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Lighting Help


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Does anyone happen to know what colors the wiring are for on a 16 Sr5 Crew Cab in the info below?

Left Rear Turn
Right Rear Turn
Reverse Lights
Brake Left & Right
That's kind of a dangerous question. Many times it depends on where in the harness you are trying to tap into the system so be careful. Wire colors are reused. It looks like you are messing with the taillights so I am assuming at the taillights or at least somewhere along the cabin area. I don't have access to confirm your specific year but looked at 2019 and 2021 and they appear mostly the same (2021 shows both a sky blue and blue wire for the stop on the left side which doesn't make any sense).

From EB1 junction (black 12 pin connector in the engine compartment near the battery):
General Illumination: Green
Left Rear Turn: Yellow
Right Rear Turn: Sky Blue
Reverse Lights: Red
Brake Left & Right: from EB1 blue to unlabeled splice then LH Sky Blue, RH Blue
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What Asmara said, some more detail would help narrow down a more accurate specific answer to what you're looking for. Sometimes the colors of what's direct to the bulb and headlight are different from the harness. Some even being different based on year and trim.
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