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Bilstein 5100 and OME 885 or 887?


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Jul 3, 2018
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I have a 2018 OR. 3k miles. My rear is 1.5 higher than the front. Looking to level. Also thinking about getting old man emu coils.
Will ome 885 with 1.75 lift or 887 2.25 lift do the job? Reason why I’m undecided is concerned if rear will lift With the bilstein 5100?
Rear shocks do nothing to lift the truck if that's what you're referring to.

Is the truck all stock and you're just trying to get rid of the factory rake? And is this is purely a cosmetic decision, or are you going for something else? If so, 5100s alone on the front will level the truck if set to the first notch above stock, or make it just ever so slightly nose-high on the second notch over stock. It will ride firmer than stock with the factory coils preloaded on the 5100s. If you were to get the OME 885 coils and set them on 5100s at the stock setting, they may make the truck sit nose-high initially but will eventually sag over time and sit pretty level with the rear, and they will ride softer than stock.
Great! Thanks for your input. That answers my question. I put a slightly bigger tire with Scs f5 wheels 265/76/16. Yes I do want to get rid of the rake and also improve performance. So I will likely go with ome 885 with the billies 5100. Will the strut be ok set with 0 setting? Or you recommend 1st botch since it will sag over time? Also would you happen to know if the rear shocks will be an improvement from the stock 4600? Or same? Thanks!!
If you go with 885s I would not preload them on the 5100s or you will end up with too much height. The 885s alone should settle to add somewhere around 1.25-1.5" of lift, leveling you with the rear.

The 5100s are an improvement over the OEM Bilstein 4600s, but not tremendously so. They're inexpensive enough and so easy to install that I would just do it to have the front match the rear.
Yes I don’t want it much higher with the preload. Thank you made my decision to just stick with the coils for now and wear it out and upgrade the struts and shocks at a later time. Much appreciated OutKast!
Can I use the OME 885 coils with stock trd OR struts?
No, they will physically fit but the coils are too long and of the wrong spring rate to pair with the OEM Bilsteins. You need either 2nd or 3rd Gen 5100s or one of the OME Nitrocharger options to pair with 885+ coils.
Ok I figured. Ordered the 5100s and ome 885s. Will update once I get these in. Hopefully this will level it out and improve ride and performance vs the stock 4600s. Thanks for your input much appreciated