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Spray on bed liners?


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Jun 28, 2018
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Hello guys,

Anyone have experience or know of anyone spraying a bed liner inside the bed?

I heard of a company who does it and sands down the bed really good.

Possibly a KBVoodoo bed rails over the liner.

Who knows?
haven't come across anything like this yet
Nobody goes through the expense of adding spray-in liners to Tacoma beds. The only reason spray in bedliners exist is to preserve and protect painted steel truck beds from dents, scratches and rust... none of which apply to our composite beds. If you just want a grippier surface, the OEM rubber bed mat works better and is far less expensive than a spray-in liner, and it's removable. If you're wanting something for kids or pets or that sort of thing, a Bedrug would be your best bet.
I honestly don't know why the full size trucks don't use composite beds. I abused the crap out of my 2nd gen without any drama. It was weird when I bought my Tundra and had to be careful with the bed so I wouldn't dent it.