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  1. TRD_dee151

    Performance Toyota Intake FLOW ACCELERATOR (PTR03-35160-AE)

    Question Instead of Buying a cold air intake to spend close to $400 can I just Replace this on my TRD OR and pretty much achieve the same results for cheaper? https://www.sparksparts.com/oem-parts/toyota-intake-flow-accelerator-ptr0335160ae
  2. Smitty

    Performance Cold Air Intakes, to be, or not to be...

    So I've been debating, more than I should be probably.... Do I want a cold air intake? Is it really worth putting one in a 3rd gen Tacoma? I'm pretty stock rn, stock height, tires, I just ordered a Carven exhaust :) What are pros and cons of getting an intake? Also, if I do pull the trigger...
  3. TheSpaniard

    OVTune Example

  4. TRD_dee151

    OVTune 2023 Off-road Show & Shine May 13th

    Here in Medford https://roguevalleysxs.com/2023-Show-and-Shine
  5. Huck89

    Performance LT Suspension Capabilities

    It’s been several months since I’ve posted or even been on here, and I must say I’m not loving the new theme of the site lol. Anyhow, I’m wondering if anybody has any information on long travel suspension capabilities when it comes to torque and horsepower? I know this is a very vague question...
  6. Huck89

    OVTune OTT Tune

    I’m looking at getting a tune very soon and I just wanted to get some opinions. I was originally going to go with the KDMax tune but then someone nearby offered to do OTT. Does anyone have experience with the OTT tune that can give me a quick rundown of the pros/cons?
  7. Huck89

    Performance Goodies

    Over the past few weeks I have been fortunate enough to add some goodies to the Taco and I must say I’m loving the way she’s running. I was tossing up the idea of doing an LS swap (Which I still plan to do but far into the future now). It’s hard to justify pulling out such a reliable engine so...
  8. D

    OVTune Tuning

    Hi, I’m looking for Chan Chan!! I need his help!! Does anyone have his own info??
  9. Huck89

    Performance Magnuson Supercharger

    I know there are some older threads on this topic but I wanted to start a new one. Who out there is running the Magnuson supercharger? I’ve got a few questions but I’d rather get information from someone who is running one rather than the “I’ve read” or “I know someone” kind of answers.
  10. Huck89

    Performance Exhaust Recommendations

    I need some recommendations for a solid exhaust. I’m running the URD Power Extractor Pipes & Mark 2 Y Pipe W/ MBRP muffler. I don’t know if it’s the muffler or the setup itself or what but it sounds hella raspy, like a pissed off weed wacker. Does anyone have any experience with any of these...
  11. Huck89

    Performance Injen Air Intake

    Today I put on the Injen Evo Intake, and just like many other products I see online I’m a little bit skeptical of the reviews initially especially when they’re claiming power improvement. However, I can definitely say that I felt an increase after putting this intake on and I was pleasantly...
  12. Huck89

    Performance URD Pipes

    Finally got the URD Power Extractor pipes, Y pipe, and Injen air intake in today...I know what I'll be doing this weekend!! :)
  13. Huck89

    Performance Magnuson Supercharger vs. Procharger Supercharger

    I know there are some older post on here about the Magnuson but I wanted to bring this topic back. Does anyone have experience with the Magnuson or the Procharger Superchargers? I'm thinking of pulling the trigger on one here in the near future and just trying to figure out the pros/cons and the...
  14. Berserker__taco

    Performance 5.29 fuel mileage thread

    Tire size: 33" Gear ratio: 5.29 Tune: Valley Runner Truck weight: ~6,000 lbs Mpg @ 1800-2100 rpm: 13-14 mpg Mpg @ 3000-4500 rpm: 10-12 mpg Milage before gear swap: Tire size: 33" Gear ratio:  Stock Tune: OVTune 2.0 Truck weight: ~6,000 lbs Mpg @ 1800-2100 rpm: 14-16mpg Mpg @ 3000-4500 rpm...
  15. Huck89

    Performance Coil Packs

    I've been browsing around for the best coil pack option. The one that seems to have good reviews is the RIPP Performance Coil Packs from rippmods.com. Does anyone else have experience or recommendations on these or any other brand out there?
  16. RevN3

    OVTune On the topic of tunes and manual transmissions

    Hello friends, so a couple weeks back I got a tune on my 2017 TRDOR DCSB with an manual transmission, stock gearing. It's the OTT 8.0 "spicy" and I'm a bit underwhelmed. I can tell there is a difference but it is pretty subtle. I get that most people who get these tunes have the automatic and...
  17. Derek_Rogueoffroad

    Performance Keep cool

    The third gen engine temp tends to get hot, going up trails and long trips. B tube technology increases heat dissipation by 15% or so, as well as the multi louvered fins. With over 50% extra cooling capacity, and a 100% tig welded design. You can say good bye to that thin, oem plastic tank...
  18. SilverBullet3g

    OVTune KD Max tune first or 5.29 Regear first?

    So I want to do both, and the reason I’m asking is like do you need a tune immediately after a regear? Or do you drive it for a week or two then tune it? Just wondering cause the tuner is 2 hours away and I’d rather not have to tune it then regear then have to drive back down there to update...
  19. mobileantics

    OVTune OV Tune 2.0 - Arizona

    Hey all, my name is JT and I am a VF Tuner Pro Tuner based here in Phoenix, AZ. If you are tired of the way your truck drives, I offer the YotaWerx Tunes, which are enhanced versions of the standard vF Tune v2.0. These tunes have been enhanced for: increased low-end power, consistent and...
  20. T

    OVTune OBD II scanner issue

    my 2018 TACOMA TRD cannot connect to BlueDriver, Ancel and Launch 129e scanners ......so i cannot read the check engine light code ....anyone having this problem ?
  21. Derek_Rogueoffroad

    Performance Small photo dump

    Just stopping in, to show off some of my favorite customer trucks, that we’ve had in recently! Lots of suspension work lately, lighting upgrades, a few superchargers here and there, and more! What setup are you running?
  22. mgmyota

    Performance NEED HELP! Differential master install kit

    Anyone have any hookup for a rear diff master install kit? I’ve called close to 10 places and no one has any or any idea when they’ll be getting any. A bearing managed to fail somehow and now I’m stuck in the water waiting to hopefully get parts. And with me leaving the military and needing to...
  23. G

    Performance Rubbing after lifting. Please help!

    Hello, I have a 2019 Tacoma TRD Sport. I just lifted it 3 inch front and 2 inch rear. Wheels -- 17X9 -12 offset. Tires 285/70R17. Stock UCA. I did the alignment, but I think they didn't do it right. I'm rubbing the cab mount/fender flare a bit hard on the front passenger side only. I rubbed...
  24. 2021taco

    Performance Help lifting my Tacoma

    I see on R4T that they have a 7in dirt king lift. now obviously you need the long travel axels, with the long travel axel shafts to keep 4wd, you also need long travel upper and lower control arms along with the hardware kit to mount the shocks and arms. My question is what do I get for rear...
  25. Tyler

    Performance 2021 Tacoma TRD Pro, 6-Speed Manual, Magnuson Supercharger

    This truck just popped up on my YouTube feed. I’m kind of drooling over it so I have to share it here. Sometimes I do wish I kept my truck clean and nearly stock like this one. I guess this is a “sleeper” Tacoma because you wouldn’t really expect the supercharger, lol. Original link...
  26. mZiggy

    Performance YotaWerx Tuning Services and Feedback

    YotaWerx Tuning is located in El Paso, TX and is a partnership of local Toyota enthusiasts who offer tuning/flash services for supported vehicles. We have been offering flash services since June 2020. Linked below is a map of our YotaWerx Tuning network. Please view to see if there is a YW...
  27. Berserker__taco

    Performance Toyota IFS bolt on portal axle kit!? Late night rabbit hole find..

    The crap you find to take your money when you're surfing trying to fall asleep. Apparently there is a Russian company that developed a bolt on portal system for our trucks. They claim to have fit 37s with it. $15k for it 😯 I'll post more if I find anything else. It's getting too late.
  28. 17magyota

    OVTune Does this do anything for manual transmission and where can I go

    Does this do anything worth while to a manual trd sport and if so where can I get it done in Pa??
  29. BernsTaco

    Performance Dirt logic/ fabtech

    Hey everyone I like have a RR rear shock but don’t like spending more then 300 so a month or so ago I bought the fox 2.0 rear shocks w RR they are like 239 or something like that. I don’t really love them. They don’t travel/ extend that far and was thinking of getting the icon 2.0 RR they are...
  30. Taconorth

    Performance Suspension Bump stop

    Any of you guys using the active off road bump stops from Timbren? Not the SES ones...I dont tow heavy weight. I'm running around 1000 pounds of payload on my trip in the wood and l like to have a blast on fire road! It's my next clic on my Taco mods!
  31. Cory2019TRD4X4offroad

    Performance Suspension

    Can anyone tell me what the stock suspension height is
  32. disp31

    Performance Lifts

    I’m now at phase of increasing the lift, larger tires (I’m thinking 33s) on 17x9 wheel. Any thoughts or suggestions? I’ve read Toyota doesn’t recommend going over 3 inches. I was looking at zone
  33. D

    Performance Oil recommendations??

    Stick with the Toyota 0-20 ? Or Amsoil, Mobil 1 etc.?
  34. Tyler

    Performance Has anyone ever checked their 0-60mph time?

    I saw some comparisons in a TFL video today and got curious and checked mine. It was about 11.5 seconds, maybe slightly quicker. This is with OVTune, 5.29s, 35” tires, and the truck probably 7,000 lbs, lol. I’d love to see some other numbers with variously configured trucks. Especially stock.
  35. Mr. Nobody

    Performance Magnuson Supercharger/Forced induction release thread.

    In case anyone missed it, Magnuson has ramped up it's teasing of the new supercharger. Rumor has been that Tuning the ECU has been a significant hurdle for multiple SC manufacturers. However it appears Magnuson has gotten past that hurdle and is preparing for launch. Videos of TacomaBeast'...
  36. Ruben Z

    Performance Installed the Toyota Performance Intake

    I won this thing on a giveaway and installed it in about 15-20 minutes. Honestly to me i do notice a little improved responsiveness when I'm cruising and then step on it. I don't noticed much off the line from a dead stop unless I really gun it. It does have a little better sound but honestly...
  37. M

    Performance 0 W 30

    Anybody running 0-30 in their third generation Tacoma
  38. onwrrds

    Performance Exhaust re-route recommendations

    I’m looking to do the exhaust reroute as I keep hitting that area on rocks. I’m looking for recommendations of a quality shop in SoCal (specifically south Orange County area) that will do know what to do. Also curious for those that have done it. Do you recommend getting stainless pipe or...

    Performance Electronic Valve Cutouts

    I’ve wanted to install an aftermarket exhaust for quite some time now, but I can’t find one that has a tone I like. Has anyone on here done electronic valve cutouts on the V6? I’ve seen/heard them on the older 4.0 V6 and they sound great.
  40. K

    Performance High clearance exhaust

    Does anyone have any experience with the URD Mark 2 Y-Pipe install? I have a 2020 double cab short bed Off-road and was looking to reroute the exhaust for high clearance. Looks like this pipe calls for a delete of the rearmost pair of catalytic converters. Am I missing something? Any help...
  41. sporttrd3gnj

    Performance Air intake and exhaust recommendations

    I'm shopping around for a cold air intake and cat back exhaust system for a TRD Sport. More interested in performance vs. increased sound, any recommendations on what to get OR what to stay away from would be much appreciated.
  42. Tyler

    OVTune VF Tuner | OVTune - Tacoma ECU flash tune options and feedback

    Did you buy OVTune? If so, how are you liking it? Any bugs? I know it is on my eventually list, but to be honest, I don't even hate the stock tune as much as most people. It definitely could be better though.