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overland gear

  1. Tyler

    Topper / Camper Rossmönster Lagom pop-up camper with see-thru walls

    Has anyone seen or heard of these? The pictures seem interesting but I hadn't heard of them until just now, so idk. https://www.rossmonsteroverland.com/the-lagom-series/ Original link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpC2Q8_MVt8
  2. zsmith4472

    Lighting Lightbar Recommendations?

    So for this roof rack attached from Victory 4x4, what lightbar would work best with this rack? https://www.victory4x4.com/product/VT23RK.html
  3. mgmyota

    Topper / Camper Softopper camping

    For anyone that has a softopper and camps out of the bed I thought I’d share this here. Looks like a cool concept from a small company. I’m interested in getting one for sure. And yes I know softopper has a tent add on on their website. It’s nice to have options though and I think this looks...
  4. zsmith4472

    Roof Racks Roof Racks

    So I've been roaming around the internet trying to find a roof rack I'd like for my truck. Thing is, I can't seem to find one I love! I definitely want lights on it cause you can never have enough lighting, and the link below is what I've come across so far. I can't seem to find a rack that fits...
  5. itsthex

    Storage Bedside Molle Panel Strength?

    Whats up guys! I am planning on procuring some bedside molle panels for storage of all of my offroad gear and just had a general question for those that have run them before. What's the overall durability like with these kits? Are they able to take abuse; aka: If I'm bouncing hard offroad with...
  6. 406Camper

    Comms Ham Test

    I passed my Ham Technician test today and officially became a member of the tighty-whities club. Highly recommend Hamstudy.org. I am not at all a technical person. Started 1 hour a day (you can break it up throughout the day) on Monday studying the questions online and I was testing at 90%...
  7. R

    RTT on LEER cap

    I’ve been toying around with the idea of putting a RTT on my 100xr shell but Leer doesn’t list the load capacity on their website. I scoured all the forums and every dark corner of the internet looking for this answer, but no luck. Finally I decided to email Leer and got a good answer so I...
  8. A

    Roof Racks Best way to carry 13 ft kayak

    I just bought my first tacoma and im looking for suggestions on a way to carry a 13 foot kayak. I don't want a trailer. Id prefer a bed rack if I could find an overland style that was just a bit higher than the roof of the truck. Any suggestions aee welcome including roof racks.
  9. L

    A very good knife sharper…MK2

    I always found sharpen knives a difficult process..owning many types of sharpen devices…finally I got a electric one….the ‘Work Sharp knife sharper ..model MK2 from Amazon..with extra belts…under $90.00 .. So far one of the best & easiest to use! Super fast ..able to sharpen a dozen knives...
  10. JamesR913

    Rotopax in bed all the time

    Does anyone keep a rotopax installed all the time? Do you keep it full? I have a retrax cover and MOLLE panels on both sides of the bed and was thinking about keeping a rotopax installed and full all the time after see the issues in VA recently.
  11. J

    Off road campers

    Any of you own one ? Been looking at them . I was shocked by the price . I think if I end up going that route I'd probably go with Teton x hybrid. I like the idea of sleeping inside and being able to stand . There are some other cool trailers but I can't see paying a ton just to sleep in a RTT...
  12. J

    Towing a U-haul

    I have a 2018 6 cylinder Tacoma with a cap on the back. Can I tow the largest U-haul trailer filled with house hold furniture (not the washer, dryer or refrigerator) and with the truck bed also filled ? One way will be about 600 mi;es Has any one done similar that can comment ? jackl
  13. StormRnr

    Can I tap into power from the bed AC outlet?

    Howdy, I want to run a compressor in the bed and I can tap into the power supply for the AC inverter to power the compressor. Is there a DC hot back there I can use? Thanks, -M
  14. Classytacos

    Recovery and Tools

    Here is a video I did of the recovery gear and tools I took with me on the last wheeling trip to The Destination Outdoor event. Original link: https://youtu.be/3wbAdebNmwg
  15. Bansuz

    Extang hard or soft folding?

    Hi everyone- I’m considering a tonneau cover with BillieBars setup on my ‘21 DCLB. I’m on the fence about the Extang hard tri-fold vs soft. Anyone running a similar setup? Would you make same decision or change? Thanks in advance. David
  16. VInsanity

    Cooking Is a roof top tent worth it?

    This video is pretty good. Simple with useful information. Original link: https://youtu.be/2Vc2TT_hMus
  17. Stuarthewild

    Bicycle mounting solutions

    I'm currently looking for a different mounting solution for my bicycles. I have a hitch mounted Thule rack at the moment but really like the look and placement of the side mounts, however, when I looked it up myself there seems to be a lot of white noise that I'm finding hard to sift through...
  18. S

    LED Headlight Bulbs

    Let me start by saying I know there have been many threads on this exact topic in the past. However, most of the threads are a few years old and there never is much consensus. I have a 2018 SR5 and (obviously) want to get rid of the crummy halogen bulbs it comes with. A few of the LED...
  19. jonnnny.p

    Recovery Max Multipurpose Axe Toolkit

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B096SZS84T/?tag=tacoma3g-20 Anybody using this?
  20. R

    Truck bed organization and fridge/battery/solar set up questions

    Thinking of getting a dometic fridge 100l, not sure what to do with battery and solar options? Anyone have any cool set ups? (Open to other solutions that are lower tech if possible I read about the circuit boards failing.) also a question on organization for the truck bed. I want something...
  21. R

    RSI smartcap compatibility with hard shell tent?

    I have a trd pro 2021 and I’m putting in a smartcap shell this week. I want to put a hard shell tent up thinking a ikamper 2.0 but not sure one sizing and how to install it with the smartcap permanent rails? thanks in advance. Total noob in this world. 🙏 Roman
  22. jonnnny.p

    Recovery ActionTrax Mounts

    What are you guys using to mount ActionTrax boards to your bed/roof rack? Maxtrax pins? Which ones?
  23. HothWalker

    Topper / Camper Anyone else have a flippac?

    Hi anyone else have a flippac on their 3rd gen? IG: HothTrd17
  24. wvytaco

    Cooking Apex Mountable Coolers

    Not sure if its just me or if more people are like me but there is something about an ICE COLD drink that is the best thing ever. Been looking around for a while for a mountable/lockable cooler setup for the bed of my taco and came across these guys. Apex Cooler Systems. Not sure if anybody has...
  25. Battle Born Offroad

    Snorkel AIRAID's New 2016+ Tacoma Snorkel System! AIRAID 600-100 Snorkel System from Battle Born Offroad

    AIRAID 600-100 SNORKEL SYSTEM for 2016+ Toyota Tacoma 3.5l Through an exclusive collaboration, AIRAID has developed a brand new Snorkel Kit for the 2016–2021 Toyota Tacoma, available for purchase only through Battle Born Offroad! This exclusive AIRAID Snorkel Kit for the 2016–2021 Toyota...