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  1. Battle Born Offroad

    Discount Code Battle Born Offroad Shock Services - Las Vegas Shock Rebuilds

    Battle Born Offroad Shock Service & Rebuilding Battle Born Offroad has everything you need to keep your shocks preforming at their best. Our Las Vegas Shock Rebuild service is for daily drivers, weekend warriors, prerunners, overlanders, racers and more! Below is our general price menu of shock...
  2. Southern Style Offroad

    Summer Sale!

    Hey everyone, we are currently running our Summer Sale. Right now save 15% on SSO fabricated products! No codes are needed, they will automatically be applied at the checkout. If you have any questions or comments, call us at (225) 726-7979 or send us an email to info@southernstyleoffroad.com
  3. Jay

    Discount Code New Business -- LC Overland

    Hey everyone how is it going. I've been contemplating doing this for quite some time and finally decided to do it. LC Overland is my newest venture in life. LC stands for Louie and Clark, our two dogs, or the original overlanders. I am still in the process of becoming a dealer with the...
  4. Derek_Rogueoffroad

    Suspension and things!

    Got more suspension on the way, need to make room for new inventory! As some of you may know, I got this order in a week or so ago. Looking to get it moved so I can make room for my other orders showing up! Got complete suspension packages available! Leafs, UCAs, and more. Let's get you set...
  5. Trail Tacoma

    Group Buy Relations Race Wheels (RRW) Wheel Group Buy - RR6s & RR7s - Up to 30% Off!

    Hey everyone! Konrad here again. A few months back, we ran a successful group buy for RRW rock sliders. Now, we're back at it again with RRW - this time for wheels! We've already been live since last week, so spots are filling up fast. Once again, we've negotiated a HUGE deal for the...
  6. ProTechTacos

    Discount Code Happy Easter Everyone!

    We hope that you are all having a great Easter Sunday and you're able to spend some time with family today. We have been extremely grateful to all of you who have supported our company and have tried our product! One of our many goals for this year is to be more active in this community and...
  7. NEO Motorsport Garage


    Hey everyone, we have a huge stock of Eibach suspension kits and need to run an Eibach inventory sale. Has anyone been trying to get an Eibach lift kit recently? We have a ton in stock and need to move it! Now through 4/23 (ends @ 11:59PM), take 15% off with code EASTER15 Online link: Ford...
  8. UploadAdventure

    YotaMafia - Sales | Info | BS

    Hello 3G, I'm a YotaMafia rep, and I figured I'd start a thread to give some info and share stuff like sales or updated product info. Little bit of information, YM is an American owned company based on the east coast. They help sponsor events like Appalachian Toyota Roundup; and host their own...
  9. Derek_Rogueoffroad

    Wheel Wednesday with METHOD WHEEL SPECIALS

    Humpday! We have a couple of wheels, that we have specials on, this week and possibly till next month! Message me for specials or give us a call at the shop! 702-907-3478 FREE SHIPPING as well! https://rogue-offroad.com/Method-Race-Wheels-317-Matte-Black--18x9-3-Offset_p_12065.html...
  10. Derek_Rogueoffroad

    Tax season special!

    Tax season/March Madness special! (Admire my MS Paint photoshop skills ) Bundle a Fox 2.0 coilover package with Motegi Trailite wheels and save with discount code! Hit my inbox for the code! Offer expires March 31st or when products are sold out. Whichever comes first! This kit is often...
  11. AdventureDan71

    Xtrusion Overland Website Link

  12. AdventureDan71

    weBoost Website Link

  13. AdventureDan71

    VORSHEER Trailers Website Link

  14. AdventureDan71

    Victory 4x4 Website Link

  15. AdventureDan71

    upTOP Overland Website Link

  16. AdventureDan71

    Truck Brigade Website Link

  17. AdventureDan71

    Total Chaos Website Link

  18. AdventureDan71

    Tacoma Pros / TopFab Website Link

  19. AdventureDan71

    Talus Expedition Gear Website Link

  20. AdventureDan71

    SupDec Website Link

  21. AdventureDan71

    Spotter Mirror Website Link

  22. AdventureDan71

    SOS Offroad Concepts Website Link

  23. AdventureDan71

    Simply Muggle Website Link (Etsy Shop)

  24. AdventureDan71

    Show Stoppers USA Website Link

  25. AdventureDan71

    SDHQ Website Link

  26. AdventureDan71

    ScreenProtech Website Link

  27. AdventureDan71

    Salex Organizers Website Link

  28. AdventureDan71

    Runnin4Tacos Website Link

  29. AdventureDan71

    ROAM Adventure Co Website Link

  30. AdventureDan71

    Rigid Industries Website Link

  31. AdventureDan71

    Remmen Brakes Website Link

  32. AdventureDan71

    Relentless Fabrication Website Link

  33. AdventureDan71

    Rago Fab Website Link

  34. AdventureDan71

    P&P Engineering Website Link

  35. AdventureDan71

    OEM Audio + Website Link

  36. AdventureDan71

    NEO Garage Website Link

  37. AdventureDan71

    KB Voodoo Website Link

  38. AdventureDan71

    Expedition Essentials Website Link

  39. AdventureDan71

    Empyre Offroad Website Link

  40. AdventureDan71

    Eagle Klaw Website Link

  41. AdventureDan71

    Dobinsons Website Link

  42. AdventureDan71

    DECKED Website Link

  43. AdventureDan71

    Cali Raised Offroad Website Link

  44. AdventureDan71

    Datin Metal Fab Website Link

  45. AdventureDan71

    Dark Defense Website Link

  46. AdventureDan71

    Course Motorsports Website Link

  47. AdventureDan71

    Cali Raised LED Website Link

  48. AdventureDan71

    C4 Fabrication Website Link

  49. AdventureDan71

    Adding Vendor Links

    I’ve been cruising the vendor list, dreaming about whats to com for the Klompmaker Family Taco, and had quite a difficult time finding links to websites. After reaching out to Tyler for the green light, I am working on adding a website link specific thread for each. I should be done with them...
  50. AdventureDan71

    BARE Outfitters Website Link

  51. AdventureDan71

    Baja Designs Website Link

  52. AdventureDan71

    Archive Garage Website Link

  53. AdventureDan71

    Arc-One Industries Website Link

  54. AdventureDan71

    Accessorides Website Link

  55. AdventureDan71

    Battle Born Offroad Website Link

  56. AdventureDan71

    Aspire Auto Accessories Website Link

  57. TRD_Quoc

    SoCal Toyota Tuning w/ @TRD_QUOC (OC/LA/IE/SD/SB/Central Coast)

    SoCal Tacoma3G! What's up! If anyone needs a good local knowledgeable tuner please reach out and ask any questions! Based in Orange County, I cover from San Diego to Santa Barbara! https://tk421tuning.com/ https://linktr.ee/tk421tuning https://www.instagram.com/tk421tuning/...
  58. ProTechTacos


    Tacoma3G Hello my name is Chris and I am the founder of Screen Protech. Many of you have used our products and we thank you!!! We are looking to start getting involved in forums and being more involved in the community that has been so good to us. We offer the highest quality screen protectors...
  59. NEO Motorsport Garage

    End of Year Lift Sale - IN STOCK!

    Hey everyone! We are running a end of year Eibach sale because we have so many in stock! Purchase a 2016+ Tacoma or 4Runner Stage 1 Lift System, choose "strut assembly" and use code "ASSEMBLY" at checkout and get FREE strut assembly! This saves you time and money during install whether you do...
  60. ragofabrication

    Black Friday Is Here 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    Black Friday Sales are in full affect, make sure to check them out on our website. https://www.ragofabrication.com/collections/black-friday-deals
  61. Accessorides

    Accessorides.com Black Friday Sale

    Hey guys! Just a heads up our Black Friday sale is live! Use code BF2021 for 21% OFF any order! https://accessorides.com/search?q=tacoma
  62. ragofabrication

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving EVERYONE!!! Don't forget to check out all of our amazing BLACK FRIDAY DEALS https://www.ragofabrication.com/collections/tacoma-deals
  63. ragofabrication

    Holiday Gift Guide 🎁

  64. ragofabrication

    Protect Your Investment!!!

  65. ragofabrication

    The Best Black Friday Deals Yet!!

  66. C4 Fabrication

    New C4 Fab Forum Discount Code

    Hey guys, Its been a while since we've been active on here. We're going to try to start to change that! My name is Wes I'm the sales director over at c4. I wanted to shoot you guys a new forum discount code you could use on all c4 products. The new code is "tacoma3g10" Thanks for all your...
  67. ragofabrication

    Black Friday Deals

  68. ragofabrication

    New Flash Sales

    New Flash Sales are happening ALL MONTH LONG! Make sure to check out ragofabriation.com to be the first to know about our epic Black Friday Sales. https://www.ragofabrication.com/collections/black-friday-deals
  69. ragofabrication


    New Flash Sales are happening ALL MONTH LONG! Make sure to check out ragofabriation.com to be the first to know about our epic Black Friday Sales https://www.ragofabrication.com/collections/black-friday-deals
  70. ragofabrication


    New Flash Sales are happening ALL MONTH LONG! Make sure to check out ragofabriation.com to be the first to know about our epic Black Friday Sales. https://www.ragofabrication.com/collections/black-friday-deals
  71. ragofabrication


    New Flash Sales are happening ALL MONTH LONG! Make sure to check out ragofabriation.com to be the first to know about our epic Black Friday Sales. https://www.ragofabrication.com/collections/black-friday-deals
  72. ragofabrication


    New Flash Sales are happening ALL MONTH LONG! Make sure to check out ragofabriation.com to be the first to know about our epic Black Friday Sales. https://www.ragofabrication.com/collections/black-friday-deals
  73. Victory4x4

    November Sale

    10% OFF ROOF RACKS & MOLLE PANELS No coupon required SHOP NOW
  74. T


  75. ragofabrication

    Black Friday Deals !!

  76. Southern Style Offroad

    Black Friday Sale! SSO

    Hey everyone, Black Friday month, and we are offering 20% off of SSO fabricated products. Sale started yesterday and will run until the end of the month. 20% off of our Slimline Hybrid bumpers, roof racks, and rock sliders. And this does include our Tacoma Tube or Full Plate Slimlines...
  77. CaliRaisedLED


    Welcome Cali Raised Led www.CaliRaisedled.com Phone (714)-752-6315 Email info@caliraisedled.com Instagram @cali_raised_led 15% OFF SITE WIDE USE CODE "BLACKNOVEMBER" https://caliraisedled.com/pages/2021-black-friday-deals-black-november-cali-raised-led SHOP LED LIGHTING ...
  78. EmpyreOffroad

    Empyre Off-Road Black Friday Sale

    Hi all! We've started our Black Friday sale. You can get 15% off at https://empyreoffroad.com with the following code Tacoma3GBF21 I can't stress enough that you buy early. I fully anticipate all of our pro and raptor grilles to sell out by the third week in November.
  79. ragofabrication


    If you have been driving for a few years, you’ve likely experienced a dead battery once or twice now. Vehicles didn’t always come equipped with automatic head lights. (I know what a shocker. 😱) My first car had manual lights, meaning they had to be turned off. Who knew leaving your head lights...
  80. ragofabrication

    Does Size Matter?!

    Let’s talk about size- of propane tanks. For most overlanding adventures, a propane tank is quite the essential item. Used to fuel countertop stoves, outside grills, and even things as simple as a lantern, having this tank can enhance your overall overlanding experience. These tanks can range is...
  81. ragofabrication


    We have been having a lot of questions lately about the clearance for our lower control arm skids. We figured this we be the easiest way to explain.😎🤙 https://www.ragofabrication.com/search?q=lower+control+arm+skids
  82. ragofabrication


    You DO NOT want to miss out on saving 15% on ALL RAGO Products!!! https://www.ragofabrication.com/
  83. Victory4x4

    Victory 4x4 Topper Bed Rack

    We are shooting the install video on the final version as we speak. Fits over a Softtopper or a Bestop Supertop for Truck. I will update this thread with a link when it's available. Any questions, please let me know (y)
  84. ragofabrication


    The Illuminator S2 Set Expected Ship Date: 3-4 Weeks The Illuminator is next generation lighting for most roof racks on the market. Whether you are camping on the trails or on the side of the highway, this bracket makes it easy to light up any cook site. The Illuminator is made in the US of A...
  85. Southern Style Offroad

    SSO Free Shipping

    For the month of October, we are doing free shipping on Slimline Hybrid bumpers and SSO fabricated accessories. This will run from October 1st all the way to the end of the month, October 31st. This does include the Full Plate or Tube Slimline bumper.
  86. Southern Style Offroad

    SSO Tacoma Flash Sale

    Hey everyone! We are currently running a sale up to September 30th on our Tacoma Tube and Full Plate bumpers, and our newly released Rock Sliders. Right now you can save 15%, the sale price is automatically applied, no codes are needed.
  87. ragofabrication

    Pax Mount, Pax Mount, Pax Mount

    "According to legend, if you say the name Pax Mount three times fast, the magical product itself will appear before you. The Ghost with the most just popped back into town... The Rago Fabrication Pax Mount is available for a limited amount of time. Snatch this popular product up before its GONE...
  88. ragofabrication

    Best Off-Road Communication Devices

    Leaving the pavement to explore unknown territory can be exhilarating, but you already know that. Not having the proper tools and knowledge on the trail can really kill your off-road vibe, and turn a near life changing trip, into a horrendous one. (Trust me, I know.) Whether you’re in a large...
  89. Southern Style Offroad

    SSO Labor Day Sale

    Hey everyone! Wanted to let yall know that we are running a Labor Days Sale. Free shipping on Slimline Hybrid bumpers Stage 2 High Clearance Roof racks $100 off shipping of Tube and Full Plate Slimline Hybrid bumpers Rock Sliders No code needed, automatically applied at checkout...
  90. 4lobound

    Discount Code Hefty Fabworks Discount Code

    Hey All, I wanted to share a discount code with the group for Hefty Fabworks. I had their plate bumper on my old 4runner and currently have their sliders, low-profile bumper and aluminum skids. Using code: 4Lo will get you 5% off Hefty Armor. The promo code also matches any other sale they...
  91. ragofabrication

    Off-Road Etiquette - Basic Rules Of The Trail

    We believe off-roading/overlanding is one of the greatest hobbies and we make a point to go every chance we get. It’s my family’s favorite activity to do on weekends and holidays, it’s always a joy to go out and enjoy the wilderness. Overlanding, off-roading, and even camping can be so much fun...
  92. ragofabrication

    Back To The Trails Event

    Take 15% off select Rago Products! Not only can you save 15%, but we are now officially offering Installment Plans through Affirm! 😱 Getting the right product you need for the trails has never been easier. 🥰🥰⁠
  93. ragofabrication

    Top 8 Essential Gear

    Now that your rig is ready to hit the trails, are you? Have you packed all your necessary gear? When we are heading out on an excursion, we typically travel with friends, family, or a group of fellow over-landers. We have come to learn over the years that everyone’s essential over-landing gear...
  94. ragofabrication

    Top 4 states to go off-road for beginners

    Now that you have an upgraded rig, where do you even take her? Starting off with a somewhat small trails is a good rule of thumb for beginners. Some off-road trails will literally chew you up and spit you out if you’re not properly prepared. Therefore, the amount of research that is done before...
  95. TCOTUE

    Course Motorsports Phone Mount Install/Review

    Just wanted to take some time to review this product for the 3rd Gen Tacoma. I’m sure at some point in our lives, we’ve all had some type of phone mount. Whether it be the suction cup windshield mount type, or dmm style ones. In my instance, I don’t plan on installing any other accessories at...
  96. ragofabrication

    Top 7 Truck Mods for Off-Roading

    Do you have a vehicle you want to take off-road and explore with, but know it’s far from ready? The truth is making modifications and upgrading your rig is a necessity to your vehicle before it can handle those tougher off-road situations you will cross. Even 4X4 vehicles, trucks, and SUVs that...
  97. Southern Style Offroad

    Garage Sale - Slimline Hybrids with no lead time!

    Hey everyone! We are moving and that means we are currently running a garage sale. We have several 3rd gen Tacoma Slimlines available with minimal damage. Garage sale discounts up to 40%!!! Make sure to check us out at https://www.southernstyleoffroad.com/garage-sale/
  98. TacoClout

    Taco Clout "SCOUT" Patch is Back!

    The velcro mascot "Scout" patch is finally back in stock, but only while supplies last! So if you're a patch guy or gal, go grab yourself one of these one of a kind PVC patches for your rig! https://www.tacoclout.com/product/taco-clout-scout-pvc-velcro-patch-limited-run-of-70
  99. ragofabrication

    New Release

    Sequoia Panels and Shelf Release https://www.ragofabrication.com/collections/sequoia
  100. ragofabrication

    3 Things you need to know before going off road.

    So, you want to take your vehicle off-roading for the first time, but you have no idea how to even start. What do you need to know, where do you go, and what is your vehicle even capable of? Most vehicles are trail ready once they leave the lot, but we all know that’s probably not the smartest...