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gears / lockers

LA Gear (or L.A. Gear) is an American shoe company based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 1983 and is currently part of Frasers Group brands.

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  1. S

    Is my 2016 rear locker actuator install correct?

    just like the title, checking that I have this correct and it doesn't go under the locking plate thing.
  2. mgmyota

    Revolution gear and axle

    Anybody have experience with or currently running revolution gears in their truck. Everyone and their mother has nitro gears. I don't know much about this company but I’ve heard just a couple good things so far. Need to rebuild my rear end soon and thought about trying a different company
  3. J

    Who has replaced rear drive shaft u joints on 2018-2020? Part number?

    I'm replacing my 5yr old U joints and dealer is out of stock. I'm looking for aftermarket part numbers
  4. Berserker__taco

    Average labor cost to regear.

    So I know I've been a pain in the ass with gear swap questions. Hopefully this is the last lol. For those of you who swapped gears, what was your labor cost? I got a smoking deal on Nitro Gear 5.29s off FB market place. My plan is to drop the truck off and have them install my parts. Dropping...
  5. Berserker__taco

    Re-gear and tune or just tune?

    I'd like to hear from people who specifically have both re geared and have OV Tune on their rigs. I already tuned the truck and I'm about to pull the trigger on gears. Do you feel both work perfectly or could you be just fine with one or the other? I have 33s, armor, gear, and RTT. After the...
  6. SilverBullet3g

    Shocks or Regear?

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum life so I hope I’m doing this right. So I have a 2017 Tacoma TRD Sport 4x4 with 35x18x12.5 Atturos with a 6” Pro Comp Lift. So I got the truck in 2018 and have been driving it every since mainly on highways about a 3 hour trip to and from my hometown and my...
  7. T

    Help on Gears

    I feel like I’m right on the border between 4.88 and 5.29 I’d appreciate some thoughts/experience/suggestions. There pretty pricey just trying to do my due dillegence before jumping in. Running 285/70/17 (32.8”) I have the cap and planning for some sort of drawer system in the bed For continuous...
  8. S

    Diff ratio

    Need help what gears are in my truck 2018 4door v6 auto 4x4 Vin starts with 3TMC Door tag # A04A/AC60F Thanks for the help
  9. S

    Diff gear ratio

    Question ... what gears are in my truck 2018 4 door v6. Auto.4x4 Vin starts with 3TMC Door tag # A04A/AC60F
  10. mgmyota

    Custom drive shaft

    Anyone running a custom drive shaft after lifting your truck such as Tom woods? I don’t know a ton about custom drive shafts though. I noticed it replaces the two piece shaft with a one piece and deletes the carrier bearing. Looking for the experienced folks input about the benefits and possible...
  11. heaveho

    5.29 Regear on stock

    I'm considering changing out my stock differential on a 2017 4x4 TRD-OR. Is there anyone who has made the gear change but kept the truck mostly stock? Pros and cons? Did anyone add a front locker as a part of the change?
  12. Topo_taco

    Gear swap suggestions

    I’m still getting use to the forum world so I apologize if this has been mentioned before. I’m sitting here researching gear swaps and trying to make a decision on the proper gears to get. I’m looking at 4.56 or 4.88 so I’m asking those of you who have done a gear swap, what you suggest. Any...
  13. LaSmurf_4x4

    Are Front Lockers worth it?

    So im going to Gear my ride soon I have 2016 trd sport 4x4 on 33x12.5R18 4" Lift but wondering if its a good idea to get front lockers as well?
  14. Sangi

    Rear differential breather reroute.

    Hey everyone, I've been putting off a quick mod for a while now, rerouting the rear differential breather. Figured I do a quick walkthrough and take pictures in case anyone else wanted to do it as well. For those who don't know, there is a little knobbly looking thing on the left side of the...
  15. Stormtrooper Yota

    Regear, or not to regear

    So guys! I have a 4banger 2wd Tacoma. Is it normal to be in 3rd gear, at 6k rpm almost flooring it? Going 65-70mph on the US-395, going up the grade to Mammoth Mountian, at 7 thousand something feet of elevation. Considering the oxygen is thiner here. Im really considering about a regear! If so...
  16. Mschuman

    When to re-gear in my order of mods

    Hello, I have a 2017 Tacoma 4x4 crew cab long box. I just purchased SCS Ray 10’s with KO2’s 265/70/r17’s on their way. I have to go with a smaller tire for now as I don’t have a lift and I am still trying to figure out why will work best for me. My goal is to eventually run 285/70/r17s. I will...
  17. 0uTkAsT

    A Better Diff Breather Mod - No Drilling Required

    Yesterday I re-did my diff breather mod because I wasn't happy with it being relocated inside of the bed storage cubby. This time I mounted it behind the driver's side tail light using all pre-existing holes in the body and frame. Installation is extremely simple and the end result is much...