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  1. BLtheP

    BLP's 2021 TRD Off-Road 6-Speed Manual

    Thanks for having me! I just picked up this Magnetic Gray 2021 TRD Off-Road a few weeks ago at Family Toyota in Arlington, TX about two weeks ago. It was an August 2021 build with 4,000 miles that came from Florida. I went over it with a fine tooth comb when I went to see it and found virtually...
  2. Henrytookdis

    2022 Off Road

    Hello all. Just wanted to let you all know I can’t wait to pick up my Off Road this Saturday! I’m new to the pickup scene and looking forward to get tips, tricks and suggestions from you guys. Glad to be here! Here’s some pics of it.. the salesperson was excited too! 2022 Tacoma TRD Off Road...
  3. Smitty

    Rear ditch lights

    So I'm trying to find at least mounts that will work for the bed of my truck if I get ditch lights (or pods whatever you wanna call 'em) for rear lighting. Anybody have any ideas?
  4. Smitty

    Zach's Debt Plan

    Just thought I'd jump on the bandwagon with a build thread! I'll have to find some pictures from my phone to post on here from when I first got the truck :) Current Parts List: - Black TOYOTA grille - Caliraised LED lightbar under grille - Front and rear Wheelen blue emergency lights (for...
  5. Smitty

    Lower Switch Panel

    I know I've been waiting for Meso Customs for their panel to be available but I was just browsing around Cali Raised and found it! AND they have color matched ones! :) Center Dash Switch Panel Accent Fits 2016-2022 Toyota Tacoma...
  6. pnw_taco_time

    Tacoma Access Cab 2022 Off Road Magnetic Grey

    Hi all, This is my first post after purchasing the Tacoma '22 Access Cab OR. I picked it up on April 20th, 2022 and have added the following mods: cat shield from MillerCat, bug deflector, Kingslim front/back camera. In general, I am going to drive it to the first 1000 miles to see what I like...
  7. LookAtThis

    New guy

    Just bought a 2017 TRD Off Road DCSB over the weekend. Found this site scrolling through google getting lots of expensive ideas! See you guys around on the forums!
  8. W

    Colorado to Tacoma

    I just traded my 21 Colorado in on a 22 Tacoma SR5 and am loving it and all the upgrades that are possible to make it mine.Thanks for inclusion on this forum.
  9. M

    New Tacoma owner

    Hi guys, sorry if this post has a lot of grammar mistakes but english is not my 1st language :) Im Nick and i just bought a 2020 Double Cab TRD OFF Road Tacoma with a salvage title. Im going to import it to Poland so i wont have acces to any parts here, and i thought the best thing to do will be...
  10. S

    21 Limited midnight black nightshade build

    So here goes the start of my build page. After reading every one else’s build pages, I decided I would start my own page before I forgot what I did !!! Lol. Here is what I started with a few months ago…. My future mods will include upgrading the factory jbl stereo keeping the interior oem...
  11. M

    Hello from NEPA!

    Hey everyone, Glad I found this forum. I frequent a few other Tacoma-based forums but I haven't really posted on them, though this one definitely seems to be the one for me. I bought a new 2021 TRD Offroad Tacoma back in August 2021 after wanting one for years and finally having an excuse to...
  12. AdventureDan71

    Klompmaker Family Taco

    Hello All, Our family just picked up a 2021 TRD Off-Road DCSB. We are currently living in West Michigan. and have been doing family adventure trips in a 2013 Honda Odyssey. We felt it was time to make the upgrade before hitting up Western North Carolina this April and Vermont/New Hampshire...
  13. 406Camper

    406 Camper build thread

    Hi, I'm Mark @406Camper. Instead of treating the What have you done to, or with, your Tacoma today? (https://tacoma3g.com/threads/what-have-you-done-to-or-with-your-tacoma-today.740/) as my own personal build thread, I decided it was time to make my own. So here goes... I purchased my 2017 TACO...
  14. M

    Long time lurker, finally got account!

    Alabama guy w/2020 OR in black. Bought most of the small ticket mods with the exception of getting KDMax tuned. Glad to be here.
  15. Salmonman

    22 limited nightshade

    Finally pulled the trigger on a new truck! the MGM Nightshade that’s due to arrive @ the toronto depot Feb 6th. Adding the TRD Lift , tri fold cover , TRD skid plate 17”/8.5 rims with wild peaks 275/70/17’s all will be done @ Whitby Toyota prior to me picking it up!!Will post some pics as soon...
  16. J

    New Toy

    '22 TRDOR - Blue Crush Metallic, LED Lights, Tech Pkg, Dealer installed TRD Lift...
  17. Derek_Rogueoffroad

    2016 Super White

    Good afternoon tacoma3g! My names Derek and I work over at Rogue Offroad. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s 3rd gens and sharing some knowledge with everyone!

    New Tacoma Owner

    2020 Tacoma 4x4 Love It…
  19. C-Dog

    Potential new owner

    Hey! I'm in the process of considering a new Tacoma. I know it doesn't sound like I'm very committed at this point, but I like to do a bit of research before I buy. (I lurked for a while before joining this forum). I have one concern regarding buying a Tacoma...will my husband fir in it...
  20. M3rcury17

    M3rc's build

    Hey guys! just wanted to introduce myself here since I guess this is the introduction channel. Anyways my username is M3rcury but y'all can just call me Merc if you want. Just bought myself a '22 sport as my first tacoma and I'm excited to start some projects on it! The community (overall but...
  21. Larryg337

    My first Tacoma.

    I'm now a Tacoma owner. Purchased a new 2022 Tacoma Sport. I'll be visiting here often. From south Louisiana.
  22. Bill Ruiz

    First new truck

    Hi Everyone. Bill Ruiz from South Carolina. Didn't plan on joining the Taco Cult, but here I am. I needed something to commute during the winter months. I work in North Charleston, about a 2 hour commute from my house. Was looking at Ford Mavericks, but no luck on finding anything. Went to the...
  23. S

    I'm so new I don't have my avi uploaded yet

    Greetings and salutations from the Memphis, TN area. I'm so new I still don't have my avi uploaded. I went from a 2008 Gen 2 6spd manual with 185k+ miles that I had planned to drive for at least another 10 years to a 2019 Gen 3 TRD OR 6spd manual on a deal back in June that I just couldn't...
  24. OliviousMaximus

    finally got a new build started since my accident!

    After getting T-Boned back in March and losing my '17TRD-OR, I'm finally up and running again with a new Taco! I got hit in front of a used car dealership and the folks there saw everything so they helped get this used '19TRD-OR. So far i've installed: - Borla Stinger S-Type Single Exhaust -...
  25. xXANBXx

    New from Georgia

    What's up everyone... Names Adam. Husand, father of three and lover of all things thay go vroom!. Located in Georgia. Currently on my second 3rd gen Taco. I have a slightly modified 2021 TRD Sport 4x4. Big into offroad trail rides and desert racing. Look forward to learning some new...
  26. terratrooper

    New Member Trail Edition Ordered

    Hey guys, new member here. I currently have a 2015 4Runner SR5 Premium which I bought new back then. I'm at 150k miles now and want a little truck that I can offroad. I do not offroad the 4Runner, I use my Honda Talon for that and tow it to SD and CO with the 4Runner. I'm keeping that setup but...
  27. misterchief117

    Master Chief build

    Just picked up my 2021 TRDOR in Army Green about a week ago. I was on a long wait list for a 2022 build until someone did a lease return after just 4 months. Given it's color and Halo being my favorite game (the new campaign just released today btw), I'm naming it Master Chief. I have lots...
  28. Meerlreem

    New Owner, New Ride

    Just bought a 2021 Grey Tacoma SR Double Cab Shortbed for 32k with 300 miles on it. This is my dream truck, and I have wanted a Tacoma ever since the 2nd generation came out. It is my everyday vehicle but I cant wait to use it for hunting and camping in the Wisconsin Northwoods. I don't know...
  29. RTICJM670


    Aloha everyone! Looking forward to seeing everyone's builds! Here she is.
  30. MiLsPecNuRsE

    Been here before, but actually made a account this time 😎

    Here’s my 2017 TRD Sport, I’ve had for about a year & a half. Nothing crazy at all, 3 inch lift with 17x9x33’s, carven exhaust, all led’s, grill, window visors, drilled/slotted rotors up front. Like everyone else I have more plans for it eventually, just need the $$$ haha. Glad to be here!
  31. D

    Hi friends!

    Tacoma owner here. Glad to have found you. Central Alberta
  32. I

    New to me, TRD Sport

    Hi, I got a 17' TRD Sport 2 months ago, I use it mainly for work. I bought it used with 13K miles, and so far am almost at 23K. I have another Tacoma as well a TRD 99 XtraCab 39xK miles with Bilstein 5100s & OME springs all around. I have noticed that my 99 handles better and stays flatter when...
  33. S

    New to Tacoma

    Hello everyone...I'm new to the Toyota family of trucks, recently purchased a 2022 Tacoma SR5 4X2. Prior my trucks included 2005 Ford Sport Trac, and 2018 GMC Canyon. Already, I'm enjoying the handling, maneuverability, and turning angle of the Tacoma over the previous trucks. My first question...
  34. T

    New to forum and ordering new truck

    Hello, New to the forum and about to order a dcsb trd or. Torn on the manual over auto. Test drove both in 2018. Liked the manual more. Will be daily driving (10mile commute) general life running. Using to haul/tow. Plan to setup for adventure/overlanding/camping. Some off-roading nothing...
  35. Reddirtnaps

    Hunting rig.

    Mods 6112/5160s BA Hiline Martin offroad rack 4.88s Cali Raised Led 22" combo Ditchlights Fogs 17" T4R pro wheels 285s Auxbeam 8 gang switch. Add-ons AVS In channel vent shades Bug Deflector Softtopper Predator steps Back wall molle panel - ordered still waiting Weather...
  36. G

    Looking to buy my 1st Tacoma…newbie questions

    Want to buy a new 22 Tacoma soon. Want a base unit with the i4, double cab & 5ft bed. No or only a few options. Which option(s) will improve its resale appeal and value when it’s time to sell?
  37. B

    Nube to T3G

    Hi there. My name is Mike, living in the PNW in Washington, but originally from the Johnson Valley, CA area. I own a 19 Taco crew cab, long bed in Calvary Blue that is currently all stock. I'm looking to start building it up, 3.5 lift, 33's with Methods, custom built bumpers and roof...
  38. M

    19 OF MT. Beginnings of a sweet adventure.

    New to the site. First I would like to say Thank you for your service Mr. Winterfield. If you are ever around Post 116 in Fuquay Varina, let's grab a beer. Thank you all for the information that I have found already. Super excited to read about other builds and get some ideas on mine...
  39. Takotruck


    Ret USN. 2020 Tako with some upgrades
  40. fourgotten

    Well, I guess that I'm a Tacoma owner, now...

    Some buddies and I headed to the beach and we were all going to camp, but the only available spot was past some sand. My 2000 Durango has 4WD, but the bushing to the linkage had rotted out and, while I was able to get it into 4L, it popped out halfway through the sand. A few days later, one of...
  41. J

    New Tacoma

    Hi, I'm John and I just ordered a 22 Tacoma limited. Already have a project M topper on order and would like advice on lift. It'll probably be 600 to 700 pounds additional weight once I'm done with the build out. I'd like to put 33's under it, only light off-road mostly sand or snow...
  42. Canuckia

    Canuckia White AC From The Great White North

    Hey Folks, Just picked up a 2017 Tacoma Access Cab Long Box TRD Off Road a little over a month or so ago. I drove a slightly modified Xterra for the last 5 years but it was starting to nickel and dime me. I dumped over 3 grand in repairs this summer, then developed a serious cylinder missfire. I...
  43. Tshaw2009

    2019 Cement TRD Off-Road Build Thread

    Firstly, I will introduce myself. I am Tony Shaw. I'm from a South Central Missouri town called Lebanon. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ first and everything else comes second. I will not tolerate aggression, profanity, or bullying on my build thread as I would like even children or teenagers...
  44. T


    Newer Member/Longitme Lurker ere! I'm a transplant over from the FB forums, and wanted to demonstrate my build as I've know progressed through a few tents and racks, and slept in/camped with quite a few different solutions! Follow the constant work in progress below! Build Thread below Follow...
  45. Mehmetimx

    New taco owner

    What's up everyone! I recently picked up a new 2021 trd OR this is my first truck ever, and I'm loving every mile so far. I'm a complete novice when it comes to wrenching on trucks, this forum has already been super useful. not sure how far I want to go with mods since I just got the thing, but...
  46. JCC

    new to me Tacoma

    traded my BRZ in toward a '17 TRD Off Road with less than 21k miles and enjoying so far
  47. S

    New here

    New guy here. I have a 2019 Tacoma TRD Off-road. Looking to get ideas and any questions answered when they arise. Look forward to chatting with you folks. The truck is stock now but saving for a lift and wheels and tires at the moment.
  48. J

    New to me 21 Off-Road

    I have always liked the look of Tacoma's but I could never get comfortable in them with the seats pre 20/21. A guy at work got the new 21 pro in magnet gray and when I say in it noticed a huge difference in being able to adjust the seat with the electric seat being short sucks. Anyway ended up...
  49. 2

    New Taco Owner Questions: I have a 21 off road XP (A Southeast Toyota Edition) and I'm shopping for the right lift kit for a 3.0" to 3.5" lift.

    I contacted Rough Country (RC) and they indicated that the X Series has some special mods to the control arms etc., and that their kits will not work with the X series trucks. Does anyone understand the X series MODS they are referring to and what the limitations are? Is there a good turn key...
  50. SgtTaco

    SgtTaco’s build thread

    A little introduction first. This is my first Tacoma, 21 DCSB premium Sport 4x4 silver sky metallic. Traded in my 19 Tundra Limited 4x4 Off Road on it. I always knew that when I decided to downsize that there was only one suitable contender, the Tacoma. Now, I’m 52 years old, no plans to off...
  51. HandyMatt

    The stages of denial

    I’m sure there is a group on here for addiction, if not, there will soon be. I’m in the beginning stages, as a new owner of a slightly used 2019 Off-Road Taco ShortBed, so far I like it! Have fallen down so many rabbit holes 🕳️ looking up modifications and accessories, it’s sickening. But, here...
  52. L

    2019 LB TRD -finally lifted

    Finally able to put a small lift …approx 2.5 …up front Bilstein 6100 6/5 settings, sway bar relocation, diff drop kit, duro bumb stops, rear Bilstein 5130 pro-comp add-a-lift ,higher bumb stops ,rear drive shaft spacer kit, RCI rear diff skid plate, trans & tranfer case skid plate, gas tank skid...
  53. SatoshiTACOmoto

    Satoshi Tacomoto

    New guy here. Just want to show off my new 21 SR5 XP Predator 4x4 and share my experience in the first week of being a first time “new” car owner. Anyway im absolutely thrilled to own my second Tacoma (Previously owned a 2nd gen). Here it is! Its been a tumultuous week of owning it, started a...
  54. Raven-Technik

    RavenTechnik’s 2021 TRD Offroad Build

    Hello, I am a new member. I have been a member of Tacoma World since I purchased this rig back in Memorial Day weekend 2021. Since then I have made some modifications (TRD Pro Grille, Raptor Lights, Vinyl Stickers, etc.). I love this truck and plan on modding it further. I am hoping to use...
  55. WhiteJack

    Looking to Tune the Tacoma

    Hello all, joined this thread looking for info/advice on tuning the Tacoma. I just got a 2021 Tacoma sport. Should I wait to reach a certain mileage before considering a tune? Which tunes have you guys done to your own truck? Did you do the tune yourself or did somebody else do it for you...
  56. 406Camper

    FNG to Tacoma 3G

    New to the forum, you guys saved my ass when I was looking for torque specs for installing my Icon Stage 3. This was the only place I could find with a searchable pdf document. Great resource. Just got upgraded from Lurker! My 2017 TRD OR AC was the dealer's parts truck. Bought it pre...
  57. Meclizine

    Finally got a Taco | Camper, Roadtripper

    Hey, folks. I finally grabbed a 2018 DCLB OR this week and I'm really happy with it. I have many plans but fewer dollars so it'll be a while before this thing is where I want it, but this is a great start and I'll have plenty of fun along the way. Cheers.
  58. Mr.Jay

    New here 19 Taco with Camper setup

    Hey Guys, Have had the taco for over 2 years now and decided to join the Forum after I was in search for the long range fuel tank. MPG is shit with camper and tired of filling up. Have done a few trails in SOCAL, Mojave, San Bernardino Forest and Moab. Just got sliders, tires, airbags for...
  59. Dart330

    New Tacoma owner

    Just bought a months ago, already have Tyger side rails, smoked the tail lights and the side mirror turn Signals, looking to do 2-3 inch lift with tires and wheel upgraded to 18" Also looking for Smoked Headlights and 3rd brake light
  60. D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F.TACOMA

    Quit waiting for my Bronco

    Hey hows everyone? 2nd time Tacoma owner. bought one new in 2007. Just got a used 2016 TRD offroad in quicksand last week. Its got 60k on it. Trucks super clean and so far we are enjoying it. Its got a leveling kit and some 285s on it. I think this will fit out life better than the base 2 door...
  61. B_Lui

    Another new guy

    First off, glad I found this forum. I have read a couple other Tacoma forums and none of them seemed to be my speed. Spent the last couple days lurking around here and signed up! I had been driving a combination of VW's, STI's, and an S4 since 1997. We had our son in March of 2019 and while...
  62. T

    New guy

    1st time Taco owner, was told this is where the cool hang out. Not sure how crazy I'm going to get with my build. Only suspension work is AAL progressive pack, Eibach shocks with stock front springs set at middle. Wishing I had gone a bit bigger tires though. Damn thing is way more capable...
  63. Overlandwannabe

    Painting Aluminum Bed Bars

    Looking for some advice and tips. As this is my first real "mod" (i did install a bed rug) I just want to make sure it goes right. I had some bare metal bed bars made and I am thinking of painting them flat black with Duplicolor bed liner. For prep I plan to sand with 180 and then 320 grit...
  64. D

    Incoming 2021 Tacoma sr5 DCLB

    After talking about a Tacoma for what seems like forever I decided the worst time in global history was the best time. About 4 months ago we bought my wife a new venza and that’s when I started looking. I took my time because I was going to wait for 2022 but as we got closer to that inventory...
  65. howlingboykin

    Boykin's Bodacious Budget Build

    Starting a new thread to track my progress on my 2020 Tacoma SR. This is my first Tacoma and I really didn't know what I was getting into when I bought it a year ago. This definitely won't be my last, but is what I have for now. She's a looker though! I've never really been one for doing things...
  66. mundytrails

    ‘21 Army Green TRD OR - first truck!

    Hey everyone! I’ve had a 4G 4Runner (pictures below) for years, but have wanted to get a Tacoma for a while now. I ordered the truck last week and just agreed to sell the 4Runner today. I’m getting a TRD Off-road in Army Green and it should be here in a couple weeks. Like any good Taco fan...
  67. D

    Talk me out of a Tacoma SR v6 double cab 4x4

    Hello new member here. I have been planning on a tacoma for some time and now its time to pull the trigger. I was alway going to go with the trd offroad because it being a great platform to start from. I understand the trd offroad has crawl control and a rear locker and lower trims dont. I plan...
  68. TravelinJohn

    Truck Norris

    Hi all, My name is John. I have been checking out this forum since I got my truck in October 2020. It’s been a huge help to learn and get ideas, but I haven’t posted much yet. I scored a 2020 Offroad MT in Superwhite after years of checking Tacomas (and having one through work back in...
  69. Tittle-423

    It’s killing me!!!!!

    I have the urge to get a credit card and build my Tacoma with it. It’s like an addiction!!!
  70. @offfoad.distraction

    New to the crew & living the dream in AK

    Hey there! I recently abandoned all my Chevy threads after selling her a year ago. It’s really is quality over quantity and now I’m a first time Tacoma owner. Looking forward to learning as much as possible and building my truck one mod at a time. S.
  71. 4LoJoe

    Just bought it 2 months ago.

    Names Joe, I had a 2WD open diff 4Runner for about 11 years. Buddy of mine said it was his dream car and asked would I ever sell it.. and now I’m here lol I bought it with a mild Eibach lift, methods, and nittograpplers.. my wallet already is crying. So far I have purchased/installed/Back...
  72. TermLimits

    Finally Made it Here!

    Hey guys and gals, Some of you may know me from TacomaWorld and/or various facebook groups. My name is Jeff aka TermLimits and I'm the developer of Valley Runner and the owner of Valley Tuning. @Tyler and I just happened to connect through Instagram last week, no idea he ran the forums over...
  73. Tittle-423

    I guess I’ll introduce myself (nothing else to do tonight)

    I’m James. From Tennessee. Supposed to be an adult by now. Can’t seem to figure it out. I am married to an incredibly beautiful wife and she hasn’t figured out she could do better (yet) lol. I’ve had all types of vehicles from Hondas, to Chevrolets, and now to my favorite- 2021 Toyota Tacoma. I...
  74. Trail Tacoma

    Trail Tacoma Introduction

    Hey guys! My name is Konrad. I'm newer to the Tacoma community, I came from the 4Runner side of the family. My first truck was an Isuzu Trooper, followed by a 3rd Gen 4Runner, and then a 4th Gen 4Runner. I built my 3rd & 4th Gen 4Runners to take us off the grid and explore the incredible...
  75. Preston0211

    New taco owner from Texas

    My name is Preston, just bought a 21 MGM Tacoma SR. Love it so far! Upgraded the wheels and tires right after I bought it. Couldn’t rock the stock steels.
  76. SgtTaco

    Greetings, new member from OH

    Hello all!! I currently own a 2019 Tundra Crewmax Limited TRD Off-road 5.7L. I have in order a 2021 Tacoma TRD Off-road Double cab in Army green. It will allegedly be another 4 weeks 🤞. Modding plans are minimal but the rear diff breather relocate to behind the taillight is definitely one...
  77. Adam Laviguer

    Blue Yota here!

    Howdy everybody! My name is Adam and I've got a 2017 Tacoma TRD Off-road 4x4. You may find me on Instagram @ blue_yota.al if you are so inclined. I got my truck in December of 2020 and I have zero regrets. Current State: Roof Rack Tacoma Roof Rack | 2nd & 3rd Gen (05+) Tires Pro Comp...
  78. plavin

    Adventures of Lavin’s Black DCLB

    This is my 2018 DCLB TRD Offroad in Black. Suspension: Front: OME Nitro Charger Sport Rear: OME Dakar +1 leaf, Wheeler’s U -Bolt flip, Wheeler’s super bump stop Drivetrain: Nitro Gears 5.29, factory rear e-locker Wheels: TRD 16” Alloy (have Method 701s sitting in the garage) wrapped with...
  79. T

    New member, long time Toyota owner

    New member , but have been driving Toyotas for over 20 years. Had Tundras until.2017 when I purchased my first Tacoma which was an SR5 DCLB 4x4. Just traded it a couple of weeks ago for the truck pictured. This is my new 2021 DCLB TRD Off Road. Thanks.for letting me join.
  80. G

    Cab mount relocation shops in Socal

    Does anyone know where I can get a cab mount relocation done in the SoCal area?
  81. SinCity4wd

    Brand New to the forum

    Hello All. I'm Steve and I am new to this forum. I own a 2018 Tacoma TRD Offroad. I have made a few upgrades over the last 2 years including: King 2.5 Suspension Icon RXT Leaf Pack Venom Rex VR-602's : Size 17 x 9 0 offset BFG Ko2 285 70 17 I'm running a Power Tank 15lbs for airing up CBI...
  82. B

    New member from utah

    This seems like a great site!! I just ordered a 2021 trd pro 4x4 might see it in september. Cant wait. I use to have a 2012 trd sport 4x4, sold it a couple years ago. It will be goodg ketting to know this site and the members.
  83. TexMcGee

    Texas Taco checking in

    Hello everyone, I'm JR. I am the owner of a 2016 BR SR5 DCSB 4X4. I bought it brand new and it has been my pride and joy ever since. I came to this forum because it is more 3rd gen specific. Tacomaworld is great and all, but I found that I wasn't concerned too much with previous generations...
  84. TMoSD

    First time poster, long time Lurker.

    First post here but wanted to say what's up. I've been digging the forums and learned a ton (not enough to install my lift) but it helped put together what I thinks a pretty solid set up. Looking forward to getting out and running into some people on here. Components Front Bilstein 5100 set at...
  85. Berserker__taco

    Berserker M416 trailer build

    Finally finished the 416 today. Took it for a quick rip down the road to test things out. May need a little more forward weight on the tongue. Tracks well but gets a little bouncy. Could just be the asphalt ruts on this road though. Going to run my winter tires and wheels for now. Then get...
  86. Taco Loco

    New Guy Here....

    Found your site when searching for answers that my dealer couldn't answer. You folks are an excellent resource for Tacoma newbies like me. Thanks for letting me join the family!
  87. D

    Just Joined

    Just joined Happy to be here! 2019 OR. I'm from So Cal and love to crawl. A pic and where I'm at with my build: Fox Factory 2.5 extended travel w/DSC Eibach 650x14 springs Bilstein 5160's Camburg Racing Uniball UCA's Total Chaos Gusseted Spindles Marlin Crawler HD LCA Frame Brace Wheelers 3...
  88. G

    New guy here

    Hey guys. I’ve been stalking around this site for a while after getting tired of tw. Glad I made the switch to here.
  89. Overlandwannabe

    Proud Newbie Here

  90. AltarBoy

    My blue taco

    Checking in. Had a 2017 fusion se and just traded it in for this voodoo blue trd off-road 2 days ago and I’m in love. I can’t wait to learn and build this rig.
  91. BigVinny67

    New to Tacoma 3G

    We recently traded in our 2nd Gen Tacoma, an 09 access cab 2.7L manual for a 3rd Gen 16 TRD Off Road. This was the Tacoma I wanted when I got the 2nd Gen but $ was an issue at the time. We’re relatively new to wheeling but we, my wife and I, are totally in to exploring our surroundings here in...
  92. bonifacio

    Bonifacio's Cement Gray

    Can't leave things alone and I'm impulsive. I rushed buying a lot of the stuff. Wish I would have taken my time and planned it better. www.instagram.com/cementgray Engine & Drivetrain: A/C Drain Mod AFE Y-Pipe AJT Battery Tie Down Clamp ECGS Bushing Fumoto F133N Gibson Black Elite Exhaust...
  93. StormRnr

    All-Terrain Family Tacoma Build Thread!!!!!!!

    This first post in this thread is going to serve as a disclaimer. So here goes. 2017 TRD OR DCSB Silver with 36000 miles. Came with matching SnugTop GB Sport, and rack and the KO2s and weather tech liners. Price was $29,500 in April of 2020. I thought that was a pretty killer deal then and was...
  94. TCOTUE


    Exterior: Tyger Roll Up Tonneau SEALIGHT LED Bulbs (LOW) SEALIGHT LED Amber Fogs Debadged 20% Front Window Tint 43% Windshield Tint Mudflaps Removed AVS In-Channel Vent Visors TOYOTA Lettered Grille Suspension: Toytec Aluma 2.0 Coilovers Toytec Aluma 2.0 Rear Shocks Supreme Suspensions 1"...
  95. CAWoody

    Woody's Cement Taco

    I've been "Lurking" on the forum for a while and finally decided it was time to join in. I have been an avid off-roader for about 15 years. I started with an '05 Nissan Xterra I called the Stomper. I had it on 35" tires, 5" lift, Titan Swap, the whole nine yards. It was a great rig and I did...
  96. Rilesstylez

    Another cinderblocko taco

    Hey there new Truck who dis! Looking forward to doing something eventually but for now just red accents and some basic offroading!
  97. Hercanstein

    New Guy Here, We'll see if there is ever a real build thread though! : )B

    Hi folks! New to this forum, but not to Toyota trucks. Had an '81 shortbed bought in 2003 and regret selling off to this day. Have a '99 SR5 Xtra cab 5 speed bought in 2007 still running strong on that lil' 2.7 liter 4-banger. Recently (last year) got my first new truck, a 2020 Sport access cab...
  98. G

    Hi Im new here

    Anyone know where to get a tune in the Tacoma Wa area?
  99. H

    Almost fresh off the train from TJ

    Not me, the truck. I bought this SR5 not quite a month ago and have seriously enjoyed the hell out it. It's just been a commuter vehicle in that time (been busy at work) so as far as I know twisting that 4x4 knob will result in not much more than an "Error 404" on the infotainment center. To me...