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What have you done to, or with, your Tacoma today?

Need one? I have the file for this.
I've found that if you sand it a little and hit it with some spray paint, it looks pretty OEM.

Far right. I hit it with a more matte liner spray. Could also make it textured if it's not too curved.

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Far left looks rad. IDK what I'd put up there but I am out of places to put switches so I'll probably need it at some point.
I have already done a lot to my Taco, but will get to all that later, Yesterday I installed an AllPro overland tailgate table and bed stiffeners to the back of my 2017 SR5 Taco.
Today I installed wheelers offroad U-Bolt flop kit and Superbump bump stops onto new RC 3.5 lift springs I put in last week.
i think it's fine underneath. i'll have them check it out though. tailgate gaps even look ok. it wasn't a hard hit, she just kind of crunched into me. i saw her coming but couldn't get out of the way fast enough.
Puddle was deeper than expected

I did that with my old '89. About a foot in front of the truck in this photo water was up to the hood. Opps. Mine did not make it out alive, hydrolocked, rod snapped and put a hole in the block.


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This is back in the 80's with my 79 Hilux, I bought it new in 1979 and put over 250K on it, I made it through this water crossing, with no damage to anything, but this same trip, I rolled the thing. that truck was the best I ever had, went everywhere with it.


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