overland gear

  1. Tyler

    Rossmönster Lagom pop-up camper with see-thru walls

    Has anyone seen or heard of these? The pictures seem interesting but I hadn't heard of them until just now, so idk. https://www.rossmonsteroverland.com/the-lagom-series/ Original link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpC2Q8_MVt8
  2. Smitty

    Lightbar Recommendations?

    So for this roof rack attached from Victory 4x4, what lightbar would work best with this rack? https://www.victory4x4.com/product/VT23RK.html
  3. mgmyota

    Softopper camping

    For anyone that has a softopper and camps out of the bed I thought I’d share this here. Looks like a cool concept from a small company. I’m interested in getting one for sure. And yes I know softopper has a tent add on on their website. It’s nice to have options though and I think this looks...
  4. Smitty

    Roof Racks

    So I've been roaming around the internet trying to find a roof rack I'd like for my truck. Thing is, I can't seem to find one I love! I definitely want lights on it cause you can never have enough lighting, and the link below is what I've come across so far. I can't seem to find a rack that fits...
  5. itsthex

    Bedside Molle Panel Strength?

    Whats up guys! I am planning on procuring some bedside molle panels for storage of all of my offroad gear and just had a general question for those that have run them before. What's the overall durability like with these kits? Are they able to take abuse; aka: If I'm bouncing hard offroad with...
  6. 406Camper

    Ham Test

    I passed my Ham Technician test today and officially became a member of the tighty-whities club. Highly recommend Hamstudy.org. I am not at all a technical person. Started 1 hour a day (you can break it up throughout the day) on Monday studying the questions online and I was testing at 90%...
  7. R

    RTT on LEER cap

    I’ve been toying around with the idea of putting a RTT on my 100xr shell but Leer doesn’t list the load capacity on their website. I scoured all the forums and every dark corner of the internet looking for this answer, but no luck. Finally I decided to email Leer and got a good answer so I...
  8. A

    Best way to carry 13 ft kayak

    I just bought my first tacoma and im looking for suggestions on a way to carry a 13 foot kayak. I don't want a trailer. Id prefer a bed rack if I could find an overland style that was just a bit higher than the roof of the truck. Any suggestions aee welcome including roof racks.
  9. L

    A very good knife sharper…MK2

    I always found sharpen knives a difficult process..owning many types of sharpen devices…finally I got a electric one….the ‘Work Sharp knife sharper ..model MK2 from Amazon..with extra belts…under $90.00 .. So far one of the best & easiest to use! Super fast ..able to sharpen a dozen knives...
  10. JamesR913

    Rotopax in bed all the time

    Does anyone keep a rotopax installed all the time? Do you keep it full? I have a retrax cover and MOLLE panels on both sides of the bed and was thinking about keeping a rotopax installed and full all the time after see the issues in VA recently.
  11. J

    Off road campers

    Any of you own one ? Been looking at them . I was shocked by the price . I think if I end up going that route I'd probably go with Teton x hybrid. I like the idea of sleeping inside and being able to stand . There are some other cool trailers but I can't see paying a ton just to sleep in a RTT...
  12. J

    Towing a U-haul

    I have a 2018 6 cylinder Tacoma with a cap on the back. Can I tow the largest U-haul trailer filled with house hold furniture (not the washer, dryer or refrigerator) and with the truck bed also filled ? One way will be about 600 mi;es Has any one done similar that can comment ? jackl
  13. StormRnr

    Can I tap into power from the bed AC outlet?

    Howdy, I want to run a compressor in the bed and I can tap into the power supply for the AC inverter to power the compressor. Is there a DC hot back there I can use? Thanks, -M
  14. Classytacos

    Recovery and Tools

    Here is a video I did of the recovery gear and tools I took with me on the last wheeling trip to The Destination Outdoor event. Original link: https://youtu.be/3wbAdebNmwg
  15. Bansuz

    Extang hard or soft folding?

    Hi everyone- I’m considering a tonneau cover with BillieBars setup on my ‘21 DCLB. I’m on the fence about the Extang hard tri-fold vs soft. Anyone running a similar setup? Would you make same decision or change? Thanks in advance. David
  16. VInsanity

    Is a roof top tent worth it?

    This video is pretty good. Simple with useful information. Original link: https://youtu.be/2Vc2TT_hMus
  17. Stuarthewild

    Bicycle mounting solutions

    I'm currently looking for a different mounting solution for my bicycles. I have a hitch mounted Thule rack at the moment but really like the look and placement of the side mounts, however, when I looked it up myself there seems to be a lot of white noise that I'm finding hard to sift through...
  18. S

    LED Headlight Bulbs

    Let me start by saying I know there have been many threads on this exact topic in the past. However, most of the threads are a few years old and there never is much consensus. I have a 2018 SR5 and (obviously) want to get rid of the crummy halogen bulbs it comes with. A few of the LED...
  19. jonnnny.p

    Max Multipurpose Axe Toolkit

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B096SZS84T/?tag=tacoma3g-20 Anybody using this?
  20. R

    Truck bed organization and fridge/battery/solar set up questions

    Thinking of getting a dometic fridge 100l, not sure what to do with battery and solar options? Anyone have any cool set ups? (Open to other solutions that are lower tech if possible I read about the circuit boards failing.) also a question on organization for the truck bed. I want something...