SUSPENSION Extended or Standard, can't decide

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Been looking around at different shock options and can't decide if I should get a mid travel since I wanna lift truck later and would end up getting UCAs for alignment issues anyway. Looking to get Kings all around to level truck (1" front, stock rear) at the moment. Will it be beneficial to run it like this if I got standard length CO and UCA later (leaning more towards the just leveling cause I hate rake more than I want lift)? If I got the mid travel, would I need to get extra stuff like longer brake lines, bump stops, leaf packs (will an AAL be enough) on top of the mandatory need for UCAs? I know I don't need the resi shocks but I also don't wanna buy some 5100s and have them feel like the shitty stock Bilsteins with height adjustability and end up getting resi shocks anyway.
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Since you are asking mostly about length I'll answer just that.

I would go with extended shocks to future-proof your truck (meaning you if you have them the first time you won't ever feel like you made the wrong choice). I don't think they're much more expensive and they would technically feel the same until you are flexing your truck to the point of full droop. Yes, you would want extended brake lines to be safe. AAL is enough depending on how much actual lift (not the same as travel) that you want. If you want more lift, a full leaf pack might be better. The extended shocks give you more travel but won't effect your lift height.

If you just want to level your truck/AAL, extended shocks are technically overkill but still make sense if you think you would ever want more lift on your truck.
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