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  1. H

    2021 Tacoma-Bought New-Battery Life expectancy?

    Just turned 10,000 miles. Have had the Tacoma V6 4 Door for 25 months now. What OEM battery life are other owners finding? Is it a cheapo that dies after a couple of years, or do they last longer? I tend to replace batteries with top grade options before they die. I have never had a...
  2. ojodemas

    Battery Recommendations

    Hi all, Looking to upgrade my stock battery. Looking at the Odyssey Group 31 battery for the 2022 Tacoma. Currently running seven LP4s, compressor, light bar, etc. please let me know if this is the better battery or if there are others you would recommend. I appreciate everyone’s...
  3. G

    Replace The Stock Battery

    Will the alternator voltage regulator properly charge and maintain an AGM battery?
  4. bonifacio

    Battery Replacement Recommendations

    Have the factory 28800-03046 (24F? )battery now. Might just be about that time to replace it. So I was hoping to find some recommendations. I just have some lights and stuff. Random things here and there. Might go with on board air at some point. Just feel my battery is getting there and it's...
  5. L

    Toyota True Start battery.

    Toyota True Start Battery mentions it is a 84 month or 7 year life battery. For sale $179.00. That is a reasonable price for a 84 month battery. Anyone got this Toyota True Start Battery?
  6. A

    Battery wire gauges

    Does anyone know the gauge of the negative battery wire on our Tacomas?
  7. L

    Key fob battery life?

    My sons 2016 key fob (push button start. I think may need a battery replacement soon. The key fob 2016-2022 takes either a CR2016 or CR2032. CR2016 - 6 hrs. CR2032 -10 hrs, CR 2032 is just thicker. If the key fob battery dies for (push button starts) take the key out of the fob to open...
  8. L

    NICO & Gooloo battery boosters? Review?

    Purchase just 3 months ,one NICO 40 for my wife’s car, & one Gooloo 2000 for my Tacoma 2029 TRD… Both says you will need to recharge approx every 2-3 months… This is what I found ..3 month later…I charge the NICO 40 first it took several hours to fully charge…after charging the Gooloo…approx...
  9. L

    Battery light for camper, & ?

    Runs on three AAA..COB LED…very bright..,has a two round magnets comes with Velcro…or can be screw mounted, or hand carry… I was able to mount on any metal surface on the truck, Purchase on Amazon…under $7 Sorry bed is messy…
  10. ragofabrication


    If you have been driving for a few years, you’ve likely experienced a dead battery once or twice now. Vehicles didn’t always come equipped with automatic head lights. (I know what a shocker. 😱) My first car had manual lights, meaning they had to be turned off. Who knew leaving your head lights...
  11. R

    Truck bed organization and fridge/battery/solar set up questions

    Thinking of getting a dometic fridge 100l, not sure what to do with battery and solar options? Anyone have any cool set ups? (Open to other solutions that are lower tech if possible I read about the circuit boards failing.) also a question on organization for the truck bed. I want something...
  12. K

    Battery Replacement Recommendation

    What group size battery is used in my 2016 Tacoma Limited? I still have the original and can't find a same size replacement (L-10 1/2" W-6 3/4" H- 8 l/4"). The original battery I have does not have any group size marked on it. I don't want to take it into a dealership. The only...
  13. Tyler

    AGM main battery to lithium accessory batteries?

    I have a Group 31 AGM battery powering my truck. I have a regular 12v battery as the accessory battery in my camper. It is wired to my alternator as well. But I have 2 lithium batteries that I want to replace the 12v accessory battery with. Can I just connect them and go? Or is this going to...
  14. shotgunbilly420

    duel battery kit suggestions

    Yes im looking into options for duel battery setup any suggestions will help thank you
  15. CalifExplorer

    Group 31 battery upgrade

    Hi all Seemed like a good idea to upgrade battery size since I'm also installing a few more accessories. After installing the setup shown in the photo (including cleaning up terminal plate connections of paint) the battery couldn't turn over the truck. A quick jumper cable connection fired...
  16. mgmyota

    solar charging my battery

    So I'm upgrading to a group 34 odyssey extreme battery. As I understand it, our stock alternators don't put out enough juice to keep these larger AGM batteries fully charged. So I started looking into solar as a way to keep it fully charged. Specifically I've been looking at the Cascadia hood...
  17. B

    Question about having alternator output changed to charge AGM battery through OV Tune

    So, I had an OV Tune installed on my 2017 Tacoma DCLB OR for about a month now. Gotta say what a HUGE improvement. While doing this, I had asked the guy that installed the OV Tune to adjust my alternator output to make sure that my new X2 AGM battery would be fully charged. I have read and heard...
  18. Iva

    Dual battery setup with ML-ACR

    Hey, Planing to do dual battery setup using ML-ACR and interesting if somebody running it with two different type of batteries. I have regular starting battery And want to use optima yellow top as a second battery. any info if it works? Aslo if somebody have a red top optima and yellow top...
  19. Lord Humongous

    Lithium Batteries

    Just curious if anybody has any experience with lithium batteries? There is big initial cost but supposedly 1 lithium has 2 to 3 times the capacity of an equivalent AGM and a fraction of the weight. Original link: https://youtu.be/PCBhbezGPJc I'm thinking about going this route with a...
  20. ragofabrication

    Get Trail Ready With 15% Off Battery Boxes! ???

    Hey Guys! So you've upgraded your battery but have you got the perfect box to keep it secure?⁠ ⁠ Our designer has done it again!⁠ ⁠ Made from strong, rust-free stainless steel, the Rago Battery Box offers protection on all sides of your battery. TIG-welded for a precise, snug fit, the Battery...
  21. cocodataco

    AGM batteries and charging volts

    Hey guys wanted to see what everyone was doing to get the max volts to charge their AGM batteries. I have done some searching on TW/google and it sounds like us guys with the 3rd gens don't have a way to boost our alternator voltage to charge AGMs. I will be putting a group 31 in my rig over...
  22. Buffa

    Dual Battery Systems?

    Hey Troops Very interested in seeing what anyone has done for a Dual Battery Set-Up? Pro’s, Con’s, where the Second Battery was Located Etc Etc Etc? Thanks, Buffa
  23. Hubermr

    Dual battery

    Has anyone used the Genesis Dual Battery System? Or any other dual battery system? If so what are your thoughts?
  24. zweisman

    Battery Recommendations

    What's everyone running as a replacement for the stock battery that comes with the truck? Looking for the most Ah I can get in that tiny amount of space we've got to work with.
  25. New Holland Overland

    Dual Battery or Group 31?

    Here is the current setup guys: 2x30" light bars 6 squadrons 6 S2's KC Hilites rock lights VR10S winch ARB single air compressor Im absolutely crazy for going the past few months without a new battery setup but Ive been doing my research. I dont do a lot of long term overlanding trips (mainly...
  26. Liquiddreams

    BB2590 Lithium Ion Battery for a Solar Generator?

    I am in the research phase of building a Solar generator for camping. I came across some of the BB-2590 rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries. What are the drawbacks or benefits of using these batteries in the solar generator? I already have a portable solar charger to use with these batteries and...
  27. RevN3

    Woke up to a dead battery today

    So, that's odd. Was going to go exploring out in the woods today and once I got myself and the big dog loaded...dang thing wouldn't turn over. The battery is the one that came with it but I hadn't noticed any issues up until now. It's on the charger. It was reading at 2% I assume it got drained...

    SDHQ Built HD Billet Main Battery Terminal Upgrade Kit

    PRODUCT OVERVIEW: Tired of splicing and cutting up your vehicle's wiring when installing your off-road accessories? Upgrade your vehicle's main battery terminals with SDHQ's HD Main Billet Terminal Upgrade Kit. With up to five additional terminal pads our kit provides the safe and orderly...

    16-Current Toyota Tacoma SDHQ Built Complete Dual Battery Kit

    SDHQ's Dual Battery Kit allows you to run two batteries. Running two batteries is a benefit when camping/overlanding for an extensive amount of time without the fear of your battery failing. Our Kit was 3D CAD Designed in house and features billet battery hold downs and is powder coated black to...
  30. B

    Genesis Dual Battery help

    Hi guys, i recently installed my genesis dual battery kit and put in the batteries... Had a couple questions, and maybe some of the other people here who have installed this in the past can help... the truck seems to be making noise coming from the batteries now, like something is loose, i...
  31. taco_xpd

    Decisions decisions Genesis Dual battery versus OffGrid4x4 dual battery

    If you are running a dual battery setup which one did you go with? And why? Looking into purchasing a setup.
  32. Pelfreybilt

    Pelfreybilt ::: Group 31 Battery Cage ::: Tacoma, 4Runner, FJ, GX470

    Pelfreybilt ::: Group 31 Battery Cage http://www.pelfreybilt.com/product/battery-cage/ This cage mounts in the factory location with heavy duty J-Bolts and allows for installation of a larger group 31 battery. Gone are the days of Dual Batteries! The group 31 battery provides massive gains...
  33. Jay

    Double battery thread.

    Post up your pics of your double battery set ups. Curious how everyone has theirs set up.