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wheels / tires

wheels / tires
  1. bonifacio

    Strict Inspections? Tire size tip. Lol.

    Strict inspections? Here's a neat trick! https://www.facebook.com/watch?v=990977775582983
  2. GTGallop

    Bumper Mounted LED Tail Light Strip

    Looking for a an LED Tail Light Strip - the kind that mounts on the bumper below the tailgate. My one requirements is that is has a plug-n-play wiring harness. Googling this comes up with hundreds and hundreds of cheap $30 to $80 strips that are just bare wires you have to splice in. Sorry...
  3. R

    Can 2023 Stock steel rims be replaced by the OEM gloss black alloy wheels without issue

    I bought a new 2023 extended cab SR5. A friend just removed his stock black gloss alloy wheel's off his 2023 Tacoma and offered them to me. It was the same size tire (245/75R16). My concern is that he has fender flare where mine does not. Is the backspacing the same on both rims? I am concerned...
  4. Levi3

    Tacoma tires

    I have a 97 taco i can fit 33s no problem. I’m trying to upgrade to 37s, currently on the truck i have a 3’’body lift and a 2.5 leveling kit also i run 2 inch wheel spacers will i have to do any major trimming?
  5. P

    Wheel Spacers

    1.5 inch spacers will be installed on my 21 Tacoma. Have there been reports of decreased turning radius?
  6. Tyler

    Where to find current best tire sales?

    Looking to replace the BFG KM3's on my Jeep (I know) and I'm wondering if anyone knows how to find good tire sales. Four years ago got a tip from a forum that BFG was officially selling tires on eBay for $200 off purchase AND buy 4 get one free. I don't want to miss something of that nature, lol.
  7. Pmadera1

    1.25 hub centric coyote spacers

    Selling my 1.25 wheel spacers currently on truck
  8. M

    What will my truck look like with 285/75r15 0 offset.

    Hey everyone! New here. Just bought a 2023 trd offroad. I'm wondering if anyone can show me what my truck might look like with 3" spacers in the front and 1" in the back along with 285/75r15 tires and a 0 offset wheel? Any pics would be great! Even better..if you have my exact truck..it's...
  9. ct__tacoma

    255/80/17 Nitto Recon Grapplers on a lifted TRD Sport w/ Stock Wheels

    Title says it all. Just had the tires mounted today, and I am SO stoked to finally be on some pizza cutters. Thought I would use this thread as a photo dump of the setup for anyone doing visual research, and also to document my experience with these tires and the 255/80 size in general...
  10. TylerAbu

    Wheel offset

    I got a 6 inch pro comp lift and want to get new wheels for my truck. Anyone know the minimum size offset i will need? I want to get RRW RR7-H’s but the offset is -25 and im not sure if theyll fit because of my bigger spindle. If anyone can help me out please…
  11. 406Camper

    Is CO2 worth it?

    Just checked prices for CO2 cylinders in my area. Holly smokes!!! $47 to fill a 10 lb cylinder. And the 10 lb'ers are pretty rare. Is it worth it when you add the cost of the cylinder or powertank system (~$400 basic system). I saw some guys filling up quickly (3x faster) with CO2 in Moab...
  12. Captqc

    Les Schwab Mazama tires

    I picked up a set of used tires for $550 with only 400 miles on them. So far I really like them, very quiet on the highway.
  13. W

    Overthought Spare Tire

    I searched for something like this and couldn't find it, I combined some ideas from multiples users and thought I would share for other people trying to do what I did. I wanted to fit a full size 285/70/17 spare tire, and have it be part of my 5 wheel rotation. Two problems i've seen personally...
  14. Tyler

    3rd gen Tacoma on 40" tires!!

    Big day today! Our 37” tires were feeling small so we threw on some 40s to get the most rubber to the gallon. Pretty stoked on the new stance! 🛞🤭
  15. W

    Spare tire question

    I'm not sure how to search this question because there is multiple parts. I have 285/70/17 k02s with Method 703 0/4.75" spacing. https://www.methodracewheels.com/products/703-matte-black?variant=31922243207229 with their "extended" lug nut kit (6 lug 12x1.5) I have a 5th 17" k02 but the spare...
  16. AltarBoy

    Show me your lodio drive wheels.

    Considering tracking down a set of lodio drive. Curious if anyone is also running these in particular
  17. A

    New TRD Sport owner, need help with a few wheel/tire questions

    So I just picked up my new 2022 TRD Sport 2 days ago and first item on the mods list is wheel tires. I came across this listing on FB marketplace and wanted to see if this is a good deal. I got the seller down to $1600 for the set, he claims 400 miles of usage on both the tires and wheels...
  18. 406Camper

    Pizza Cutter MT Shootout - Officially Over. No Rubbing!

    Ok guys and gals, I need your feedback. Looking to purchase new "skinny" tires for Moab in 255/85/16. All research points to these MT tires: Brand Size Weight Falken Wildpeak MT 32-33.1" 51 lbs. Toyo MT 33.5"...
  19. S

    What Would You Do?

    Ok, so in my original Gen2 truck/trailer setup, I snagged a set of four wheels for the trailer to match the OEM ones I had on my Gen2. Fast forward and now that I've cross-graded to my Gen3, I've been toying with the idea of matching the trailer wheels to what I'm currently running on my Gen3...
  20. SilverBullet3g

    Steering Stabilizers

    So my truck is constantly pulling to the right and nothing I’ve done will help. I’ve paid for alignments and it literally does nothing. I’ve gotten the tires rotated because sometimes if one tire is more worn down than the others it can pull that way, and it still doesn’t help. My buddy has a...
  21. S

    Largest with 0 offset and no lift?

    I have a 21 SR, no fender guards, no mud flaps, and I don't want a lift or leveling. I found 17 x 8.5 0 offset wheels I want to have installed with Falken Wildpeaks AT3Ws, either 265/70s or 265/65s. The dealer claims they will rub because of the offset, and also depends on the alignment. Anyone...
  22. bonifacio

    Tire Pressure - Daily Driving

    Does tire size dictate the tire pressure? What size tires do you have and what pressure do you run for daily driving? I'm on 265/75/16. It seems to sit at 32psi. Was at 36psi when it was warmer out. Should you go higher if you have more weight?
  23. M

    WANTED Ultra wheel Maverick 17x9 Tacoma X

  24. TCOTUE

    Toyo Open Country A/T II

    Been researching tires quite feverishly. I think I've decided to go skinny for mileage reasons. Also I don't off-road all the time, maybe once a month (really just fire roads). Big O Tires has these LT255-80R17 for right at $200 a tire. Eventually I plan on going Bilstein 5100's, but that is...
  25. TacoDerek

    Upgrading to 285/70R17 for my ORD, should I grab a full-sized spare?

    I've finally decided to pull the trigger on putting some bigger tires on my taco, going from stock 265/70R16 to to 285/70R17 KO2s on Motegi MR150 wheels, and I've found a decent price at Discount Tire. However, since I'll be bumping up about 2" in size over stock, I'm wondering if it's a good...
  26. dunethetaco

    Wheel/Tire planning for a 2" OME lift

    I've got a stock 2020 TRD OR DCLB that I'm planning on giving a ~2" lift with the Old Man Emu medium load kit. Wheels Once the lift is done, I'm looking at a set of 16"x8" Fifteen52 Turbomac HD Classics. It looks like I can choose a back spacing of 4.5" or 4.75". Tires For tires, I'm...
  27. dunethetaco

    Planning out my wheels/tires for a 2" OME lift

    I've got a stock 2020 TRD OR DCLB that I'm planning on giving a ~2" lift with the Old Man Emu medium load kit. Wheels Once the lift is done, I'm looking at a set of 16"x8" Fifteen52 Turbomac HD Classics. It looks like I can choose a back spacing of 4.5" or 4.75"...
  28. itsthex

    How different does your truck drive with heavier wheels and tires?

    Hey all, How does your heavier wheel and tire setup affect vehicle drivability? How much heavier is your setup and what types of changes have you seen/felt? I can't seem to get a good consensus on this. Some say they didnt notice the additional 20lbs per wheel, others say different.
  29. R

    Front valance

    I have a 2020 Tacoma and I lifted it 3” and put on bigger tires. In doing so I had to add spacers and now I’m hitting the front valance. When you do this did you have to cut/remove the valance?
  30. S

    Anyone running Anthem Off-Road wheels on here?

    We’ve seen a ton of Tacos running Anthem Off-Road wheels recently, whether it’s out on the trails or headed down the highway. Is anyone on here running Anthem wheels? We have some good info about Anthem here: Who Is Anthem Off-Road? Drop some pictures with your wheel and tire specs. We're...
  31. SawJack

    Go from 265/70/16 to 265/85/16

    Hello! I currently have 265/70/16 on. Wondering if I could get away with a larger tire. Considering a 265/85/16. Same width, but more height. I have a Toytec Boss 2.0 installed with UCAs and leafs on a 2019 TRD Offroad. I'm trying to avoid CMC of any kind. I don't mind some trimming of...
  32. SawJack

    Tire help!

    Hello everyone! I need some suggestions on tire size. I have a 2019 TRD Offroad with a ToyTec Boss 2.0 lift kit. I'm also running 16" Fuel Vector rims with a 1 offset. On those rims are 265/70/16 Cooper STT Maxx tires. I currently have no rubbing, ever. I'd like to get a taller tire (not wider)...
  33. S

    Nitto Ridge Grappler or BFG TA K02 For A Tacoma?

    We know both the Ridge Grappler and BFG TA K02 have awesome reviews, but does anyone recommend one over the other for the Tacoma? We have some good info here, Nitto Ridge Grappler vs BFGoodrich T/A K02, but we wanted to see what other Taco owners prefer to run year-round. Thanks!
  34. itsthex

    Anyone running a "true" 34?

    Hey guys, I'm pretty set on running some 34s, but I'm at a crossroads between running a "true" 34 or a metric variant. For example, I was considering these: https://tiresize.com/tires/BFGoodrich/All-Terrain-TA-KO2-34X10.50R17.htm But I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with them. How...
  35. S

    Best Tacoma Wheel and Tire Fitment For An Outdoorsmen?

    One of my buddies at work is looking at upgrading to some new wheels and tires for his 3rd gen Tacoma, but he’s unsure about what sizes to runs. He commutes about 25 to 30 minutes to work during the week but is out on the trails hunting, fishing, or camping almost every weekend it seems like...
  36. wvytaco

    Does anyone on here run Maxxis Trepador Comps?

    I feel like I haven't seen too much of these for how awesome they look, just interested if anybody has run them and what their experience is? I tried mentioning running them as 35's or 37's on Tacoma world and almost got shot cause that's so disgraceful I guess :rolleyes:. I know will be lifting...
  37. shotgunbilly420

    front tire psi winch bumper

    I currently have added 290ish lbs to my front end and i have 285/75/16 E rated . Im running 40 psi as of now, what are you guys running for psi on front tires.
  38. C

    Ah dang, I got the rubs...

    So I just had new wheels and tires installed on my '21 Off Road. TRD matte black rims with Falken Wild Peaks 265/70r17. The tires rub on part of the mudflap piece. It's happening on both sides. What's the best fix that doesn't involve a lift kit? Are there any negatives to trimming that section...
  39. T

    Whining sound from front end

    I recently purchased a 2019 Tacoma SR5 with 25k miles on it. I got a 2inch level and 285s put on. That afternoon I tossed it in 4L, peeled out a couple times lightly on rocks. Tossed it in 2wl and kept going. Shortly after it started making this crazy high pitch whine when I turned at slow...
  40. CBrob

    Winter tires -- are they sticky?

    For the guys that know tires. Is a winter tire with it's softer compound stickier than an all terrain? If long wear is not a concern, is there any negative side to using winter tires year round?
  41. 2

    Options for 16-inch Wheels

    I have 285/75/16 tires running on stock wheels. Looking to upgrade the wheels but 16" wheels aren't too common. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction to a company that has a decent selection available.
  42. Bladwin

    Fun with tire sizes!!!

    I was sick of driving around on MT's year around. I originally got Super Swampers TRUXS in 255/85/16 with 15k on them. Great on the trail with no lift, no rub. In the rain, they have more sipping they said... they were worse than BF MT's with no sipping. Sooo been wanting some AT's for...
  43. B

    Help with choosing the right tires

    Hi all - I just ordered an Icon Stage 3 lift today for my 21 DCLB OR and will be ordering some method 704s with 0 offset in the coming days. One thing I'm struggling with is choosing the right tires for my driving profile and I could use some help. I'm looking at getting 285/75/16s, or...
  44. Aven2rus

    CMC Cab Mount Chop for tire clearance

    Hardest part was convincing myself into cutting up the new truck. I used BAMF CMC Plates and traced the shape onto the mount. I did not cut the liner as they show on the link. There a number of people making these but can only speak for BAMF telling you the fit was perfect and at only $16 is...
  45. volcomsteph27

    Wheel: Tacoma/4Runner

    -Brand: Fuel off road -Wheel size: 17x8.5 -Wheel model: Vector -Lug pattern 6x139.7 -Offset: +1 Color: black **rims only** Qty:4 Came off my 3rd gen taco. Had on for about 2 months. I just got a new set with a different offset. I no longer need. Local pick up Location: California Los...
  46. Geoffmoney

    Method 703 trail series

    Hello. Anybody got experience with the method 703’s. Thinking about picking up some. Would like to see some pictures of them on a vehicle not to many pictures out there. Thanks Geoff
  47. Ibryant20

    Multi Functional Tire Suggestion

    Hey everyone, i am looking for a good off-road tire that also is good for towing. I am pulling a travel trailer and am maxing out my tow load on my 2019 TRD Pro. So i am looking for a tire that is not only good for off-road use, rain/snow, but also towing up to the Tacoma Max. I have about...
  48. A

    Armory Black Rhino 17x9.5 | -18/4.50" Wheels

    I buy an Armory Black Rhino 17x9.5 | -18/4.50" Wheels for my Tacoma Off Road. The truck is not lifted, Which tire I can use?
  49. D

    Max tire size w/o a lift

    Can I run 31s if I have stock suspension btw I have a 19 SR5. Currently have 265/75r/16
  50. Stuarthewild

    16x8 or similar

    Hello everyone, I just have a question. I am trying to find a 16x8" or so bead-lock rim, so far the only sizes I can find is 17" or larger. I don't really want to go any larger than 16's. Does anyone make a bead-lock rim in this size, or will I be to bite the bullet and go with a 17" rim size?
  51. bpoifvet

    wheel spacers? good? bad?

    I know this is a very sensitive topic, but I generally want to know people's thoughts on wheel spacers, good or bad? Most of us want that aggressive wide-stance on our Tacoma some of you go with spacers, some go with the wider offset wheels and tires (did I get that correct?) I'm not the most...
  52. Tyler

    Wheel spacers while keeping the tires under the fenders?

    Hey guys. Sometimes we get new forum members that are not familiar with the technical aspect of how a website like this works. As a result, I often get private messages with Tacoma questions where the member thought they were posting a public thread. On behalf of @smarshall1234, I’m posting his...
  53. TRDcement_taco19

    Yay or nay? FALKEN ATW3

    Yay or Nay? Falken ATW3 well long story short I got a set of 5 for free! All 4 are Tires are about 14 or 15/32. New are about 19/32nd Size is 315/70-17 E load Current tires I’ve got are 285/75-17 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. I was looking into AT tires. Huge step up. But free! I light trail weekends...
  54. 2

    Thoughts on Yokohama Tires?

    Hey folks, I have a 202O Off Road and am getting a 3-inch lift and 33-inch tires. I was leaning towards the BDG KO2's but the shop recommended Yokohama Geolander A-T G015. Anyone have any experience with these tires? Thanks in advance!
  55. 2

    Thoughts on these Yokohama tires?

    Hey folks, I have a 202O Off Road and am getting a 3-inch lift and 33-inch tires. I was leaning towards the BDG KO2's but the shop recommended Yokohama Geolander A-T G015. Anyone have any experience with these tires? Thanks in advance!
  56. Tyler

    Fitting 37” tires on a 3rd Gen Tacoma (with photos)

    I took some reference photos of a 37” tire next to my 35s. I know doing it like this shows a warped perspective and doesn’t have the weight of the truck on the 37, but I figured not everyone has an extra 37 on hand, so why not? My truck has about 3" lift in the front and 4" lift in the rear in...
  57. DWhite750

    Snow Chain help

    First Winter in Colorado mountains and looking for the best snow chains for my truck. Running K02 285/75/16. Thanks
  58. TacomaLG

    Which tires to choose? 🤔

    I have some Goodyear duratracs right now and will most likely replace them. I don't like the small steering wheel wobble they create. They make some noise for an all terrain. I had BFG KO2 before and they were great. My top 3 choices are Yokohama Geolander, BFG KM3, or Toyo RT. I daily drive...
  59. Bdub831

    Pro Comp brake caliber clearance

    Hi, I‘m new here, but I’m wondering if anyone is running Pro Comp series 32 rims in 16x8. I have heard that on some trucks these rims will rub on the brake calipers. I have a 20 Tacoma Sr5 and would like to go to a more aggressive looking wheel and tire combo, but I’m concerned that the Pro...
  60. Murdra

    285/75R17 Tires (No Lift)

    Howdy all, So last year i purchased my 2019 Barcelona Red TRD Sport Tacoma. Like any adventurous person i found a need for bigger, more aggressive tires. After little research online I went ahead and purchased 285/75R17 tires for my TRD Pro 17" wheels with a +5 offset. I am starting to realize...
  61. Trd2020

    Pro comp 51 lugnut

    What lug nuts did you guys use on your pro comp rims? Cause i think the stock lug nuts doest work
  62. midnight20pro

    Got Method wheels? Let's seem 'em!

    I'm a couple weeks away from getting my wheels (701/bronze) and tires finally mounted so let's see your method wheels while I wait on mine!
  63. J

    What is your size? PCD and CB Conversion

    Before we start modifying the car, we need to learn more about the data. It’s a passage about PCD and CB conversion. What’s PCD? What’s CB? Common data? Wheel spacers? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63-Qs0gTYyQ What does PCD means? The Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) is the diameter of the...
  64. Hawkeye515

    Tires on Stock Rims/ No Lift/ No Spacers

    Maybe the guy at DT is a moron... maybe I'm a moron. Either way, he is telling me that I can go 275/70 R17 on my stock rims with no lift or spacers. (2020 TRD Sport). That seems like it would rub like crazy. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  65. Buffa

    Black Rhino Wheels

    Hey Troops Who‘s running Black Rhino Wheels....how are they? Thanks in Advance Buffa
  66. Buffa

    285/75R16’s...Anyone Running This Size

    Thinking about replacing my stock rubber with a 285/75R16 10 Ply...anyone else gone this way? Thanks, Buffa
  67. T

    285s w/ 2inch lift and stock ucas wheel specs

    Hey guys, I will be lifting my truck soon about 2 inches and keeping the stock ucas. Yes I know ucas will help with alignment. I want to run black rhino arsenal wheels in a 16x8. The backspacing is 5.11 and the offset is -10 . My question is will this rub the uca's or causing and bad rubbing due...
  68. Tyler

    Running 37s because I’m dumb

    I know the stipulations of running 37s. I understand the stress it puts on the IFS. I know what I’d have to do to fit them under my truck. I know it’s a dumb idea to do this to my heavy ass truck, especially while traveling the continent. But damn. Someone stop me from committing to it...
  69. smithcam

    Wheel/Tire Recommendations

    After quite a bit research and going back and forth on a ton of different companies, I finally decided on a lift kit and are planning to pick up some tires and wheels before everything arrives. My only issue now is figuring out what backspace, offset, ect to go with for best fitment. This is my...
  70. V

    Fitment question

    Hi new here does anyone know if a 16x8+0 on a 285/75/16 would rub on a 16 tacoma 4x4 with almost a 3 inch lift and a cmc i wanna grab some summit wheels tomorrow but idk if they will rub or not im on stock wheels with 285/75/16 now Thanks!
  71. SeaMac

    Brake Upgrades...

    Since purchasing my Tacoma in 2016 I have discovered the brakes could use a bit of upgrading. This is my second Toyota pickup the first being a purchased new 1983 long bed 4x4 which had horrible brakes. While I do not necessarily have any issue with drum rear brakes I would convert to rear...
  72. M

    TPMS on 2020 TRDPRO wheels

    I am upgrading my 2020 OR wheels to 2020 TRDPRO wheels. Can anyone confirm the part number of the TPMS sensor for the 2020 TRDPro wheels? I am finding conflicting answers. At least two online stores selling OEM Toyota parts provided two part numbers: 42607-04020 - 20 degree. Steel wheels...
  73. R

    Speedometer Calibrator for 2020

    Hey guys, just put a new set of 17s on a set of Falken Wildpeaks 255/80/17. Looking for a speedometer calibrator that works for it, either a previous year or new company. Any help would be awesome. I’ve called many specialty “off-road Tacoma” shops and lots of them have no idea what it is.
  74. CCTaco

    Spare Tire Options

    T3G Members, I'm currently deployed, but I have sitting at my house (deployment gift to myself) an ICON Stage 4 suspension kit, 4 Icon Rebound Wheels and 4 Toyo Open Country M/T tires (285/70/17). I know that I want/need to purchase a 5th wheel (Same as above). Has anyone tried puting this...
  75. 1tondriver

    The Skinny on 235/85/16’s

    New member here and equipped with flame suit. Have spent way too much time reading posts on TW and got an invite here so I thought what the heck, let’s give it a try. New 2020 TRD OR and wanting new tires. Stock suspension and no plans to change that. Was thinking 255/85/16 but have read they...
  76. Geoffmoney

    Wildpeak at3w’s

    Hello, so I’m trying to upgrade my wheels and tires. I’m getting the trd pro 17 inch wheels and wildpeak at3w in a 265 70 17 but I’m not sure what load range or load index I should get. I won’t be towing things to often or ever and keeping the truck pretty stock for the time being. Any help...
  77. 3Ger

    How to get those tires slightly poking out for a wider stance without changing the suspension?

    Hi guys. Newbie here. Sorry for the long title on the thread. I gladly appreciate the answer to my question as per my title above. Would this be possible like buying an aftermarket wheels with some specifics without putting any lifts/leveling kits?
  78. steevo

    Different wheels??

    Hey guys! Just got a set of Super Star Lodio Drive Six's for my taco, they're classic JDM multipiece wheels that I'm refinishing. I don't have a problem with the normal wheels people run, I love method's and the SCS wheels a lot but I wanted something different. Is anybody else running wheels...
  79. datmoffbry

    Spare Tire Mount or Straps?

    Got myself some 33's and also a mid height Truss system so I was thinking about putting my spare in the bed. Anyone have any experience with mounts or straps similar to N-FAB's mounts and straps? I was going to order the universal straps but does the mounted tire at an angle give me more room in...

    New Shoes!

    Got some new meat for the old girl today. Toyo M/T - 285/70/17 Fifteen52 Turbomac HD 17x8.5, 0 offset
  81. M

    Anybody running the new Toyo Open Country AT3?

    I've got a set of these on order, and just wondering if anybody had any real world experience with them.........I've had really good luck out of the AT2s in the past, and can't see the 3s being much different as far as longevity, performance, etc. But leave it to me to keep overthinking...
  82. lost.jake

    Any and all input on 37's is needed...

    I'm finally to the point on wanting to take my truck to the next level. I've been tossing around the idea of making the jump to 37 inch tires, along with some other mods like hangers, shock relocation etc. I'm really just trying to get opinions from anyone on pro or cons of running 37's. My...
  83. onwrrds

    Who's rocking Method Trail Series Wheels in the Matte Titanium??

    I'm really considering these for my Black truck. I think they would pair nicely. I have seen very few photos of these wheels since they are brand new. Anybody have them? I'm talking about these bad boys: https://www.methodracewheels.com/collections/trail-series/products/mr704-titanium. Thanks!
  84. Berserker__taco

    TPMS sensors for aftermarket wheels

    I'm getting ready to upgrade my wheels as soon as I can get this figured out. To everyone who bought new alloy wheels... what did you do for TPMS sensors? I'd like to keep my steel wheels for winter weather so I will need another set for the new wheels. Which ones do I need to buy or are they...
  85. Battlebornoverlander

    Falken wildpeak 315/75r 16 tire pressure

    Ok , so I got my tires , on tire shop put in 35 psi . Max load is 65 psi . What do you guys recommend for highway use ? Thanks guys
  86. M

    Running 35s

    for the people running 35s, I’m just trying to figure out what are the main things that you have done, i plan on having my lift, CMC and aftermarket bumper soon and instead of just doing 33s then 35s i want to just go straight for 35s and also stay on a 16” wheel which will be bronze method nv...
  87. haas.evan

    285/75/r17 Wheel & Tire choices?

    I am planning to install an Icon Stage 3 lift soon in order to fit 285/75/r17s on my DCLB. I am looking to keep the poke minimal, around 1" or less is the ideal. My question has two parts: 1. With that poke in mind, what offset/backspacing would I be looking for? 2. Does anyone have a wheel...
  88. NorCal3056

    Fender flare styles. Post em!

    Hey, what’s out there for fender flares besides OEM?

    Lug Size

    I plan on purchasing a set of Ray10 wheels from SCS and I just wanted to get some input on lug size/fitment. I’m looking for a lug size that would fit somewhat flush with the wheel or maybe a little bit of poke out past the face of the rim. I’ve attached a screenshot of the available sizes SCS...
  90. CJfromSOTA

    Center wheel caps

    Was wondering what's the best way to get rid of the chrome "T" on my center cap on my stock wheels for 2020 sr5. Would like it to be red so is painting an option or does anyone make replacement caps? Thanks
  91. MJ'sTacoma

    Looking for more offset

    Im currently running -18 offset on my wheels and i want a bit more poke, I don't want spacers because... well I don't really know i just know i don't want spacers lol Does anyone know of any wheels that have more negative offset and a 9.5 width?
  92. Lord Humongous

    Kenda Klever R/T

    I thought I'd share this deal. I've been running the 35x10.5r17 RTs for almost a year and love them. I will be buying them again when it's time for new tires. Anyway you can score them for $130 a tire right now which is just ridiculous...
  93. L

    Trd pro 17x7

    I found a good deal on a set of trd pro wheels which are 17x7. My plan is to lift my truck 3 inches and run 275/70r17 tires. Will it be safe to run the larger tire on a 7 wide wheel or should I look for a 17x8 wheel?
  94. mgmyota

    Wheel spec confusion

    I’m looking at getting scs ray 10’s. Looking at their website though they offer them in 17x8.5 with 4.30 backspacing and 17x9 with 3.50 backspacing. I’m not very knowledgeable about wheel specs so I’m wondering if there’s a big difference between the two or should I prefer one over the other...
  95. davidjepsen1

    16 or 17in wheels

    Wanting to get new wheels and tires, looking at methods or SCS wheels but don’t know whether to get 16 or 17 on wheels. Any chance you guys Can post some photos to compare looks, thanks
  96. DWhite750

    Help Can’t get truck aligned

    2017 Pro Revtec spacer with AAL in rear. Just pulled the trigger on a new set of BFG K02 285/75/16 on stock wheels and they can’t get the right tire aligned. Before the new tires the steering wheel was cocked to the right and the truck pulled to the right. after new tires and attempt to...
  97. bitty the taco

    Wheel spacers

    I love my taco, 3” rough country lift, 285/75r16 KO2 BFG. I would like a more aggressive stance and I’ve been considering wheel spacers, nothing too terribly dramatic but something noticeably wider. I’m sure there are many of you that are much more informed than I. Any help is appreciated...
  98. Tacodesson


  99. ShowstoppersUSA

    Yokohama Wheels | Advan RGD-2 17x8.5 -10 | Official Thread

    Hey there Tacoma3g members! Here at ShowStoppers Offroad with our background in JDM Motorsport, we are quite the enthusiasts of Japanese wheels. Advan has decided to get into the 6lug game and offer the RGD-2 in an ideal spec. Both very functional and appealing of stance! We just wanted to...
  100. Nick BBP

    Cooper ST MAXX insane strength

    Original link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Kz8mmLkeks I find this video is absolutely insane and a great testament to why I always recommend the Cooper ST MAXX to anyone who does some legitimate offroading given your wheeling location. In north east it's pretty much unbeatable because...