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ADS Suspension


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May 21, 2018
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Denver, Colorado
2017 TRD OR DCSB Auto
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Hey guys,
I've been spending the majority of my free time researching suspension options for my truck, and have seen many threads on Fox, Icon and Kings. I stumbled upon ADS through Headstrong Offroad's website and was curious to see if anyone was currently running it or planning on running it on their truck? How does it ride? Is it worth the money? etc.
I don't own it but I've done a lot of research and there's a lot of positive feedback on ADS.

Honestly if I had a big budget, I'd go with ADS. Headstrong wouldn't endorse anything that is junk. They have a good reputation and want to keep it.
I have a friend with ADS and he’s got no complaints either. It’s not a 3rd gen but ADS is definitely a good alternative to the other three you listed.
ADS right here. We have their 2.5 remote resi coilovers and shocks, with clickers, and I absolutely love them. My wife keeps them at 3 clicks front and one click rear (above full soft) for daily driving. The truck rides orders of magnitude better than stock and handles like it's on rails.
Considering ADS next as well. or... the 8112 8160 bilsteins.
You guys wouldn't be disappointed!


I am most likely going ADS on the new truck and highly recommend working with Marie at Headstrong Off Road if you do. It's a bummer Headstrong isn't a vendor here yet.
I got my ADS 2.5 extended front coilovers with RR adjusters, rear 2.5 extended shocks with RR adjusters, and icon Delta UCA from headstrong off road. I opted for these over the rest of the competition for my 17 Tacoma TRD OR.

I have yet to install them. Deciding between deaver or icon rxt leafs. Sounds like everyone swears by deavers so I'll pull the trigger ASAP and review them.