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  1. 406Camper

    Review Natika Front Facing Camera

    Good when it works (see build thread). No fisheye effect. Crapped out after 10 months. I just bought another one for $33. Will see if the company is going to do anything about it. Source: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09BFBCPB8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. bonifacio

    Review AAWireless - Wireless Android Auto Dongle

    10/10 recommend. If you want to get rid of the wire with your wired Android Auto Head Unit this is the way to do it. Plugged in, 1 minute to set it up and 2 settings options later I'm satisfied. That's rare for me. I didn't want to plug my phone in and have a wire running around. My previous...
  3. bonifacio

    Review Trail Grid Pro - Plug & Play Bundles - Aftermarket Headunits

    If you're looking to upgrade your headunit TrailGridPro is a good way to go. I recommend. They don't offer direct discount codes, but I was able to find a $50 code on YouTube review videos. I believe that's the best deal. I'm not affiliated or benefit in anyway to share this. I priced out...
  4. RevN3


    Video review and install: Source: https://youtu.be/2YcLvKQWXJA They only have 63 of these left in stock so if you want the V1 better jump to it. https://www.ktjo4x4.com/collections/on-sale-shop-our-deals/products/tacoma-driver-side-grab-handle-3g-clearance
  5. Tyler

    Archived Improvements to the website search function are live

    Hey guys, As you may know, I've been working on a "2.0" version of the website for a while. The entire revision is time consuming so I occasionally try to launch some of its smaller features early, such as this one.... The search function on tacoma3g.com should now be a little more useful...
  6. Tyler

    Archived The new Tacoma3G.com website design is officially launched!

    I've had a lot of caffeine to make sure the new website design would be perfect so anyone who doesn't love it is a fool!
  7. Tyler

    Archived Funding Tacoma3G.com -- Update

    This is a forum thread version of my monthly RotM newsletter for March 2022. I'm reaching out about: How you can help me develop our community as a T3G Supporter What's to come for the Tacoma3G.com community in 2022 Our March Rig of the Month contest is open for entries ⚠️ Funding...
  8. Tyler

    Archived Paid memberships, membership perks, donations -- feedback needed

    Hey guys. So you all know I messaged you about this topic. I received an overwhelming amount of great opinions and ideas (over 100!). It has been a lot of work to get it up and running. I was able to expand payment options too. It was only PayPal, but now you'll be able to choose to securely pay...
  9. Tyler

    Archived You can FINALLY link to your build thread in your posts!

    This has been something I've wanted to implement for years but I could never figure out a "safe" way to do it. I think I finally figured out a mostly foolproof way to do it. How to link to your build thread in your posts: Go to your build thread and look at the URL Identify the numerical ID...
  10. Tyler

    Archived 2022 model-year and colors are now available for selection on your T3G profile

    Quick update: I had a few people ask (remind) me about 2022 not being a selectable year in your T3G account preferences. 2022 is there now, as well as some colors that were missing (Wind Chill Pearl, Blue Crush, White, Celestial Silver, Electric Lime). If this applies to you, you can update...
  11. Paige

    Archived 2022 Tacoma3G calendar -- who wants one?

    Update: Calendars can now be purchased here: https://tacoma3g.com/account/upgrades Hey guys, I'm working on creating our T3G calendar for 2022. Each month will have the photo that won that month's Rig of the Month in 2021. The cover photo will have 2021's Rig of the Year photo. It's been a few...
  12. Tyler

    Archived New Year, New Rig of the Month

    I can't believe it but we're in our third year of doing Rig of the Month! I know I enjoy the monthly contest and I think you guys do too. However, some members have been entering the contest since the beginning and still haven't won. On the flip side, a few members have won more than once...
  13. Tyler

    Archived An announcement to let you know that I'll be posting an announcement soon...

    I’m working on writing a T3G update/announcement type post that I wanted to publish today. I couldn’t get it done in time. So, until I can finish that, I just want to drop some cliff notes from it: - I have been overwhelmed with some unexpected medical stuff - That is why I have been quiet -...
  14. Tyler

    Archived 4 Wheel Parts Giveaway: And *second* winner is...

    🏆 To celebrate the launch of their new 3rd Generation Tacoma accessories, @4 Wheel Parts have paired up with Tacoma3G to host a Giveaway, and the second winner has been selected! 🎉 The T3G member that will be receiving a rear bumper for their truck is... @bonifacio! 🤙 Congrats on being...
  15. Tyler

    Archived 4 Wheel Parts Giveaway: And *first* winner is...

    🏆 To celebrate the launch of their new 3rd Generation Tacoma accessories, @4 Wheel Parts have paired up with Tacoma3G to host a Giveaway, and the winner* has been selected! 🎉 The T3G member that will be receiving a set of rock sliders for their truck is... @itsthex! 🤙 Congrats on being...
  16. Tyler

    Archived Who needs armor for their Tacoma? 4 Wheel Parts might have you covered... for free!

    🏆 To celebrate the launch of their new 3rd Generation Tacoma accessories, @4 Wheel Parts have paired up with Tacoma3G to host a Giveaway. We're giving one piece of truck armor to a lucky Tacoma3G.com Forum member! You will be able to select: a front bumper, or a rear bumper, or a set of rock...
  17. Tyler

    Archived Who needs armor for their truck? 4 Wheel Parts might have you covered...

    4 Wheel Parts is looking to put some of their brand new armor on a lucky Tacoma3G member's rig. This thread is just a teaser for the upcoming giveaway... stay tuned!
  18. Tyler

    Archived New forum feature: "WikiPost" -- All members can contribute to the first post of designated threads

    New Forum Feature: WikiPost I just added a new feature to the forum called "WikiPost" which is a handy tool to allow any member to edit the first post of a thread designated as a WikiPost. I've been trying to implement this for a minute and I think I finally have it working. WTF is a...
  19. Tyler

    Archived Tacoma3G's 3rd anniversary!

    May 1st was T3G's 3rd year of being online. Kind of like last year, I'm a bit late to make a post about it, but I'm proud of it nonetheless. Here's a snippet from what I said last year that is just as relevant today: I've said it many times, but starting a forum after 2009 tends to be a...
  20. Tyler

    Archived Known issue: errors when creating posts, liking posts, etc.

    You might get an error when you create a post, like a post, or click some other buttons around the forum. I'm aware of this and currently trying to figure it out.
  21. Tyler

    Archived Theme ideas for next month's Rig of the Month

    I think we should have a themed RotM in May. I want to hear some of your suggestions. Here's the list of themes I already have listed, so we could pick one of these or add a new one. THEME: STOCK THEME: FLEXY THEME: SCENIC THEME: THICC THEME: WASH ME THEME: SPOOKY THEME: FUN IN THE...
  22. Tyler

    Archived You might be a “T3G O.G.” now...

    Have you ever noticed a very small amount of members have a “T3G O.G.” badge next to their username? That was originally designated to the 25 people that volunteered to test the forum before it opened to the public. As the forum grew, I gave it to the first 250 members. As we are coming up on...
  23. Tyler

    Archived Rig of the Month theme ideas for 2021

    Hey guys. I’m probably going to do a “working” theme for February — photos with the truck being used to haul stuff in the bed or on a trailer. What other RotM themes would you like to see in 2021?
  24. Tyler

    Archived I lost my dad on Sunday. I might be absent from T3G for a bit.

    We lost him due to dementia at 61 years young. He also caught covid while in the hospital for his conditions. He was suffering and now he isn’t. Something I wrote: A stranger, distressed, alone in the rainy night. Daunting to most, telling to you. You are the one who gave your hand and...
  25. Tyler

    Archived Persistent alerts are back!

    You know the alert bell at the top of the forum? The one that gives you a little red number if someone liked your post or quoted it or whatever? When you click that bell to see your unread alerts, the red number will no longer disappear. So, if you have 6 alerts and click the bell and only...
  26. Tyler

    Archived December Rig of the Month, Tacoma3G's 2021 Calendar

    {name}, Hey guys! Tyler here with some Rig of the Month/Year updates and a little gift from Rago Fabrication! 15% off Rago Fabrication catalog for Tacoma3G members Rago Fabrication were kind enough to offer all Tacoma3G.com members a 15% discount on their products during the week of Black...
  27. Tyler

    Archived Rago Fabrication — 15% T3G Discount Code — Black Friday 2020

    @ragofabrication were kind enough to offer all Tacoma3G.com members a 15% discount on Rago products during the week of Black Friday. Use the code below at checkout to apply your discount and be sure to post photos of your new goodies here on the forum! https://www.ragofabrication.com/ And...
  28. Tyler

    Archived November Rig of the Month: I made a mistake

    It has been brought to my attention that the RotM photo currently in first place has a political flag on the truck. I didn’t notice the flag when I accepted the photo, which I consider a big mistake on my part. I would not have accepted the photo if I did, regardless of the type of political...
  29. Tyler

    Archived Rig of the Month will be a little different for the remainder of 2020 (Good news!)

    Hey guys, I have some end of the year RotM changes and info on Rig of the Year and calendar to share. ----- Rig of the Month: Bonus votes for November and December Rig of the Month has probably been one of my favorite additions to T3G since T3G's launch. I look forward to them every month even...
  30. Tyler

    Archived Where has Tyler been?

    I started with a weekend camping trip. It was fun, I’ll post some photos eventually. But my father is having some serious medical issues. He is suffering and we can’t tell what is about to happen next. Then yesterday another one of the closest people to me got some bad news medically related...
  31. Tyler

    Archived Tacoma3G on YouTube: Feedback needed!

    Hey guys! Creating useful content on YouTube for the Tacoma3G community is something that I have wanted to do for a few years. But I'm very particular with how I present content under the T3G name on the website and social media and I also have a lot of pet peeves with the way popular YouTube...
  32. Tyler

    Archived Giphy support added to posts (for those of you that love gifs)

    I have to admit, I never use these things and find them annoying. BUT... I know a lot of people love them, so... Let there be GIFS! To add them to your post, just click the 'GIF' icon in the bar above the text editor when you're typing:
  33. Tyler

    Archived Tacoma3G.com's 50,000 forum posts giveaway: And the winners are...

    Sorry about the delay in announcing this. I'll get right into it... While plenty of people were receiving credit for this contest, the top handful of posters were: @Tacomadad18 -- 406 @Tyler -- 217 (hehe ;)) @TRDcement_taco19 -- 133 @Mr. Nobody -- 58 (hehe ;)) @nickyreno -- 55 And the total...
  34. Tyler

    Archived Live website update in progress...

    Hey folks! Tacoma3G.com is currently undergoing a live update. This includes interesting new website features and server optimization. As a result, you might occasionally see some weird bugs or pages that look unfinished. For example, where the heck did these icons come from: I’m also aware...
  35. Tyler

    Archived Mental Health and the State of the World

    I want to bring up an important topic regarding mental health. Mental Health and the State of the World The world, and more specifically our country, is obviously in a state of gloom right now. Bringing this up in a message coming on a Tacoma website might seem odd at first, but I don't think...
  36. Tyler

    Archived Win $200 credit to Expedition Essentials for Tacoma3G.com's 50,000 forum posts milestone!

    Hey guys! We have a pretty cool milestone coming up and if you've been here for a while, you've probably seen that I like to pair contest giveaways with significant milestones when possible. In terms of numbers that we commonly consider significant, 50k is one of those, so I want to give...
  37. Tyler

    Archived FYI: Rig of the Month and a forum posting contest will go live today

    Just a quick FYI for anyone that hasn't noticed it is the 10th, or who has noticed and you're wondering where RotM is at. RotM and a separate contest will go live in a few hours, I just haven't gotten around to typing the contests up yet.
  38. Tyler

    Archived Tyler will be in and out of the office from August 27 to September 1

    Hey guys. Paige and I are taking our camper on its first true maiden voyage over the next few days for our anniversary. We're going from New York to Maine. I just wanted to let you know that I might be a little less active on the forum during that time (especially for those of you that PM me a...
  39. Tyler

    Archived Upcoming forum giveaway, Instagram giveaway, and the future of Rig of the Month

    I'm to reaching out to inform you of an upcoming forum giveaway (separate from RotM), Instagram giveaway, an update to the future of our Rig of the Month contest and, if you read far enough, there will be a little T3G-2G teaser at the end (the T3G 2.0 overhaul). Upcoming Forum Giveaway Roughly...
  40. Tyler

    Archived There is a dedicated feedback section and the announcement section is now at the top of the forum

    Hey guys. Quick FYI: We have, and have always had, a dedicated section for website suggestions and support: Tacoma3G: Feedback / Website Support I don't think most people knew it was there due to previous placement of it which was a little hard to find. I'm assuming this based off of the...
  41. Tyler

    Archived August Rig of the Month and introducing: The Nobodys

    The following message is a copy of the newsletter I sent out for this month. Posting it as a thread as well so it can be commented on if anyone actually wants to. ----- T3G, Tyler from Tacoma3G here! I'm reaching out to let you know that our August "Rig of the Month" photo contest is open...
  42. Tyler

    Archived Notice: Tyler is without power for a bit

    Hurricane Isaias just got done doing its thing on the area that I live. As a result, I’ll be without power for around 2-3 days. I’d normally hotspot my LTE to my computer so I can still work on the forum but even cell services aren’t working well yet. Just thought I’d let you guys know why I...
  43. Tyler

    Archived Donations added to the forum, all dark style colors are available

    Hey guys. I sent this info out in an email, though it is hard for me to know if most people are getting my new emails or if they are going straight into spam boxes. Surprisingly, sending "healthy" newsletters is an extremely difficult thing to do. There were already a few complaints against the...
  44. Tyler

    Archived Rig of the Month delay...

    Hey guys. RotM is late to open again so I’m reusing this old thread to let you know I haven’t forgotten about it and will try to get it live tonight. IRL stuff gets in the way sometimes.
  45. Tyler

    Archived The unfortunate exit of one of our most active vendors

    I try to keep it professional within T3G. I almost never use T3G to spread awareness of anything, despite multiple requests to do so. However, today I had to. You may have seen my posts on the Instagram today, regarding July 4th: I knew I would get plenty of backlash and hateful comments...
  46. Tyler

    Archived Our dark forum theme is finally live!

    FINALLY! I’ve wanted to implement this for a very long time now. You should all be seeing the dark theme, but if you aren’t, let me know. You can’t switch off the dark theme at the moment, but later today you will be able to switch back to any of the light themes if you would like to. You...
  47. Tyler

    Archived Dark forum preview

    I'm trying to get us a dark forum theme as I'm sure a lot of you guys are using dark themes for your apps and other websites. I want to show you a preview and maybe get some feedback on it. There are bugs that still need fixing, but besides that, how do the colors feel on your eyes?
  48. Tyler

    Archived QOL change for images in posts that are quoted

    This used to drive me crazy; if you quoted someone's post that had images in it, you wouldn't see the images in the quote box. That should be finally updated. Images should appear in all quoted posts, so you can actually tell what people are replying to.
  49. Tyler

    Archived Update to international patch purchases

    This won’t apply to most of you guys, but it’s a change worth noting nonetheless. Thanks for understanding.
  50. Tyler

    Archived RotM today!

    RotM will open later today when I get the chance to get on my computer. Just letting you guys know I’m case anyone was waiting for it. :)