck. I have no regrets at all. Highly recommend the setup!!!


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Installed it yesterday. Easy install

What notch did you "Austin Littlelohn" end up setting it too? What series 6112 did you get? I got the Gen 2 ones and installing on my Gen 3 Taco. I was thinking about setting 4 for drivers and 3 for passenders or get a spacer and set both sides to 3. I don't want to mess with UCA.