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Forgive me but I have 4 extra pair that were hidden that I was not counting. So I now have 6 total pair (3 on ebay and 3 on forums) remaining as of 8:46 pm est.
Note to buyers of seat spacers with sliders welded to your frame. A customer had to add a washer to each side of the driver seat. We were baffled. Finally figured out the welded slider on the driver side affected the threaded holes. Had no issue on the passenger side. This is the only issue found in over 30 pair sold. So if you have welded sliders, and you add spacers under the seat to floor brackets, you may need to pick up a pair of washers for the 10 mm bolts. This is info for any brand or style of seat spacers that you buy.
I am down to the last 2 pair of spacers. I have ordered material for the next run and the material prices have been reduced and I am passing the savings down the line. This last 2 pair are discounted to deplete inventory and, as of now, the next batch will have these new lower prices. Same quality grade 6061 material and same grade 10.9 flange bolts. I expect to start production in the next 10 days with a release somewhere between May 15 and May 31. Note ebay prices are higher to cover fees. New member direct paypal prices are:
1 pair $35
2 pair $63
Full sized license brackets fully assembled and shipped for $28. This is the member only price buying direct through paypal.
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I just bought this the other day and it makes the front end look so much cleaner.


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Managed to saw cut enough for around 50 pair of seat spacers today before the rain came. By requests the new version will look as pictured with a little less sticking out behind the seat anchor. Could cut angles to make them "look" better but there is no other benefit and it just creates a lot more labor. More labor = higher price. I prefer to maintain a lower price.
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SEAT SPACER UPDATE. Got 30 pairs milled, deburred and polished. 20 more pair to mill and polish. Then gotta cut the radius, and drill, all 100 pieces. Then final polishing. Gonna work hard this weekend to try for Sunday night completion. Then FOR SALE.
I know. I make them and still run the small one. I do remove my plate for the car wash but that gets old after a while.
Yeah, I have yours and that is what I was thinking...I like that the single bar sits at the top of the bumper and not above it.
I really didn't trust that lower position with the larger bracket. It is only around 4 ounces heavier but I fear a loss or rigidity by mounting that low. It is low enough for lower light bars to be unobstructed. It also is reversible for those that would want it mounted higher. Everything is a trade off. At least the plate is better protected. If it was mounted as low as the single bar I don't think it would fare well in a car wash. It is the best and safest position taking all into consideration. I had also considered a j-bolt setup to mount in the grille, for use on multiple vehicles, but never followed up with the idea. Being a one man show it is hard enough keeping up with demand for the 2 styles of brackets and the seat spacers. I have other product ideas but am too limited with time and equipment. I am considering a substantial investment before I retire to help expand my product line. I always appreciate input and feedback.
Will post a seat spacer update later tonight and I will most likely start accepting direct member paypal payments for shipping to start Monday or Tuesday afternoon. I just won't start the ebay ads until all 50 pairs are complete.
I got tied up pulling both fenders off a car today and that set me back a little bit.

There was no way I could get 50 pair of seat spacers finished on the mill, then drill all 50 pair on the mill, and have any ready to ship by tomorrow. So I dusted off the old floor drill press and have both machines going. The drilled holes may be 0.005" out of location but the holes are drilled to 11 mm for the 10 mm bolts (0.040" larger than the bolts). This is a non-issue. Anyone wanting pairs can now pm me for payment details. I am in the process of sending out a pm to those on the waiting list.
Shipped out 12 pair the last couple of days. Have a few pair that just need polishing. Have at least 28 pair still in the machining process. Have another 20 pair that I haven't sawed yet.
UPDATE: As of 5/30/19 I have shipped 23 pair this week, 61 pair since first release, with 21 pair remaining and ready to ship, plus another 16 pair that I have not started yet. I do plan to continue making these as long as there is a demand for them.
Thank you to all that have purchased.
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UPDATE: As of 5/30/19 I have shipped 23 pair this week, 61 pair since first release, with 21 pair remaining and ready to ship, plus another 16 pair that I have not started yet. I do plan to continue making these as long as there is a demand for them.
Thank you to all that have purchased.
That’s impressive! Congrats on the solid business. I’m sure it gets overwhelming though.
Sold 67 pair of spacers total, shipped 35 pair in 12 days and have 15 finished ready to ship. More coming soon.
UPDATE 6/5/19: sold 70 pair, shipped 38 pair in 2 weeks, have 12 finished pair ready to ship.
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