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  1. Stealthspawn

    Big changes for me & questions

    So I moved from Oregon to Washington last month & my gf & I got a place together & I'm absolutely loving being back in WA. So here's my question..: My sunroof seems to be sticking when I open & close it. Seem to be rubbing up against the body when it opens/cracks opens. I tried some multi...
  2. D

    Pillar grab handle

    I have a 2019 Toyota Tacoma and I really want a drivers side grab handle. Anywhere to order? Dealerships just tell me they can't sell it
  3. G

    iPhone 13 mount

    Hi everyone and merry Christmas (or however you refer to it) Hope everyone is staying healthy & safe!? I am in desperate need of an iPhone 13 mount for my truck but I’ve got soooooo many questions, ughh… I can’t find anything that stays attached to the windshield and doesn’t fall off on the...
  4. mia.fish.taco

    What seat covers you’ll recommend that won’t brake the bank?

    Hello What seat covers you’ll recommend?
  5. Berserker__taco

    Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions Taco Bar dash mount install

    The lead times for the Expedition Essentials Tacoma Tray Mount were way to long so I decided to give this company a shot. They shipped super quick and the cost was around $85 for the bar and the tablet mount. The kit comes with everything you need. They even provide a drill bit and socket end...
  6. NVTaco

    Red Clip 90467-09232

    The online parts store have horrible diagrams currently, so if anyone is looking for the red clip that retains interior plastics, trim, panels, etc. the part number for it is 90467-09232. Hopefully I have enough keywords in this post for folks to find it. They seem to break fairly easily...
  7. NVTaco

    Side Airbag Location - A Pillar?

    Does anyone know if the side curtain airbag extends into the A Pillar? If so, does the A Pillar interior panel fold forward towards the windshield during deployment? The only images I could find are from IIHS (here) and they aren't showing enough. I ask, as I typically have my RAM mount phone...
  8. Tyler

    Life pro tip: When folding the rear seats down, use these holes for the headrests

    Today I learned this is a thing. I’m not ashamed to admit I had no idea after 3 years of owning my truck. I figure there may be other people that would find this enlightening...
  9. RevN3

    Adding a powerport to the rear seat

    Hey, I did a thing and made a video. It was STUPID easy and cheap and now I have a far more accessible place to plug stuff in in the back of the center console. The video is a bit...um...bad because I was very excited to get this thing installed. My camera work suffered because of it. In...
  10. Wolftaco

    Window stuck issue

    Alright so my window has gotten an issue. Its real sassy and doesnt wana go down more than a few inches, anyone hear about this issue and any ways to solve it?
  11. Rob Daman

    PRP custom seat covers launched

    Happy SeatCoverSunday everyone! PRPseats.com finally released their seat covers. My Taco premiered them at SEMA last year. Check out my video for info and close ups. Original link: https://youtu.be/6bcoWlDYnCI
  12. Humble_Station12

    Leather Seat Covers

    So I have been doing some research and have seen a lot of taco owners installing either Katzkin or Clazzio. Just wanted to get some opinions before I make a purchase. Is one better than the other or is it just preference? Is there a different option that I should consider? If anyone has either...
  13. Nayrb64

    Interior Lighting

    Gents, What have you done to improve lighting for the rear seat of the double cabs besides change to LED bulbs. The visibility for the rear seat after dark is poor - so just looking to understand what others have done to brighten the area a bit.
  14. H

    Kid Seats & Leather

    Alright bois... My child is due in April, I need to put a car seat in my truck but I've got black leather. I'm worried about the base / seat damaging the leather - anyone got any tips?
  15. H

    Just a rant / complaint....

    Ran into a friend of mine who has a 2018 Limited 4Runner...she has heated and cooled seats yet my 2018 Limited Tacoma only has heated and my truck cost as much if not more then her 4Runner, damn you Toyota!
  16. edpeaslee

    Aftermarket Seat Heating

    Hey all, I ordered the replacement leather seat "covers" from Relations Race Wheels. While everything is apart I figured I might as well make the seats heated. So my question is, for those who have installed aftermarket versions what brand and all that are you running and how have they held up...
  17. zweisman

    Seat cover recommendations

    I noticed a lot of you guys have seat covers, which ones did you choose and why? Did they meet your expectations? Post up some pics if you've got em!
  18. Rob Daman

    Power seat coming to Tacos

    Toyota teases it in their Facebook post
  19. T


    Does anyone know the size for the steering wheel ? Looking for the right size to the steering wheel cover .
  20. A

    Looking for interior mods!

    Anyone know any nice interior mods that are actually useful?
  21. Noodski44

    EAGLE KLAW floor mat fasteners

    Installed these bad boys in my weather tech mats. They were really easy to install and help out tons. I suggest using s drill rather than the hole punch.